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350px-Grimlock FOC
Vital Statistics
Alias Walking Tank
Species Cybertronian
Rank Lightning Strike Coalition Force/Dinobot leader
Status Online
Production details
First appearance Transformers: War for Cybertron
Voiced by Crispin Freeman (War for Cybertron)
Gregg Berger (Fall of Cybertron)
"I'm not a criminal! At least I don't think I am."

Grimlock is an Autobot leader of the Lightning Strike Coalition Force, now called the Dinobots during and after the Great War. He is a wild card among the Autobots.

Grimlock and the other Dinobots were rumored to make their debut in Predacons Rising, but never made an appearance, due to the producers lack of time in the season finale. However, they appear in Michael Bay's fourth installment of the Transformers live action movie called "Transformers: Age of Extinction".


Grimlock is an ego-maniacal, impatient and willful Autobot. As he's more than willing to disobey any direct order if he thinks that the ends will justify his means. He gets anger issues if anyone dares to tick him off, they're scrap. Despite that, he is loyal to the Autobot cause and is willing to risk his life to rescue his comrades from capture.

During Shockwave's experimentation on him, Grimlock gained a new "Alt Mode" at the cost of his ability to speak properly, making him more aggressive than ever. Grimlock's impaired speech pattern hide's a surprisingly intelligent mind.


War for Cybertron

Grimlock and Swoop were two powerful best friends who'd apparently taken no side in the war for the planet. Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots, came to them to recruit them to the cause. Grimlock dismissed the Decepticon threat, claiming they were "too stupid" to mess with him and Swoop. The Autobots tried to explain that the Dark Energon could ravage Cybertron permanently, but Grimlock and Ironhide almost came to blows. Optimus began playing to Grimlock's self-centered ego, saying no one was stronger than Grimlock and Swoop, to the former's pleasure. Ironhide and Bumblebee joined in, but adding that with Dark Energon, Megatron and his forces could be stronger than Grimlock and Swoop. Grimlock decided that he and Swoop would consider joining the Autobots, but just as negotiations were to begin, Grimlock noticed Swoop had been missing since the Autobots arrived. Grimlock said they would speak once Swoop was rescued from the Decepticons. Once Swoop was safe, he immediately joined the Autobots in gratitude. Grimlock declared he wouldn't join the Autobots yet, but tag along to protect his best friend. Grimlock subsequently actively participated in the campaigns to save the Core of Cybertron. Grimlock said that even though the Decepticon army was waiting for them at the Core, all they'd wait for from him was a butt-kicking. Ironhide pondered aloud if it was a good idea to bring Grimlock along, but as Optimus put it, "Do you want to be the one to argue with them?" Grimlock also participated in the battle against the massive Decepticon Trypticon, and presumably stayed behind with Optimus on Cybertron while the Autobot population evacuated the planet. Grimlock was apparently wandering around an Energon purification station the Autobots had been using, and picked a fight with the Autobots. To his utter surprise, the Autobots beat Grimlock, and he finally joined them.

