Elita One was a female Cybertronian from the era before the Great War between the Autobots and Decepticons. She was an ally of Sentinel Zeta Prime, Alpha Trion, and the future Megatron, and fought alongside them in the War of Wrath against the Quintessons. She subsequently became part of Cybertron's leadership during the Golden Age, but also saw its eventual decay as the Caste system caused the Cybertronian race to decline. In the debates over this issue, Elita One called for the situation to be examined before action was taken. What became of her afterwards is currently unknown but her character is played off in different Transformers shows such as The Transformers: Generation 1 and in Transformers Animated.


  • In some incarnations, such as the Generation 1 series, Elita One is the female counterpart and girlfriend of Optimus Prime.