Fixit Jam
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Air date April 29, 2015
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Fixit is "missing" which leaves Russell and Grimlock to try to find him.


Grimlock walks around the scrapyard to look for Fixit. Russell asks Grimlock about Fixit's whereabouts but Grimlock explained he was looking for Fixit too. Russell tells Grimlock to try to retrace his steps to remember the last time Grimlock saw Fixit. Grimlock recalls "running" into Fixit in the morning on his way to the bathroom, at the talent show where Grimlock was performing his dance which he stepped on Fixit, and while Grimlock was playing soccer where he kicked the ball that Fixit caught. A strange noise from Grimlock's foot causes Russell to use his magnifying glass that enabled him to see that Fixit was lodged between Grimlock's toes. As Russell attempts to pull Fixit out of Grimlock's toes, Grimlock was tickled by it so much that he transformed into his dino mode. Grimlock's foot is better but Grimlock and Russell discover that Fixit was banging in the inside of Grimlock's tail.


"Fixit is stuck to your foot!"

"Really? How'd he get there?"

"I can't imagine."

Russell and Grimlock


  • The Autobots have a GroundBridge, which can be assumed this short takes place sometime after the events of "Hunting Season".
  • Grimlock is seen stepping on Fixit as he runs to an outhouse that was suitable for his size. Cybertronians do not use the restroom, which would leave fans to question if they really do.
  • Drift was added as part of the main cast in "One of Our Mini-Cons Is Missing." The timeline for this short clearly takes place after that episode.
  • Fixit's drawn-out, high-pitched "Help me!" is probably a reference to The Fly.

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