Grimlock smile 2
Vital statistics
Alias Walking Tank (by Swoop)
Grim (shorten by Bumblebee, Strongarm, and Russell)
Species Cybertronian
Production details
First appearance War for Cybertron (DS)
Voiced by Khary Payton (RID)
Crispin Freeman (WFCDS)
Gregg Berger (FOC)
"I'm not a criminal! At least I don't think I am."
―Grimlock to Strongarm.[src]

Grimlock is the leader of the Dinobots and Autobot. Grimlock in Transformers: Robots in Disguise is a member of Bumblebee's team on Earth in. Both Grimlocks are a wild card among their Autobot allies.

Grimlock and the other Dinobots were rumored to make their debut in Predacons Rising, but never made an appearance, due to the producers' lack of time in the season finale. However, they appear in Michael Bay's fourth installment of the Transformers live action movie called Transformers: Age of Extinction.


War for Cybertron

Grimlock and Swoop were two powerful best friends who'd apparently taken no side in the war for the planet. Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots, came to them to recruit them to the cause. Grimlock dismissed the Decepticon threat, claiming they were "too stupid" to mess with him and Swoop. The Autobots tried to explain that the Dark Energon could ravage Cybertron permanently, but Grimlock and Ironhide almost came to blows. Optimus began playing to Grimlock's self-centered ego, saying no one was stronger than Grimlock and Swoop, to the former's pleasure. Ironhide and Bumblebee joined in, but adding that with Dark Energon, Megatron and his forces could be stronger than Grimlock and Swoop.

Grimlock decided that he and Swoop would consider joining the Autobots, but just as negotiations were to begin, Grimlock noticed Swoop had been missing since the Autobots arrived. Grimlock said they would speak once Swoop was rescued from the Decepticons. Once Swoop was safe, he immediately joined the Autobots in gratitude. Grimlock declared he wouldn't join the Autobots yet, but tag along to protect his best friend.

Grimlock subsequently actively participated in the campaigns to save the Core of Cybertron. Grimlock said that even though the Decepticon army was waiting for them at the Core, all they'd wait for from him was a butt-kicking. Ironhide pondered aloud if it was a good idea to bring Grimlock along, but as Optimus put it, "Do you want to be the one to argue with them?" Grimlock also participated in the battle against the massive Decepticon Trypticon, and presumably stayed behind with Optimus on Cybertron while the Autobot population evacuated the planet.

Grimlock was apparently wandering around an Energon purification station the Autobots had been using, and picked a fight with the Autobots. To his utter surprise, the Autobots beat Grimlock, and he finally joined them.

Fall of Cybertron (comic)

Shortly before the Great Exodus, the Lightning Strike Coalition were a brutal subgroup of Autobots under the leadership of Grimlock who reluctantly followed Optimus Prime's more cautious brand of warfare... when ordered. Optimus preferred playing the long game, but Grimlock felt that caution would hinder their attempts at quick victory. During one of the Lightning Strike Coalition's missions, Optimus Prime ordered them to return to base and abandon their battle, lest they waste precious energon. Grimlock reluctantly obeyed. However, when it was discovered that Swoop was in Decepticon custody, Grimlock ignored Optimus Prime's orders, broke ranks, and the Lightning Strike Coalition went after him on their own. Grimlock, secure in his arrogance, was glad that the fate of Cybertron rested in his hands.

Grimlock and the others traveled to Swoop's last known location in the Rust Sea, fought through wave after wave of weird multilegged creatures, and finally reached the mastermind behind Swoop's disappearance, Shockwave, who had deliberately lured them there alone in order to take them as prisoners and avail himself of their infamous hardiness by using them as victims in his experiments. As the others were overwhelmed by Shockwave's Insecticons, Grimlock struggled free of the creatures to engage Shockwave himself, only to be swiftly felled by the surgery-like precision of the Decepticon's attack.

Awakening in Shockwave's laboratory, Grimlock soon found his entire body painfully disassembled by the scientist's machines, in the service of a twisted experiment to create the perfect soldier with incredible physical power and limited intellect. To this end, Grimlock and his teammates were reconstructed into new, more powerful forms based on ancient reptilian creatures from another world that Shockwave had glimpsed through a space bridge he had discovered in the Rust Sea.

His mind fragmenting, Grimlock struggled against Shockwave's mental conditioning, refusing to succumb to his control. Left strung up in the lab, in time, Grimlock was approached by Starscream, who offered to free him if he would destroy Megatron for him. Grimlock exploited the Seeker's hubris to effect an escape under his own power, and quickly located and freed his comrades, before pressing on to confront Shockwave at the base of his space bridge tower. Grimlock's new alternate mode gave him the power to triumph in the battle that followed, but also resulted in the destruction of the bridge control console.

Fall of Cybertron (game)

Before the Great Exodus, Grimlock and his Lightning Strike Coalition were ordered to help guard the Ark prior to its launch. However, they picked up unusual energy emissions from the Sea of Rust and Grimlock had them steal a dropship to go investigate. It turned out Shockwave and his Insecticons had discovered an ancient Cybertronian Space Bridge. They battled the Insecticons but four of the team were captured. Shockwave decided to use them as guinea pigs in an experiment, using the DNA of creatures discovered on an energy-rich planet to reformat the LSC into massively powerful dinosaur forms. While all members of the team were experimented on, Grimlock's change was the most extreme. Shockwave rerouted a large amount of the energy for his cerebral circuitry in order to boost his already impressive physical strength. Once the change was complete, Grimlock was more powerful and durable than almost any other Cybertronian, but the changes left him mentally impaired, limiting his ability to think. In order to control him, Shockwave placed an inhibitor in Grimlock which prevented him from transforming. Following a pain-based test, the restrained Grimlock was approached by a recently ousted Starscream, who offered to free Grimlock in exchange for his help battling Megatron. Grimlock proposed a counter-offer: grabbing the less than cautious Starscream and using him as a projectile to smash the control console. Now free, Grimlock made his way through the duplicate space-bridge tower Shockwave and his Insecticons had constructed, leaving a path of destruction and dead bodies in his wake. He eventually managed to track down and free Swoop. Grimlock was perturbed to see Swoop's personality remained the same, as did his ability to transform. It didn't help that Swoop greatly enjoyed his new form and that unlike Grimlock, Swoop couldn't remember the torture they had endured. The pair attempted to track down Slug but, just before reaching his containment lab, was intercepted by Hardshell who tried to slow them down using a mounted turret. Working together, Swoop and Grimlock defeated the Insecticon and used his face to open a door. Arriving at Slug's lab, they found a massive tunnel leading to the depths of the tower, where the Insections were feeding on unlucky Decepticons. Separated from Swoop, Grimlock was taunted by Shockwave and Kickback for his inability to transform. Enraged, he chased Kickback down before being attacked by a giant Insecticon. Grimlock defeated it, but Kickback's taunts about his defeat in the Sea of Rust angered him to such a degree, he over-rode Shockwave's block and transformed to his T-rex form. Making short work of Kickback's forces, he drove the Insecticon to retreat...straight into a collapsing door, brought down by Slug. Reunited, Grimlock and Slug made their way to the exterior base of the tower where they met with Swoop. The trio then travelled through the Insecticon infested area, eventually stumbling upon Snarl, trapped in a forcefield and being tortured by Sharpshot. While Slug and Swoop tried to free Snarl, Grimlock battled the Insecticons and brought down the forcefield generator. He then slaughtered a terrified Sharpshot. At Slug's suggestion, they made their way to a place where Snarl could be repaired. The LSC made their way to an observation deck which not only oversaw Shockwave's space bridge, but contained files on the forms Shockwave had forced upon them, including the one he had planned for the missing Sludge. It was then the team threw aside their previous name and took the title Sharpshot and Kickback had given them, the Dinobots. In the lab, Slug revealed the tower's purpose in transporting the Decepticons to an energy-rich planet and, against Grimlock's wishes, contacted Prime. Grimlock updated Optimus but refused to rally together, deciding that the Dinobots would handle things their way. Unfortunately, Shockwave activated the space bridge and Grimlock was thrown into the air. Saved by Swoop, he was transported close to the control center of the tower before the winds became too much, separating them. Crashing into the tower, Grimlock tried to sneak up on Shockwave, but found himself once more restrained. As Shockwave finalised procedures with Megatron, a furious Grimlock transformed himself free, tore off and ate Shockwave's arm, and smashed the control console. Unfortunately, this massively destabilised the tower and it collapsed before he could escape. However, as the Dinobots watched the tower collapse, something was transported from the space bridge to the now unstable wormhole formed above Cybertron.

