Vital Statistics
Species Cybertronian
Rank Security Agent
Status Offline
Production details
First appearance Exodus


"Their names were Bumper and Fastback. Do you remember them? You killed them both to protect your organization, witch you later started calling a revolution."
―Sentinel Prime to Megatron about Fastback and Bumper.[src]

Fastback was a security agent, featured in Transformers: Exodus.



Bumper and Fastback were dispatched by Sentinel Prime to infiltrate Megatron's organization. When their identities were exposed, Megatron brutally murdered them—an act for which Sentinel blamed both Megatron and himself.


Novel SeriesEdit


  • The same fate befell the original Bumper and Fastback in The Transformers: Megatron Origin.
  • He probably looks a lot like Outback, a character in Generation 1.

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