Firestar Prime
Firestar is an Autobot who appears in the comic book series "Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters", which takes place after "Transformers: Rage of the Dinobots". 


Beast Hunters comicEdit

Firestar sought out Grimlock to request his help with an unknown thing that was terrorizing the outpost town of Last Spark, arriving just in time to aid Sludge against a swarm of Insecticons. Mistakenly believing her to be from New Kalis, Sludge took her to Grimlock, only for the Dinobot commander to fly into a berserker rage when he learned her true origin, declaring that Airwave and Last Spark had turned down their help before, and would receive none now. Nonetheless, Sludge and Snarl disobeyed Grimlock and accompanied Firestar back to her town, where she persuaded Airwave to accept their help. Taking them to where the bodies of the dead Autobots were stored, Firestar showed the two Dinobots that they had suffered strange wounds and were devoid of energon, suggesting that something other than an Insecticon was responsible.

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