Rage of the Dinobots

Grimlock was thought lost in the subsequent explosion, but in time, his team-mates—whom he christened the Dinobots—found his deactivated form and revived him.

Following the departure of the Ark and Nemesis from Cybertron, Grimlock and his Dinobots, in concert with Ultra Magnus, tried to keep the Decepticons away from other Autobot ships who were departing their world. After Ultra Magnus was shot down in his vessel, Grimlock and the Dinobots ventured into the wastelands to recover him, only to discover upon reaching his ship that he had been already been captured by Shockwave's bestial Predacons. Grimlock battled one of their number, Backbite, in dinosaur mode, but was overtaken by primordial rage and lost control of himself, turning on his fellow Dinobots. As they calmed him down, Backbite fled with a captive Swoop.

Pursuing the Predacon to Shockwave's prison fortress in the Rust Sea, the Dinobots staged a raid and liberated the prisoners—Ultra Magnus among them—but as they attempted to escape, they were confronted by the Shockwave's lieutenant Ser-Ket and her new prize: a brainwashed Swoop who swore fealty to Shockwave.

Grimlock proposed a one-on-one battle with Ser-Ket: if Grimlock won, Ser-Ket would restore Swoop, but if he lost, he would surrender himself willingly. Ser-Ket agreed, and the battle was well-matched until Grimlock transformed into dinosaur mode. Losing control, he easily bested his foe, but again turned on his comrades, only being roused from his blinding fury by begging from Swoop, who had returned to himself after a knock to the head. The day was not yet won, however—Ser-Ket survived, and threatened the Dinobots once again in her mightier dragon mode. Only when her head was run through with Grimlock's sword was she finally defeated.

Immediately following this victory, however, the Dinobots and Magnus were attacked by Shockwave himself, who disabled them with an electromagnetic pulse and took them back to one of his laboratories. He placed Grimlock on his operating table, intending to have a remote-controlled avatar in his image carry out an operation that would remove all remaining traces of sentience from Grimlock, but fortunately, Magnus and the others were able to escape the cell they had been placed in and burst into the lab before the process could begin. The Dinobots tore Shockwave's avatar apart, and Grimlock announced that they would be staying on Cybertron to protect it and root out Shockwave and any other lingering Decepticon threats.

Beast Hunters

Grimlock eventually became a leader of one of Cybertron's surviving underground cities, who gravely heard appeals and delivered judgements from his throne, although he could only take so many complaints at once.

Later Sludge came with Firestar who requested help tracking down a murderer. Grimlock, who had a falling out with New Kalis refused to help, going as far to transform into his dino-form just to state how serious he was. When Sludge and Snarl disobeyed Grimlock and hunted down Airwave, Grimlock apologized for his behavior when the duo returned.

The team eventually moved to the city of Last Spark. On a later patrol, Grimlock and Swoop encountered more Forged, who were guarding one of Shockwave's many laboratories. Swoop accidentally released one of Shockwave's experiments- a cloned, organic Tyrannosaurus, which proceeded to battle Grimlock. The T. rex and several other reptiles battled against the Dinobots. The battle spilled over into Last Spark, but the Dinobots triumphed after overheating the dinosaur's energon-based physiologies, causing them to dissolve.

During Grimlock's visit to New Kalis, the city was hit with a massive tremor. A short time later, the cavern housing the city began to fill with energon, and Grimlock ended up transforming to dino mode to get the population evacuating. Beast Hunters #5 He encouraged them by using his fire breath, inadvertently helping in the destruction of the city. As they headed for the surface, they encountered a huge razor snake, which Grimlock managed to kill, despite it almost eating him.

They reached the surface to find Cybertron had been restored and an Autobot signal was coming from Kaon. They were subsequently attacked by a squad of Forged and then a Predacon joined the party. The Dinobots battled it, until Sludge turned up with Arcee, Bulkhead, and Bumblebee and the beast was forced into retreat.

Though Grimlock was hesitant about cooperating with the other Autobots again, they headed for Kaon. When the Predacon turned up again, Swoop led it into a trap so that Grimlock and Bumblebee could blast it before trapping it underground. They eventually reached Kaon, where Grimlock announced he planned to build an all new city named New Spark.

Robots in Disguise


Grimlock's head

I hear fighting! Who's fighting? I want to fight!!! (Fans go wild for this guy)

Grimlock was one of the criminals in stasis on the prison ship Alchemor, who was stuck in his stasis pod when the ship had crashed on Earth. Though its unclear as to whether he actually was a criminal.

Season 1

In Pilot (Part 1), Grimlock heard a commotion outside of his stasis pod and managed to break his head through his stasis pod to see Fixit and Russell outside his pod. Grimlock wanted to fight but Fixit fiercely told him to go back in his cell by zapping him. Grimlock immediately recognized Underbite, due to Underbite's reputation on devouring a city on Cybertron, and the smell was the reason Grimlocked knew him. Underbite was raged by this and managed to free Grimlock from his stasis pod when he was tossing Grimlock around in his mouth.

PilotPart2 Underbite Grimlock square off

Make a move. I'm ready for you!!

In Pilot (Part 2), Grimlock was freed and he transformed into his dino mode to see Bumblebee, Strongarm and Sideswipe before fighting Underbite. After a few rounds of facing Underbite, Grimlock was tossed by Underbite and was unconsciousness for a moment. When Grimlock woke up, he asked Bumblebee and his team what happened. Strongarm told Grimlock that Underbie tossed him like a lobbing ball. Grimlock was suprised to know that nobody got hurt. Grimlock went with Bumblebee, Strongarm, and Denny in his pick up truck to stop Underbite from reaching Crown city. They managed to weaken Underbite and block the bridge until Sideswipe and Russell arrived with bait to lure Underbite away. It worked, and the team managed to get Underbite near to a cliff. As they were trying to push Underbite into the bottom of the cliff, Grimlock states it was awesome doing this process but it failed as Underbite was able to eat some of the bait to recharge his strength and pushed everyone aside. When Underbite was about to crush Denny in his pick up truck, Optimus Prime grabbed on Underbite's shoulder and tossed him in the cliff to save Denny.

Im on probation

After Optimus gave a speech to Bee and his team, he disappeared from their optics. After Grimlock witnessed Underbite being put into stasis, he wondered if Bumblebee would do the same with him. Strongarm was about to stae a porticol about prisoners must remain in their pods, Bumblbee puts Grimlock on probation. Grimlock was excited by this as he hugged Strongarm around and singing "I'm on probation." As Strongarm and Sideswipe argue, Grimlock grabbed on their shoulders and started singing "I'm on probation."