Fall of Cybertron

Before the Great Exodus, Grimlock and his Lightning Strike Coalition were ordered to help guard the Ark prior to its launch. However, they picked up unusual energy emissions from the Sea of Rust and Grimlock had them steal a dropship to go investigate. It turned out Shockwave and his Insecticons had discovered an ancient Cybertronian Space Bridge. They battled the Insecticons but four of the team were captured. Shockwave decided to use them as guinea pigs in an experiment, using the DNA of creatures discovered on an energy-rich planet to reformat the LSC into massively powerful dinosaur forms. While all members of the team were experimented on, Grimlock's change was the most extreme. Shockwave rerouted a large amount of the energy for his cerebral circuitry in order to boost his already impressive physical strength. Once the change was complete, Grimlock was more powerful and durable than almost any other Cybertronian, but the changes left him mentally impaired, limiting his ability to think. In order to control him, Shockwave placed an inhibitor in Grimlock which prevented him from transforming. Following a pain-based test, the restrained Grimlock was approached by a recently ousted Starscream, who offered to free Grimlock in exchange for his help battling Megatron. Grimlock proposed a counter-offer: grabbing the less than cautious Starscream and using him as a projectile to smash the control console. Now free, Grimlock made his way through the duplicate space-bridge tower Shockwave and his Insecticons had constructed, leaving a path of destruction and dead bodies in his wake. He eventually managed to track down and free Swoop. Grimlock was perturbed to see Swoop's personality remained the same, as did his ability to transform. It didn't help that Swoop greatly enjoyed his new form and that unlike Grimlock, Swoop couldn't remember the torture they had endured. The pair attempted to track down Slug but, just before reaching his containment lab, was intercepted by Hardshell who tried to slow them down using a mounted turret. Working together, Swoop and Grimlock defeated the Insecticon and used his face to open a door. Arriving at Slug's lab, they found a massive tunnel leading to the depths of the tower, where the Insections were feeding on unlucky Decepticons. Separated from Swoop, Grimlock was taunted by Shockwave and Kickback for his inability to transform. Enraged, he chased Kickback down before being attacked by a giant Insecticon. Grimlock defeated it, but Kickback's taunts about his defeat in the Sea of Rust angered him to such a degree, he over-rode Shockwave's block and transformed to his T-rex form. Making short work of Kickback's forces, he drove the Insecticon to retreat...straight into a collapsing door, brought down by Slug. Reunited, Grimlock and Slug made their way to the exterior base of the tower where they met with Swoop. The trio then travelled through the Insecticon infested area, eventually stumbling upon Snarl, trapped in a forcefield and being tortured by Sharpshot. While Slug and Swoop tried to free Snarl, Grimlock battled the Insecticons and brought down the forcefield generator. He then slaughtered a terrified Sharpshot. At Slug's suggestion, they made their way to a place where Snarl could be repaired. The LSC made their way to an observation deck which not only oversaw Shockwave's space bridge, but contained files on the forms Shockwave had forced upon them, including the one he had planned for the missing Sludge. It was then the team threw aside their previous name and took the title Sharpshot and Kickback had given them, the Dinobots. In the lab, Slug revealed the tower's purpose in transporting the Decepticons to an energy-rich planet and, against Grimlock's wishes, contacted Prime. Grimlock updated Optimus but refused to rally together, deciding that the Dinobots would handle things their way. Unfortunately, Shockwave activated the space bridge and Grimlock was thrown into the air. Saved by Swoop, he was transported close to the control center of the tower before the winds became too much, separating them. Crashing into the tower, Grimlock tried to sneak up on Shockwave, but found himself once more restrained. As Shockwave finalised procedures with Megatron, a furious Grimlock transformed himself free, tore off and ate Shockwave's arm, and smashed the control console. Unfortunately, this massively destabilised the tower and it collapsed before he could escape. However, as the Dinobots watched the tower collapse, something was transported from the space bridge to the now unstable wormhole formed above Cybertron...

