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350px-Grimlock FOC
Vital Statistics
Alias Walking Tank
Species Cybertronian
Rank 10 Lightning Strike Coalition Force/Dinobot leader
Status Unknown
Production details
First appearance Transformers: War for Cybertron
Voiced by Crispin Freeman (War for Cybertron)
Gregg Berger (Fall of Cybertron)

Grimlock is an Autobot leader of the Lightning Strike Coalition Force, now called the Dinobots during and after the Great War. He is a wild card among the Autobots.

Grimlock and the other Dinobots were rumored to make their debut in Predacons Rising, but didn't make an appearance, due to the producers lack of time in the season finale.


Grimlock is an ego-maniacal, impatient and willful. As he's more than willing to disobey any direct order if he thinks that the ends will justify his means. He gets anger issues if anyone dares to tick him off, they're scrap. Despite that, he is loyal to the Autobot cause and is willing to risk his life to rescue his comrades from capture.

During Shockwave's experimentation on him, Grimlock gained a new "Alt Mode" at the cost of his intelligence, making him more aggressive than ever. Grimlock is not stupid, but he is not a genius.


On Cybertron Grimlock participated in the Great War fighting and smashing 'Cons to pieces with his best team, the Lightning Strike Coalition, the best and strongest combat unit of the Autobots compared to the Wreckers.

In his supposed duty in guarding the Ark in the defense outpost, Grimlock detected strange Energon signatures originating in the Sea of Rust, he abandoned his post and took his team and a dropship to investigate, leaving the other Autobots vulnerable to Decepticon attack.

Upon arriving there, their transport was attacked by Decepticon defenses, causing it to crash, leaving Grimlock and his team to fight their way to the ruins of ancient Cybertronian infrastructure, which a large Energon pool and a Space Bridge was located. However, they were soon overwhelmed by the Insecticons and taken for experimentation by Shockwave.

Enduring all the pain in Shockwave's experimentation, Grimlock believes that an opportunity will set him free and rescue his teammates, which later come true when Starscream entered his cell and offered him a chance to be free and be his loyal servant. But Grimlock immediately grabs Starscream and threw him at the controls which released him. Then he begun a rampage in the Decepticon facility with only one large energon sword and shield while searching for his teammates, massacred any 'Con who dare stands in his way.

He found Swoop and the two searched for Slug, knocking out Hardshell. When the two got seperated, Grimlock confronted Kickback. The arrogant Insecticon goaded Grimlock into such anger he overrode the programming that prevented his transformation to beast mode. When Kickback tried to escape Slug crushed him with a door. The two met up with Swoop and the trio went to find Snarl. After a vicious battle with Sharpshot, Snarl was freed. The four found the Space Bridge observation deck. They discovered files on their new forms, the planet the forms came from and the fact that Sludge was dead. Slug discovered exactly what the Space Bridge was and what it was being used for. Slug contacted Optimus, understanding the severity of the situation. Grimlock quickly told Prime was the bridge was and told him he would handle it before the communication was lost. Grimlock went to lower the shield after the glass broke due to the Space Bridge's pull. He was nearly pulled to death, before Swoop saved him and flew him to the tower. An energy charge seperated the two and the Dinobot leader continued on foot. He killed dozens of Decepticons guarding Shockwave before advancing on the cyclops himself. Shockwave restrained him and called him a pet. Furious Grimlock broke free of his bonds, transformed and bit Shockwave's right arm off. Grimlock destroyed the Space Bridge console with his tail and retreated. However, before he could make the jump to his team, the floor under him collapsed.

After what seemed like forever, Ultra Magnus and the other Dinobots retrieved Grimlock from the wreckage. His wounds were tended to and he returned to active field duty. When Magnus left Cybertron, Grimlock became "king" of the Autobots. He led the survivours against the remaining Decepticons and newly-created Predacons. Their main base was an empty Energon river/resevoir. After thousands of years of battle, one day the planet began to physically change and Energon began to flow throughout the planet once more, the quakes killed the majority of the population. The Energon lake refilled and Grimlock had to turn to Beast Mode to force the Autobots from succumbing to hunger and having the Energon drown them. Most survivors got out but he was caught in.

Despite the refugee camp being destroyed, and him being stuck inside, Grimlock crawled his way out and eventually returned to the other Autobots. The refugees encoutered the remnants of Team Prime hunting a rogue Predacon. After some intial friction he started to work with his fellow Autobots and after the Predacon was defeated he announced his plans to build a new city in memory of the old one destroyed by the Omega Lock's power.

Physical Appearance

Robot Mode Grimlock is a large sized Autobot, standing taller than Optimus Prime but shorther than Bruticus. His Autobot insignia is located on his chest. He wields a large Energon sword and shield.

Vehicle/Beast Mode

Grimlock's original vehicle mode is a large Cybertronian tank during the war on Cybertron. After Shockwave's experimentation changed him, so his current "Alt Mode" is a mechanoid Tyrannosaurus Rex equipped with flamethrowers. 


  • Grimlock was voiced by Gregg Berger who voiced him in G1. Grimlock was supposed to appear in Beast Hunters with Berger reprising his role but was cut for time. His arc would have featured him feeling like an outcast and his fights with Predaking. It is unknown if the other Dinobots would have appeared.
  • High Moon Studios was said they based this Grimlock on the Marvel Comics' character The Incredible Hulk. He is a tortured soul and becomes stronger and more powerful when angered.
  • Grimlock is going to be in Michael Bay's fourth installment of "Transformers: Age of Extinction"


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