Grim and Bee

In Trust Exercises, Grimlock and Bumblebee was doing their trust exercise where Grimlock carried Bumblebee in front of Sideswipe and Strongarm. When the team returned back to base, Fixit informed them about a sharkticon attacking an oil tanker. Bumblebee took Grimlock with him to capture the sharkticon but Grimlock jumped on the sharkticon only to be knocked off and remained stuck on the bottom of the ocean. The pair failed to capture Hammerstrike and Grimlock was able to get to shore to get to the base. Grimlock apologized to Bumblebee about messing up and Bumblebee told him there are steps to follow. Bumblebee and Grimlock managed to find Hammerstrike where they hold him up against a wall but Hammerstrike was able to break a pipe that was filled with oil, thus leaving the room slippery for both Bumblebee and Grimlock. Hammerstrike used it to his advantage but Grimlock had an idea of trapping the sharkticon in a barrel. Bumblebee pushed Hammerstrike into the barrel Grimlock was holding and Grimlock quickly shuts the barrel. Grimlock seemed disappointed that he did not get to punch Hammerstrike but he was able to punch the barrel Hammerstrike was in, which made him a little happy. Back at the base, after Sideswipe and Strongarm explained about encountering Steeljaw, Grimlock went to put away Hammerstrike.

More Than Meets The Eye the team 1

The squad

In More than Meets the Eye, Grimlock helped the team capture Bisk where they took some time and effort in bringing this con down. Grimlock used his cannonball attack on Bisk and Bisk was unconscious. Back at the base, Grimlock was thrilled as he talked about capturing Bisk. Later on, Grimlock assisted the team in hunting Chop Shop but failed to capture him as Chop Shop stunned Grimlock, Sideswipe, Bumblebee and Strongarm. Grimlock remained at base with Russell while the team took Denny Clay and Fixit on the mission to capture Chop Shop. Hank arrived at the scrapyard where Grimlock stayed motionless like a statue and stood beside Russell when she came. Hank admired the dinosaur statue and Grimlock immediately liked her. Grimlock tried to cheer up Russell and mentioned that Hank needs him at the football game. Russell manages to kick a football out of his rage, which impressed both Grimlock and Russell himself. Grimlock was shocked to learn Fixit punched around Chop Shop and helped capture him. Grimlock was impressed at Fixit and stated that they had to go see Russell play football. The Autobots celebrated when Russell scored on his team.

In W.W.O.D.?, Grimlock laughed at Strongarm's jump on Sideswipe after Sideswipe had given her a wet willy in her audio receptors. When the team split up to search the Crown City museum for a Decepticon, Grimlock briefly tangled with Terrashock in a planetarium, but came off second. Bumblebee eventually came up with a way to hunt the Decepticon on his own terms, which Grimlock enjoyed immensely. The team captured Terrashock and made their way off into the sunset.

In As the Kospego Commands!, Grimlock and Sideswipe were in charge of protecting the dam's generator. However, Grimlock ended up being left on guard by himself when Sideswipe said he was going to "scout the perimeter", which meant he was going to listen to music. Grimlock was trounced by the Decepticon as Bumblebee, Sideswipe, and Strongarm went to him. Grimlock was knocked silly, suddenly believing he could fly, and had to be helped back to the scrapyard by Strongarm.

In Collect 'Em All, Grimlock's attempts to disguise his beast mode as a truck were less than successful, resulting in him being left at the scrapyard when Bee and the others were hunting for Filch near Crown City. It later turned out they needed him after all, but only to hold up a bridge. He was able to hold the bridge for a short period of time since it was starting to collapse on him, but he was saved when Bumblebee arrived with a support beam for the bridge. Grimlock went back to the scrapyard with the others as they sneak into the scrapyard to avoid being detected by Larry LaRue.

In True Colors, a cyber-tick named Minitron took control of Grimlock, forcing him to fight his friends and then make off with Underbite's stasis pod. The other Autobots followed him to Crown River Dam where Minitron met with Steeljaw. Although Minitron tried to goad the Autobots into attacking one another, Grimlock managed to pin him down and subdue him. As a reward, Grimlock was formally inducted into the Autobot ranks.

In Rumble in the Jungle, while Bumblebee and Strongarm were away on a mission, Sideswipe and Grimlock got to be spectators for a feud between Fixit and Denny. They worked with Russell to settle the feud between their friends and fist bumped with Russell when their plan worked.

In Can You Dig It?, after Ped raided the Bots' energon supply, the others left Grimlock to guard what was left, and went to hunt the Decepticon. Later as they attempted to trap Ped, Grimlock himself became trapped at the bottom of a pit Ped dug until Denny came back with more cables for the magnet carrier.

In Adventures in Bumblebee-Sitting!, fter a run-in with Quillfire left Bumblebee with reduced maturity, Strongarm and Grimlock went to hunt the Decepticon in a carnival, only to be joined by their leader. Grimlock got used as a steed and experienced a carnival ride before Quillfire was captured. When Bumblebee was back to normal after waking to find himself chained to a pole, Grimlock told him that Strongarm did a good job filling in for him back at the scrapyard.

In Hunting Season, when Drift and Fracture came to Earth to collect the bounty on Bumblebee, Grimlock was captured by the Decepticon to use as a ransom along with the other Autobots. Grimlock and the others were freed when Jetstorm and Slipstream hijacked Fracture's ship.

In Out of Focus, as Bumblebee's team pursued Malodor and three other Skunkticons, Grimlock found himself repeatedly sprayed with their debilitating toxin, and was briefly taken hostage by the Decepticon quartet. He helped capture the Skunkticons, but was again sprayed with toxin in the process. Bumblebee promised to say his message again to Grimlock when the toxin wore off.

In Sideways, the Autobots encountered the Decepticon Clampdown, whom Grimlock found extremely creepy. The Autobots were led to tangle with Steeljaw's gang. Grimlock once again battled Underbite, and managed to gain the upper hand by force-feeding the Chompazoid plastic. The Decepticons were subdued and briefly captured until Steeljaw slipped his cuffs and caused a distraction. While Grimlock and the other Autobots were preoccupied with a runaway garbage barge, the Decepticons escaped.

In Even Robots Have Nightmares, Grimlock joined Russel for a night of scary movies, and unsuccessfully tried to frighten the young human, who claimed not to be afraid of anything. Along with the rest of the Autobots, he later travelled to a local cave system in search of Nightstrike. The Decepticon got the drop on the team and incapacitated all of them with his fear-inducing scream, forcing Grimlock to have nightmares about kittens. Although the Autobots escaped and managed to capture Nightstrike, Grimlock was still jumpy in spite of his claims to the contrary, and quickly fled at the sight of a local stray cat.

In Some Body, Any Body, Grimlock was later dispatched to the Crown City subway system to track down another Decepticon contact, although Strongarm was less than enthused about having to tow the Dinobot all the way there. By the time they had arrived, they discovered that the demented scientist Vertebreak, had stolen Sideswipe's body, and was all too eager to try it out on the Autobots. Strongarm fought Vertebreak, but Grimlock was held up by passing trains. The Autobots eventually manage to take in Vertebreak, but Grimlock was too slow to outrun the oncoming train, forcing the other wheeled Autobots to carry him and the Decepticon to safety. The Autobots managed to subdue the Decepticon with the aid from Sideswipe's advice and Grimlock was there to witness Strongarm using Fixit to repair Sideswipe's head back to his body. Grimlock added a burn joke when Sideswipe pulled a prank on Strongarm. Grimlock carried Vertebreak back to base and also managed to get ahead of Sideswipe since he could not transform into his vehicle mode.

In One of Our Mini-Cons Is Missing, Russell explained to Grimlock about the notion of "paying it forward", which confused Grimlock. With the help of the newly-arrived Drift and his Mini-Cons, Grimlock helped to recapture a tank that had been commandeered by an escaped Quillfire and Springload and deliberately made sure not to catch either of the falling Decepticons.