Rage of the Dinobots

Shortly before the Great Exodus, the Lightning Strike Coalition were a brutal subgroup of Autobots under the leadership of Grimlock who reluctantly followed Optimus Prime's more cautious brand of warfare... when ordered. Optimus preferred playing the long game, but Grimlock felt that caution would hinder their attempts at quick victory. During one of the Lightning Strike Coalition's missions, Optimus Prime ordered them to return to base and abandon their battle, lest they waste precious energon. Grimlock reluctantly obeyed. However, when it was discovered that Swoop was in Decepticon custody, Grimlock ignored Optimus Prime's orders, broke ranks, and the Lightning Strike Coalition went after him on their own. Good Intentions Grimlock, secure in his arrogance, was glad that the fate of Cybertron rested in his hands. Secrets Grimlock and the others traveled to Swoop's last known location in the Rust Sea, fought through wave after wave of weird multi-legged creatures, and finally reached the mastermind behind Swoop's disappearance, Shockwave, who had deliberately lured them there alone in order to take them as prisoners and avail himself of their infamous hardiness by using them as victims in his experiments. As the others were overwhelmed by Shockwave's Insecticons, Siege Mentality Grimlock struggled free of the creatures to engage Shockwave himself, only to be swiftly felled by the surgery-like precision of the Decepticon's attack. Awakening in Shockwave's laboratory, Grimlock soon found his entire body painfully disassembled by the scientist's machines, in the service of a twisted experiment to create the perfect soldier with incredible physical power and limited intellect. To this end, Grimlock and his teammates were reconstructed into new, more powerful forms based on ancient reptilian creatures from another world that Shockwave had glimpsed through a space bridge he had discovered in the Rust Sea. His mind fragmenting, Grimlock struggled against Shockwave's mental conditioning, refusing to succumb to his control. Left strung up in the lab, in time, Grimlock was approached by Starscream, who offered to free him if he would destroy Megatron for him. Grimlock exploited the Seeker's hubris to effect an escape under his own power, and quickly located and freed his comrades, before pressing on to confront Shockwave at the base of his space bridge tower. Grimlock's new alternate mode gave him the power to triumph in the battle that followed, but also resulted in the destruction of the bridge control console. Grimlock was thought lost in the subsequent explosion, but in time, his team-mates—whom he christened the Dinobots—found his deactivated form and revived him. Following the departure of the Ark and Nemesis from Cybertron, Grimlock and his Dinobots, in concert with Ultra Magnus, tried to keep the Decepticons away from other Autobot ships who were departing their world. After Ultra Magnus was shot down in his vessel, Grimlock and the Dinobots ventured into the wastelands to recover him, only to discover upon reaching his ship that he had been already been captured by Shockwave's bestial Predacons. Grimlock battled one of their number, Backbite, in dinosaur mode, but was overtaken by primordial rage and lost control of himself, turning on his fellow Dinobots. As they calmed him down, Backbite fled with a captive Swoop. Pursuing the Predacon to Shockwave's prison fortress in the Rust Sea, the Dinobots staged a raid and liberated the prisoners—Ultra Magnus among them—but as they attempted to escape, they were confronted by the Shockwave's lieutenant Ser-Ket and her new prize: a brainwashed Swoop who swore fealty to Shockwave. Grimlock proposed a one-on-one battle with Ser-Ket: if Grimlock won, Ser-Ket would restore Swoop, but if he lost, he would surrender himself willingly. Ser-Ket agreed, and the battle was well-matched until Grimlock transformed into dinosaur mode. Losing control, he easily bested his foe, but again turned on his comrades, only being roused from his blinding fury by begging from Swoop, who had returned to himself after a knock to the head. The day was not yet won, however—Ser-Ket survived, and threatened the Dinobots once again in her mightier dragon mode. Only when her head was run through with Grimlock's sword was she finally defeated. Immediately following this victory, however, the Dinobots and Magnus were attacked by Shockwave himself, who disabled them with an electromagnetic pulse and took them back to one of his laboratories. He placed Grimlock on his operating table, intending to have a remote-controlled avatar in his image carry out an operation that would remove all remaining traces of sentience from Grimlock, but fortunately, Magnus and the others were able to escape the cell they had been placed in and burst into the lab before the process could begin. The Dinobots tore Shockwave's avatar apart, and Grimlock announced that they would be staying on Cybertron to protect it and root out Shockwave and any other lingering Decepticon threats. Grimlock eventually became a leader of one of Cybertrons surviving underground cities who gravely hears appeals and delivers judgements from his throne, although this often helped build up the internal rage within him as he could only take so many complains at once. Later Sludge came with Firestar who requested help, Grimlock however who had a falling out with New Kalis refused to help, going as far to transform into his dino-form just to state how serious he was.

Robots in Disguise

Grimlock was one of the criminals in stasis on the prison ship, who escaped from stasis once the ship crashed. This version of Grimlock appears to be a former Decepticon with no memory of his past.

Physical Appearance

Robot Mode Grimlock is a large sized Autobot, standing taller than Optimus Prime but shorther than Bruticus. His Autobot insignia is located on his chest. He wields a large Energon sword and shield.

Vehicle/Beast Mode

Grimlock's original vehicle mode is a large Cybertronian tank during the war on Cybertron. After Shockwave's experimentation permanently changed him, so his current "Alt Mode" is a mechanoid Tyrannosaurus Rex equipped with flamethrowers. 


  • Grimlock was voiced by Gregg Berger who voiced him in G1 cartoon. Grimlock was supposed to appear in Beast Hunters with Berger reprising his role but was cut for time. His arc would have featured him feeling like an outcast and his fights with Predaking. It is unknown if the other Dinobots would have appeared.
  • High Moon Studios said they based this Grimlock on the Marvel Comics' character, The Incredible Hulk. He is a tortured soul and becomes stronger and more powerful when angered.
  • Grimlock was created by Shockwave, but it was never shown in Transformers Age of Extinction.
  • Grimlock is in Michael Bay's fourth installment of "Transformers: Age of Extinction" along with other Dinobots. They represent enslaved, yet legendary warriors in this film.
  • Given that Grimlock was from Kaon, it is unlikely he was born with a name. Whether he took a name for himself like Megatron or was given one by the Autobots remains unknown.
  • Grimlock will be in the sequel to Transformers Prime.


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