Energon Drillers are vehicles piloted by Vehicons. They are used to mine Energon Crystals in Energon mines.

Transformers: Prime Edit

"Darkness Rising, Part 2" Edit

Energon Drillers were at work in one of the Decepticons' Energon mines which Starscream showed to Megatron. When the Autobots attacked the mine in an attempt to recover Cliffjumper, several miners tried to use their Energon Drillers to fend them off, but were easily tossed aside. The machines were presumably destroyed when Starscream then blew up the mine. 

"Rock Bottom" Edit

Three Energon Drillers were stored inside a supposedly stripped energon mine that Starscream was using for himself. After Arcee and Megatron brought the mine down in a gunfight, Jack Darby commandeered an Energon Driller to rescue Miko and Bulkhead

"Tunnel Vision" Edit

Later, Knock Out and some miners used a drill to uncover an Iacon relic in New York's subway system.