In Deep Trouble, during a training exercise, Grimlock was injured by a falling piece of debris. Feeling that he was "the muscle" of the team and couldn't let his teammates down, Grimlock did his best to hide the injury from Bumblebee. This would eventually have repercussions when the team went underwater in pursuit of Octopunch, who had broken into an abandoned Cybertronian spaceship. The Dinobot steadily grew weaker and less focused, unable to fight off the ship's various security measures. Eventually, Grimlock told Bumblebee the truth about the injury. He was aided by Bee and they both managed to take down Octopunch. Grimlock smashed the control with his tail before the ship started its self-destruct protocols. As the Autobots were escaping back to base, Sideswipe and Strongarm took carrying Octopunch off Grimlock's hands as they old their teammate he should take a break and they are a team. Upon successfully returning to base, Grimlock was about to be patched up by Fixit when Strongarm suddenly had the strange urge to go on patrol.

In The Champ, Grimlock's increasingly brazen shows of strength did not have the desired effect; one stunt wound up almost injuring Russell. When the other Autobots headed into Crown City in pursuit of Groundpounder and Headlock, Grimlock's dinosaur alternate mode meant that he couldn't tag along. When the GroundBridge malfunctioned, however, he got his chance. With a rollcage welded to his back, Grimlock posed as "Dino-Bash", a human-built robot piloted by Denny, and challenged Groundpounder in a demolition derby at the Crown City Rumbledome. Groundpounder was eager to tangle with a real Dinobot, and initially gained the upper hand. Grimlock, with Fixit's assistance, was able to nail Groundpounder with his signature cannonball move but not without almost bringing down the entire arena. The Autobots celebrated as Grimlock and Fixit were given the winner's trophy.

In The Trouble with Fixit, after Fixit reverted to his sentry programming, Grimlock was menaced by the various security measures around the scrapyard. Things were compounded by the return of Chop Shop, although Grimlock helped to bring in the Decepticon thief once again. Grimlock was also there to help his friends capture Chop Shop and fix Fixit. He was glad when Fixit went back to his normal state.

In Lockout, Grimlock joined the gang to investigate a Decepticon signal that belonged to Kickback. After returning to base, they discovered that Steeljaw had broken in and taken Fixit and the humans hostage. The Autobots attempted to get in the scrapyard several times to avoid being hurt by the auditory and body damaging program Steeljaw had placed. Grimlock and the other Autobots made noise to distract the Decepticons outside of the base. When the Autobots were able to regain control, they fought Steeljaw's pack. In the ensuing fight, Grimlock easily trounced Clampdown with a few well-placed tail smacks. Grimlock backed up Drift in his fight with Fracture and Bumblebee with Steeljaw. Grimlock helped chase Steeljaw and his gang out of the scrapyard.

In Similarly Different, Grimlock eventually grew bored with his routine duties, and yearned for the days when he could simply smash whatever he wanted to. While on patrol he encountered Scowl, another Dinobot. The duo happily destroyed an old demolition site, but Grimlock realized that he had to do the right thing and arrest Scowl. Scowl managed to win him over and Grimlock let him walk free, on the condition that he never harm a human. Unfortunately for Grimlock, Scowl was actually one of Thunderhoof's old goons, and the Autobots rolled out to bring him in. Grimlock had to fight against a vengeful Scowl at a train station, where he helped redirect an oncoming train, and later at a spa, where he finally managed to overcome the other Dinobot with the help of a stone sculpture. Grimlock was saddened by the outcome of the fight, and mused that Scowl had never intended to change his violent ways. Bumblebee cheered Grimlock up when he was surprised by his teammate's awareness. They returned to the scrapyard with the incapacitated Scowl to find that Denny, Russell, and Fixit were dancing. Grimlock questioned on what the team missed.

In The Buzz on Windblade, the Autobots discovered Windblade, a charismatic 'bot who had been sent to Earth by Primus eons ago. With their ranks temporarily bolstered, Grimlock helped the team go after Zizza, discovering her hiding spot at a nearby airport and then distracting her mind-controlled human pilots. When Zizza was captured, Grimlock informed the team that he bent the airplanes back to normal.

In Ghosts and Impostors, Grimlock began feeling homesick for Cybertron and the Acid Wastes. Bumblebee tried to cheer up the team by taking them to Edmondville, where they pranked a visiting human tourist group and discovered the Decepticon Shifter Pseudo. Grimlock fell for one of Pseudo's tricks by punching a rolling crate full of explosives and left ashes on both Bumblebee and himself. Although Pseudo temporarily masqueraded as Grimlock in the team's search in the mines, the team were able to spot the imposter and recapture him. Grimlock and the others observed the sunset together.

In Battlegrounds, Part 1, after Strongarm and Sideswipe were kidnapped by Decepticons, Grimlock joined the remaining Autobots and Windblade for a raid on their hideout. When the Decepticons absconded to the Crown City Colossus with their hostages, Grimlock took the direct route by travelling underwater, although he was barred from destroying the portal by Clampdown. In Battlegrounds, Part 2, with Megatronus on the loose, Grimlock teamed up with his allies, including a reborn Optimus Prime, against Megatronus and the other Decepticons. Grimlock, Bumblebee, Strongarm, Optimus, and Sideswipe managed to distract Megatronus long enough for the other Autobots to bring down part of the statue's arm on their foe which enabled Bumblebee, Strongarm, and Sideswipe to link their Decepticon Hunters to blast Megatronus where he stood. In the aftermath, Steeljaw's pack (except for Steeljaw) were placed in stasis pods and Grimlock opted to stay on Earth with the rest of the team.

Season 2

Grimlock was relaxed as Russell buffs his right side in his Dino-mode in Overloaded, Part 1. However, he was alarmed when Micronus projected a vision on his right flank. Following a GroundBridge explosion, Grimlock helped, very badly, to clear up and along with Bumblebee and Strongarm as he claimed to Fixit it was his "gently". Grimlock attempted to fight Overload but was defeated by the Decepticon when the Decepticon had arrived at the scrapyard. The team noticed Bumblebee's strange behavior towards Overload's sudden appearance.

In Overloaded, Part 2, after tracking Overload to a parking lot, the team split up with Grimlock and Strongarm trying to track the Cyclone Mini-Cons. They soon realized they'd actually been tracking humans, however Grimlock came up with a plan that let them maintain their cover. They caught up with Bumblebee in time for Grimlock to witness Bumblebee's punch to Overload's face which he claimed it to be "Grimlockian". Grimlock helped carried Overload back to base.

In Metal Meltdown, despite Strongarm's coaching, Grimlock was unable to establish the same level of teamwork with her that she'd had with Sideswipe, leading to them bungling the capture of Saberhorn. They eventually managed to successfully work together at the steel mill, however Grimlock ended up throwing Saberhorn through a wall and inadvertently allowing the Decepticon to escape. Strongarm assured him about the mistakes she made with Sideswipe and promises they will capture Saberhorn. Back at the scrapyard, Fixit disturbingly reveals to them about Saberhorn actually being a prisoner on the Alchemor.

In Suspended, Grimlock took part in the pursuit of Crazybolt and Slicedice, during which he was able to help save some motorists accidentally endangered by Strongarm's mistake. Grimlock was involved with Bumblebee, Fixit, and Denny's plan as they attempted to make Strongarm get out of her demoralized state which proved unsuccessful. Later Grimlock helped Bumblebee try to deal with a fire caused by the two Cons, but they ended up requiring Strongarm's help to rescue some humans. Strongarm aided her friends and felt a lot better. Much to Grimlock, Fixit, and Denny's warning about watching the gnomes as Strongarm gained her Decepticon Hunter back, she did not harm them and stated she was professional as she shares a laugh with them.

