Energon Harvester

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Starscream shooting the Energon Harvester on Bulkhead

The Energon Harvester was a device designed by Ancient Cybertronians. It had the ability to drain energon out of any source, including other Cybertronians. It was hidden on Earth by the ancient Autobots who provided clues to its existence using ancient Greek art. It was found by the human archeologists and put on display in a museum. After both the factions had found out about it, they set out to retrieve it. Soundwave took it from Jasper's Museum when the human kids were trying to take the relic themselves while the Autobots faced Knock Out and Breakdown outside of the mueseum. Back in Greece, Starscream tested the device on a Vehicon and drained him of his energon completely until he became lifeless. It was later that Starscream attempted to use it on Bulkhead but he was defeated by the latter. Bulkhead grabbed the device, which caused it to overload and left Bulkhead to throw it in the air where it safely exploded. Agent Fowler had placed the replica of the device, that Ratchet made, back in the museum as a replacement to get Miko out of trouble with the mueseum's security gaurd.

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