In Brainpower, feeling that the other Autobots didn't rate his intelligence after capturing Torpor, Grimlock got Fixit's help him in trying to pass the police academy entrance exam. However a mishap resulted in Grimlock downloading the entire content of a Cybertronian data cylinder into his brain. Though it greatly increased his intelligence, it also meant the eventual degradation of his neural pathways and as he joined in the hunt for Simacore, Grimlock soon found his new knowledge left him unable to effectively fight the Decepticon scientist. After Grimlock grabbed the circuit board from Simacore and found shelter in a nearby room from Simacore and his Mini-Cons, Denny, Russell, and Fixit arrived to aid Grimlock in his dire situation to save Bumblebee and Strongarm from being blasted by the particle accelerator. Fixit was able to reverse the process, draining Grimlock's intelligence away just in time. Though Grimlock remained unable to move around from the process, he challenged Simacore to a test of knowledge as Fixit, Denny, and Russell hid from behind his left leg. Simacore went first and gave Grimlock a the classic "two trains leaving different cities" problem. Grimlock was able to answer Simacore's question as he revealed that Underbite had destroyed Nuon City which it no longer exists nor does it have a train. Grimlock has his own very simple question for the Decepticon and has regained his mobility to boot, flattening Simacore as he ponders Grimlock's little puzzle then he rescued Bumblebee and Strongarm from being fired at by the particle accelerator. Back at the scrapyard, Grimlock was complimented by Bumblebee and Strongarm for his performance in the field. Grimlock opts to have another attempt at the tests. He promises that he will take his time and asks Fixit if there is a version of the test with pictures.

In Misdirection, Grimlock watched with Bumblebee, Strongarm, Fixit, and Denny as Russell performed a magic trick. When a wounded Steeljaw turned up at the scrapyard, Bumblebee, Strongarm and Grimlock placed and secured him in a stasis pod before they followed the trail of energon Steeljaw had left to a disused drive in where they encountered Scorponok, Scorponok's Mini-Cons, Crazybolt and Slicedice. Grimlock and Bumblebee provided cover for Strongarm to go to the scrapyard after Bumblebee told them they were tricked by Steeljaw. Grimlock battled Scorponok with some of the mics at the drive in but ended up being smacked by Scorponok who used a pole. Grimlock was temporarily out of the fight and was used a hostage by Scorponok. Bumblebee's "flim flam" trick on the Decepticons provided a distraction for Grimlock. When he regained himself, Grimlock was able to help Bumblebee defeat and capture the Decepticons and brought them back the scrapyard where Steeljaw had already freed some of the prisoners and escaped.

In Bumblebee's Night Off, Grimlock was increasingly bored as the Autobots tried to find the cable which the Decepticons were looking for, but he managed to find it, shortly before he was blasted by Springload, and then inadvertently by Bumblebee. He turned down staking out a Rear Axle concert in favor of practicing his sculpture, but joined Strongarm in trying to come to help Bumblebee when Bisk turned up at the concert. At the scrapyard, Grimlock was impressed at Bumblebee and Russell's excitement from the concert.

Impounded Grimlock in his disguise

Grimlock's vehicle disguise the Dino-Crane

In Impounded, when Grimlock almost caused a disaster and exposed himself to some humans while trying to apprehend Silverhound, Bumblebee banned him from going on missions. However, while Bumblebee and Strongarm were both detained in an impound lot, Fixit came up with a crane disguise for Grimlock to use. Fixit and Grimlock are holding up traffic when the former picks up a silent alarm alert. When they reached the scene, upon realizing he was trapped in his disguise, Grimlock ends up toppling over. Quillfire orders Back and Forth to unleash their opposing magnetic powers on Grimlock, threatening to tear him apart. Fixit uses his drill hand to fling parts at the two Mini-Cons, resulting in the three Decepticons fleeing shortly before Bumblebee and Strongarm arrive. Though skeptical of Grimlock's new disguise, even though they were not expecting Grimlock to be in, Bumblebee is convinced to let him come along. Fixit determines that Quillfire's next likely target is a nearby truck stop, so they leave the humans behind and head there. When Quillfire got the best of Bumblebee and Strongarm, he attempts to escape but Grimlock uses his crane hook to catch him by the rear bumper and spin him around repeatedly. Quillfire and his Mini-Cons were captured, prompting Bumblebee to allow Grimlock back into the field much to Grimlock and Fixit's singing on the way home.

In Portals, after an incident that Grimlock and Strongarm was involved while they attempted to work on a turret in the Scrpayard, Bumblebee assisted them out of their predicament. However when Fixit's repairs to the GroundBridge brought Soundwave to Earth, Strongarm and Grimlock were knocked out by the Decepticon. Grimlock attempted to take on Soundwave himself by punching him but ended up being zapped to the floor along with Strongarm. Later, they recovered and were sent by Soundwave through one of his portals to the quarry with Laserbeak. There, they were able to take out Laserbeak and went back to the scrapyard as Grimlock threw the Mini-Con back into the shadowzone after Soundwave. Bumblebee was impressed at his team who all worked well without him but they all pointed out, even with some compliments from Grimlock, that they were just following his plan.

In Graduation Exercises, while following another mission, Grimlock joined up with the stealth team via the GroundBridge, and carried an injured Drift back to base.

In Decepticon Island (Part 1), during a mission where Grimlock used his crane disguise again with the Autobots, he overheard the concept of "team within the team" and wanted to team up with Drift, who disagreed. After a chance encounter that resulted in Ratchet joining the team and interrogating a captured Clampdown who faints, the Autobots got a lead to the location of the group of Decepticons by Toolbox who escaped the Decepticon island and informed the team all about the Decepticons and how they took control. Grimlock thought of going with Drift and attacking the island together, but that plan was unconvinced. Later, Fixit, Toolbox, and Russell helped Grimlock get ready as they prepared him to look like a Decepticon with his symbols on his shoulders repainted with Decepticon symhbols. Grimlock drove Denny's boat with his Autobot allies who were all pretending to be incapacitated to look for the island. Grimlock was contacted by the Decepticons and with some fake story provided by Bumblebee, Grimlock was able to convince the Decepticons to reveal the island as it appeared before them. Two Decepticon guards came out to investigate as Grimlock kissed the floor of the ship acting as if he was glad to be "home". When the guards became suspicious, Grimlock knocked them out when he smashed their heads together. The Autobots made their way by sneaking past some Decepticons but when they came to a room where their presence was known, they were soon surrounded by Decepticons.

In Decepticon Island (Part 2), when the Autobots split up, Grimlock tagged with Strongarm and Sideswipe. They ended up heading in a communications room where they started to use its operating systems to free the captive Mini-Cons. Groundpounder and Thunderhoof came in the room to fight the Autobots which Groundpounder wanted to settle a score with Grimlock from their last encounter and attacked the Dinobot. As they fought, Groundpounder seemed to have the advantage over Grimlock as he pinned the Dinobot to the wall and used his "Fiery Fists of Furnax" on him. Although Grimlock seemed defeated, Sideswipe managed to incapacitate Groundpounder and Thunderhoof with a high frequency signal. After using the communications equipment to free the Mini-Cons, the trio escaped the ship before the cryo-gas bomb froze everyone aboard. In the aftermath, Drift accepts Grimlock as his "teamie" and Grimlock remains on Bumblebee's team as they headed back to the scrapyard together.

Season 2 1/2

In History Lessons, Bumblebee took his team on a tour of interesting locations on Earth, culminating in them visiting the remains of Autobot Outpost Omega One, only to find a strange bomb had been set up to detonate. Grimlock was partnered with Strongarm when the team split up, only to end up stepping on a mine. He was unable to move for fear of setting the mine off, until Bumblebee found him and revealed that the "mine" was just an old armor buffer.

In Strongarm´s Big Score, when Bumblebee split up the team to search sites of Cybertronian significance, Grimlock was assigned look in western China. The team was accidentally bridged back to the scrapyard instead of Mount St. Hilary because Denny and Russell didn't know what they were doing.

In Pretzel Logic, after one too many accidents, Grimlock was disgruntled when Bumblebee only assigned him one mission in the search for Cybertronian relics. During his mission, he encountered Brother Gunter, who set about teaching him patience via the medium of pretzel manufacture. Thermidor and Tricerashot turned up at the monastery, resulting in Grimlock calling in the rest of the team, however ultimately it was the patience he'd learned that allowed Grimlock to defeat the scavenger later on. Grimlock returned to the monastery with Bumblebee who went through the same process of making a pretzel like Grimlock did originally.

In Mighty Big Trouble, when Team Bee found a high energy pulse generator in Egypt, Grimlock carried it back to the scrapyard using his crane mode, however the device was destroyed anyway when it threatened to fry their brains. Following an invasion of the scrapyard by the Weaponizer Mini-Cons, the team lost both their own Mini-Cons and their leader, after they were abducted by Starscream.

In Mini-Con Madness, joined by Optimus, the team split up to search for Starscream. Grimlock was first on the scene when Strongarm and Sideswipe ran into the Weaponizer Mini-Cons, but the ensuing hostilities ended when the Mini-Cons recognized Optimus, and the two groups teamed up. A short time later, they ran into the Scavengers, and then during the fight with them, the Mini-Cons were captured by Starscream.

In Worthy, Grimlock linked with Tricerashot, who'd avoided being captured, and took out the Scavengers. He and the rest of the team located Starscream's ship, and during the ensuing battle with the Decepticons, they were knocked out by Starscream. They eventually managed to defeat Starscream, despite him successfully merging with the Weaponizer Mini-Cons, by dragging him down into range of Fixit's signal so he could be de-merged. After farewelling Optimus and the Mini-Cons, Team Bee split up to search more Cybertronian sites.

Season 3

In King of the Hill (Part 1), without any Decepticons to punch, Grimlock passed his time playing tic-tac-toe with his own tail. He joined Bumblebee and Drift as they traveled to Grand Valley to face a Decepticon.

In King of the Hill (Part 2), Grimlock found himself at a disadvantage as he was unable to outrun Heatseeker's guided missiles, but he managed to serve as a distraction for Bumblebee and Drift to move in. The mission ended with the entire team somehow being merged into one robot, though they were unconscious at the time.

In Defrosted, while he was impressed by the abilities of Drift's pupils, Grimlock decided to become Drift's "poodle" too. As the team attempted to capture Crustacion in Antarctica, Grimlock's attempts to put Drift's teachings into practice were surprisingly successful, and he was instrumental in capturing the 'Con.

In Blurred, Grimlock and the rest of the team joined up with the Rescue Bot Blurr as they attempted to recapture Ragebyte. The mission was successful as Ragebyte was placed back in a stasis pod.

In Sphere of Influence, Grimlock, along with the rest of the team, found himself drawn to possess the Sphere of Doradus thanks to the strange energies it gave off. He was later able to overcome this desire thanks to his love of punching, and took part in the capture of Springload.

In Bee Cool, Grimlock was part of a mission to West Rock, and used his crane disguise to block the city's only exit to prevent Dragstrip and Wildbreak escaping.

In The Great Divide, during another attempt to capture Dragstrip, a methane explosion caused the team to again merge into a giant robot, though Grimlock was disappointed to find he was the legs. Afterwards, the team had to cope with having two Sideswipes as they continued to try to get back the relic Dragstrip had stolen as the two Sideswipes worked together to bring him down and take the relic to reverse the effects on Grimlock and the others.

In Get a Clue, Grimlock and the rest of the team captured three Decepticon brothers as a result of Strongarm employing her detective skills.

In Out of the Shadows, Grimlock and Sideswipe were temporarily fused together during another of Fixit's combiner experiments. They and the rest of the team helped Drift recover his two Mini-Cons students after they were kidnapped by the Decepticon Shadow Raker.

In Disordered Personalities, another of Fixit's combiner experiments led to the Autobots temporarily switching bodies. Grimlock reveled in having Drift's vehicle mode, and gleefully took part in a road race in an attempt to stop the Stunticons, though he had difficulty working with Drift's Mini-Cons.





Let the bromance begin!

Grimlock encountered Bumblebee in Pilot (Part 2). At first, Bumblebee saw Grimlock as another trouble next to Underbite. However, Grimlock proved to be helpful when he joined Bumblebee and his team in stopping Underbite from reaching Crown City. Since then, Bumblebee placed Grimlock on probation and Grimlock was overjoyed by this. In Trust Exercises, Bumblebee and Grimlock preformed their trust exercise test, which proved successful but Sideswipe and Strongarm laughed when they saw Grimlock carrying Bumblebee. Bumblebee took Grimlock to capture Hammerstrike but failed to capture him when Grimlock was stuck on the bottom of the sea. Bumblebee explained to Grimlock that they are steps to winning a race. They worked as a team and they were able to capture Hammerstrike. In W.W.O.D.?, Grimlock laughed along with Sideswipe and Strongarm when Bumblebee tried to act like Optimus Prime. When the team captured Terrashock, Grimlock questioned about what would cowboys do after a successful mission and Bumblebee replied by stating they ride off into the sunset, which the team did in the end. In Collect 'Em All, Bumblebee helped Grimlock lift up the almost collapsing bridge with a pillar. In True Colors, Bumblebee could not believe Grimlock began attacking the team. Minitron was controlling Grimlock the whole time and Grimlock managed to defeat him. Bumblebee told Grimlock that he was one of them and that Fixit will change his Decepticon symbols to Autobot symbols, which Grimlock was excited and stood proudly to thank Bee. In Adventures in Bumblebee-Sitting!, Grimlock was the first one to get pranked by Bumblebee, who's maturity levels went down after an attack by Quillfire. Grimlock wiped his face from the oil pie that Bee threw at his face and stated it was mean. Grimlock and Strongarm had to watch Bumblebee when he showed up with them to an amusement park near Crown City. Despite not agreeing to it, Grimlock was forced to give Bumblebee a ride in his dino mode while Bee rode on his back, like a cowboy on a horse. In Brainpower, Bumblebee had little inner doubts about Grimlock's intelligence but eventually he was impressed at Grimlock as he captured Simicore and his Mini-Cons. In Impounded, Bumblebee banned Grimlock from missions but was convinced to let him go back on missions by Grimlock's new disguise courtesy of Fixit since Grimlock helped the Autobots capture Quillfire and Mini-Cons. In the ending of Decepticon Island (Part 2), Grimlock remains on Bumblebee's team as he states Bee should show the team more about Earth.

Bumblebee respects Grimlock and sees him as a noble dinobot warrior and friend on his team.


Strongarm & Grimlock

Grimlock and Strongarm.

Grimlock hug Strongarm

Grimlock hugging Strongarm

Strongarm met Grimlock in Pilot (Part 2). While Strongarm and the other Autobots saw Grimlock as another fugitive, Grimlock was fighting Underbite. When Grimlock awoke from being unconscious, Strongarm filled him in on what happened and that nobody was hurt. Grimlock joined the team in stopping Underbite from getting to Crown City. After Underbite was captured, Grimlock was concerned about Bumblebee putting back into stasis. While Strongarm wanted to follow protocol, Bumblebee placed Grimlock on probation. Filled with overjoy, Grimlock happily hugged Strongarm around until Strongarm pulled away. Grimlock grabbed onto Sideswipe and Strongarm's shoulders as he was singing his probation song. In Trust Exercises, Strongarm laughed when Grimlock was carrying Bumblebee. In W.W.O.D.?, Grimlock, Strongarm, and Sideswipe all laughed when Bumblebee tried to impersonate Optimus Prime. In As the Kospego Commands!, when Grimlock was hit by Thunderhoof, Bumblebee ordered Strongarm to help Grimlock back to base. In True Colors, Grimlock began attacking his teammates. Strongarm felt played for falling for the "innocent T-rex routine" and felt Grimlock was playing the team the entire time. However, it was shown that Minitron was controlling Grimlock and making the Dinobot do things against his will. When Minitron was defeated by Grimlock, Strongarm apologized to Grimlock and Grimlock told her she was just doing her job. In Can You Dig It?, Grimlock caught Strongarm when they were stuck in the hole. In Adventures in Bumblebee-Sitting!, Strongarm acted as temporary leader when Bumblebee's maturity levels were down. Grimlock and Strongarm had to watch over Bumblebee when he came to them at an amusement park near Crown City. Bumblebee rode on Grimlock while Strongarm stood by watching them and praising them. When Bumblebee reverted back to his normal state, Grimlock informed him that Strongarm did well as substitute commander. In Even Robots Have Nightmares, Grimlock freed Strongarm from her cocoon. In Deep Trouble, Strongarm told Grimlock that he does not always have to be the one to do the heavy lifting and they work as a team. In Battlegrounds, Part 1, Grimlock was angered when Strongarm, Sideswipe, and Windblade were being hurt by the arch that they were tied underneath to. In Metal Meltdown, Grimlock and Strongarm tried to work together like Sideswipe did with Strongarm. While they did get off on a rough start with Grimlock demolishing their training course that Strongarm had made for them and their first failure to capture Saberhorn, they worked together in saving Bumblebee and Russell. Yet while Grimlock threw Saberhorn through a wall that allowed him to escape, Strongarm stated to Grimlock to not worry as she made a lot of mistakes with Sideswipe and promised they will capture Saberhorn. In Brainpower, Strongarm had some inner doubts about Grimlock's strategic skills, she was very impressed at him for helping in taking down Simicore and his Mini-Cons. In Impounded, she covered for Grimlock when his cover was almost revealed in front of humans. Although she was opposed to not letting Grimlock come on missions, she was glad Grimlock's new disguise aided them in capturing Quillfire and his Mini-Cons.

Strongarm did not trust Grimlock at first but as the team became closer together, she became close friends with him. She respects and cares for Grimlock and fights by his side. Their friendship is similar to Bulkhead and Arcee's friendship.


Sideswipe met Grimlock in Pilot (Part 2). Grimlock helped the team in capturing Underbite and Grimlock grabbed onto Sideswipe and Strongarm's shoulders to sing. In Trust Exercises, Sideswipe laughed when Grimlock was carrying Bumblebee. In W.W.O.D.?, Grimlock, Sideswipe and Strongarm all laughed at Bumblebee's impersonation. In As the Kospego Commands!, Sideswipe and Grimlock were ordered by Bumblebee to remain on guard by the generator. After a while of waiting, Sideswipe felt bored and went to scout the perimeter. Grimlock told him that Bee ordered them to stat there and Sideswipe replied that here meant the area around there too. Grimlock was left alone to guard while Sideswipe went off in the woods to listen to music. When Bumblebee and Strongarm caught Sideswipe in the act, Grimlock was attacked by Thunderhoof. Bumblebee was disappointed in Sideswipe for leaving Grimlock alone. In True Colors, Sideswipe joked around with Grimlock about being slow on their mission to retrieve an empty pod but suddenly Grimlock began attacking Sideswipe. During the short squabble, Sideswipe tried to reason with Grimlock but to no avail. After Grimlock took Underbite in his stasis pod, Sideswipe tried to explain to Bumblebee that Grimlock was under someone's control. Minitron was controlling Grimlock and Grimlock defeated him. Back at the base, Grimlock was officially made an Autobot by Bumblebee, which Grimlock happily hugged Sideswipe and Russell. In Decepticon Island (Part 2), Grimlock patted Sideswipe on the back after he was able to incapacitate Thunderhoof and Grounpounder with a signal.

Sideswipe and Grimlock appear to get along well. Sideswipe would refer to Grimlock as Big guy due to them fact that Grimlock is a huge Cybertronian. They both act like good friends and almost like brothers.


Grimlock & Fixit

Grimlock and Fixit holding their trophy.

Fixit zapped Grimlock's head in Pilot (Part 1) and told him to get back in his cell. After the team captured Underbite, Grimlock was placed on probation by Bumblebee. In More than Meets the Eye, Grimlock was surprised to hear that Fixit punched around Chop Shop and congrats him for it. In True Colors, Minitron controlled Grimlock to beat up the team and flicked Fixit aside. Fixit and Russell realized that Minitron was controlling Grimlock and informed the team about it. In Rumble in the Jungle, Grimlock was involved in settling Fixit and Denny Clay's argument. In Can You Dig It?, when the team was stuck in a hole, Bee ordered the team and Jazz to get on each other's shoulders. Grimlock stepped on Fixit and stated he should of tried it the other way around. In The Champ, Fixit acted as Grimlock's coach in his fight against Groundpounder and his coach Headlock. When Fixit was battling Headlock, Fixit showed Grimlock a move that Fixit demonstrated on Headlock. Grimlock used Fixit's strategy and was able to take down Groundpounder. Russell gave Grimlock and Fixit the winning trophy. Grimlock held it up, which Fixit hanged onto it, and they both giggled in their victory. In Brainpower, Fixit helped Grimlock download a police academy entrance exam for Grimlock to take so that he could study for it and pass it. While Grimlock did ended up getting a lot of intelligence from a download from the Cybertronian data cylinder, Fixit helped him get the intelligence out for Grimlock to take out Simicore and in the end, Grimlock asked Fixit for a study guide that has pictures for him to learn from. In Impounded, Fixit setup a new disguise for Grimlock which he also helped Grimlock with dealing with Quillfire and his Mini-Cons. When Bumblebee allows Grimlock to go back on missions, Grimlock and Fixit sing in Fixit's accomplishment.

Fixit and Grimlock have a respectable and caring friendship. Despite his small size, Fixit tries his best to help or play with his buddy Grimlock however he can.

Denny Clay

Grimlock interacts the least with Denny. However, Denny does appear to connect with Grimlock in most occasions and they both have a good friendship. 

Russell Clay

Grimlock seems to interact with Russell more than he does with Denny. In True Colors, Russell knew there was source to Grimlock attacking his teammates for no reason and when Grimlock was found innocent, he happily hugged Sideswipe and Russell for believing in him. In Rumble in the Jungle, Grimlock and Sideswipe helped Russell settle a feud between Fixit and Denny and fist bumped with him when their plan was a success. Russell is Grimlock's close human friend and he is like a little brother to Grimlock.

Optimus Prime

Grimlock helped Optimus get clear of the statue's falling arm in Battlegrounds, Part 2. They both appear to get along well as allies.


While Drift referred to Grimlock as an oafish Dinobot, they appear to get along after Drift came back with his Mini-Cons to stay on Bee's team. In Hunting Season and in Lockout, Grimlock is seen to provide as backup for Drift when he was facing Fracture. In Decepticon Island (Part 1), Grimlock decided to follow under the idea of "team within the team" and wanted to team with Drift, who opposed to it. However in the ending of Decepticon Island (Part 2), Drift accepted Grimlock as he stated it will be a honor to stand alongside Grimlock and called him "teamie".

They both appear to be good friends and teammates.

Jetstorm and Slipstream

Grimlock interacts the least with Jetstorm and Slipstream, but they appear to be good friends to him.


Grimlock seems to look up to Windblade like he does with Strongarm. In Battlegrounds, Part 1, he seemed angered when Windblade was getting hurt along with Sideswipe and Strongarm.



Grimlock vs Underbite 2015 RID

Grimlock and Underbite engaging each other

Grimlock made an enemy out of Underbite in Pilot (Part 1) and in Pilot (Part 2) where they battled each other in the scrapyard. Underbite seems to dislike Grimlock as he would refer to him as a lowly Dinobot. Grimlock seems to get the better of Underbite in most of their fights even in Sideways where Grimlock made Underbite devour a cubed form made from plastic as it made Underbite weak in energy.



Scowl and Grimlock bonding

Ever since Scowl and Grimlock met in Similarly Different, they've become close friends due to their habits of smashing things and both being Dinobots, so close that Scowl even considered Grimlock to be his brother. All that changed when Grimlock told the Autobots about Scowl and Scowl found Grimlock about the ordeal and felt betrayed by him. Grimlock even tried to make amends with him by trying to convince Scowl to defect to the good side, where he rejected Grimlock's offer, stating that their is no fun in doing good and states that he is all about smashing. They became enemies and despite having a grudge on each other, Grimlock even pretended to see things his own way after a fight with Scowl. Scowl seems to welcome Grimlock back, hinting that Scowl really sees Grimlock as his friend/brother figure. However, Grimlock dispatched Scowl with a large stone ball and told Scowl that just because something seemed fun, does not make it right.


Grimlock VS Simacore

Grimlock and Simacore engaging each other in a short battle.

Grimlock first encountered Simacore in Brainpower where Grimlock had gained the power of knowledge and couldn't engage Simacore in a one on one fight though he was able to get the circuit board away from the Decepticon and hide himself in a secured room. However, when Simacore puts Grimlock's friends in danger, Fixit, Denny, and Russell came to help cure Grimlock and he was able to challenge Simacore in a battle of wits where Simacore's question of Nuon City left Grimlock to state that Underbite destroyed the city which made Simacore's question invalid. Grimlock used his own question for Simacore against the Decepticon and left him unconscious with his cannonball move which resulted in Simacore's defeat.

In The Fastest Bot Alive!, Simacore had a faulty stasis pod which he escaped from before being transported with the other prisoners back to Cybertron. He plotted his revenge, particularly to lure Grimlock and his friends so he could destroy the Dinobot in a battle of strength. Simacore revealed his plans to Grimlock as he was tossing him around. Simacore informs Grimlock that he is his greatest foe which made Grimlock impressed that he was a true superhero with an arch-enemy like Simacore. Despite Grimlock not being able to engage Simacore in a fair fight due to his new power of speed, Bumblebee had advised Grimlock to use a move he learned which he whacked Simacore and defeated him for good.


Season 1

Season 2

Physical Appearance

Robot Mode Grimlock is a large sized Autobot, standing taller than Optimus Prime but shorther than Bruticus. His Autobot insignia is located on his chest. He wields a large Energon sword and shield.

However, in Robots in Disguise, he had Decepticon logos and they are located on his sholders until Fixit replaced them with Autobot symbols. Grimlocks' robot mode is green and black all over and his face is a light orange color along with his blue colored optics.

Vehicle/Beast Mode

Grimlock's original vehicle mode is a large Cybertronian tank during the war on Cybertron. After Shockwave's experimentation permanently changed him, so his current "Alt Mode" is a mechanoid Tyrannosaurus Rex equipped with flamethrowers. 

In RID, his dino mode is colored green, black and little bit of gray. He has some yellow colored places around his chest and face area. He has eyebrows, nostrils, and two well sized arms. He also has a golden piece in the center of his forehead.


Grimlock is an ego-maniacal, impatient and willful Autobot. As he's more than willing to disobey any direct order if he thinks that the ends will justify his means. He gets anger issues if anyone dares to tick him off, they're scrap. Despite that, he is loyal to the Autobot cause and is willing to risk his life to rescue his comrades from capture.

During Shockwave's experimentation on him, Grimlock gained a new "Alt Mode" at the cost of his ability to speak properly, making him more aggressive than ever. Grimlock's impaired speech pattern hide's a surprisingly intelligent mind.

In Robots in Disguise 2015, Grimlock is shown to be jovial, friendly, and likes to break things or use violence as a way of getting things across, which gender does not matter in a punching situation for Grimlock. He stated in True Colors, that he is "not a bad guy". His preferred method of attack is charging in and beating the lugnuts out of his enemies. Grimlock is also shown to be more mature and a bit smarter than he was during the War for Cybertron, and he has better speech patterns and is less arrogant. However, he is still shown to be easily angered on some occasions. Because of his good natured personality, it remains unknown why he was placed on the Alchemor in the first place. In Brainpower and in Impounded, he has shown to go far lengths to prove himself to the team which worked out well for him in the end.

Grimlock revealed that is his frighten of Earth domesticated cats in Out of Focus. In Even Robots Have Nightmares, Grimlock's fear was in his dream as he was menaced by a kitten and hanged from a tree to avoid it.

Despite his aggressive side, Grimlock is very helpful and a real appealing Dinobot. He likes to hang out with his friends, show off his fighting skills and mostly punch bad guys.

Powers and abilities

Physically, grimlock is one of the strongest Cybertronians alive, he has accomplished amazing feats using his berserk, monstrous strength, he has pushed down towers with ease in Fall of Cybertron, break through steel walls, single-handedly took down an army of Decepticons, was able to go one-on-one with Megatron (in G1 Universe) , smash boulders with his bare hands. There are some rumors that Grimlock's strength is limitless, he might even overpower Unicron, his rage also fuels him with might, the angrier he becomes, the stronger he gets. He is also equipped with an Energy Sword (Flame Swords in different media).

Grimlock's Power
In his Dinobot/T-Rex Mode, Grimlock's strength is somewhat stronger than his Cybertronian Form, his jaws are so powerful, he can bite through virtually anything (unknown if he can actually bite through the apex armor), Grimlock can also eat Decepticons up (though it does not power him up like Chompazoids do).  His T-Rex mode also has the ability to breath fire, the fire that Grimlock breathes is so hot, it can burn buildings from miles away, this flame can also burn Decepticons down.

His lack of fear makes him a dangerous foe, he loves to fight, often he starts one, he isn't afraid to fight either Bruticus or Devastator. But his berserk-like anger makes him too dangerous to other Autobots as well, (as stated by some Autobots that "In the battlefield, better fear Grimlock than the hoard of Decepticons around you").

In Robots in Disguise, he appears to be the stronger member on his team, as Bumblebee stated in Deep Trouble, that Grimlock is the team's muscle. It is unknown if Grimlock can breathe fire or if he will regain that ability later on in the show.


  • Grimlock was voiced by Gregg Berger who voiced him in G1 cartoon. Grimlock was supposed to appear in Beast Hunters with Berger reprising his role but was cut for time. His arc would have featured him feeling like an outcast and his fights with Predaking. It is unknown if the other Dinobots would have appeared.
  • High Moon Studios said they based this Grimlock on the Marvel Comics' character, The Incredible Hulk. He is a tortured soul and becomes stronger and more powerful when angered.
  • Grimlock is in Michael Bay's fourth installment of "Transformers: Age of Extinction" along with other Dinobots. They represent enslaved, yet legendary warriors in this film. His form is different from the other Dinobots in the film, he has 2 red eyes, a samurai-like helmet, and a mouth shown every time he growls, in dinobot mode, his T-Rex form is bigger than a normal T-Rex and has 2 horns.
    • However, unlike the original Grimlock, when he transforms into his Tyrannosaurus Rex mode, his size is smaller.
    • Also in one of the character design's of Grimlock in the film, his jaw power is an equivalent of 23 crocodiles (a normal crocodile's jaw power is 1.68 metric tons or 3700 lbs.), which makes Grimlock's bite force measures up to 4,225 metric tons (8,818 lbs.), more than enough to crush any metal, and any Decepticon. Grimlock's weapon of choice in the film is not a sword, but a huge mace.
    • In Robots in Disguise, when Grimlock transforms into a T-Rex, his form becomes bigger, similar to Predaking.
  • Given that Grimlock was from Kaon, it is unlikely he was born with a name. Whether he took a name for himself like Megatron or was given one by the Autobots remains unknown.
  • Grimlock appears in the sequel to Transformers Prime series, Transformers: Robots in Disguise. His appearance doesn't reflect the previous depictions of the character in related media such as the War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron games or Rage of the Dinobots comics-it is unknown why this is.
  • Alongside Bumblebee, Grimlock is one of the oldest members of the new Autobot team on Earth, as Strongarm and Sideswipe are considered "teenagers" by Cybertronian standards.


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