The Earth
is a world populated by a wide variety of native organic lifeforms, known as humans. Earth's history is intertwined with its sister planet: Cybertron. Earth and Cybertron share a lot in common. This involves Unicron the bringer of destruction being Earth's core while Cybertron has his brother Primus as its core.

Earth is the home of the human race and it makes up the world that they live in as of now. Humans live and require certain things to live on Earth, like food, air and shelter, etc..



Eons ago after Unicron was defeated by primus and the thirteen and set adrift amongst the stars in slumber, due to his gravitational pull debris started gathering around his body and over time formed the planet which would be called Earth and humanity came forth to inhabit the world.


Earth was seeded with Energon when Cybertron was dying. So much was present that Megatron sent a squadron of Predacons to defend his resources and kill any Autobots. The Predacons evetually died becoming part of human mythology. When he experimented with Space BridgesShockwave rediscovered Earth and harvested DNA from dinosaurs and merged it with CNA of the Lightning Strike Coalition Force to create the Dinobots. After the Exodus Alpha Trion launched relics to Earth knowing Optimus Prime would reach Earth one day.

Modern DayEdit

Team Prime made its way to Earth and a message was sent out inviting other Autobots. Using information extarcted from Arcee and CliffjumperStarscream moved his ship the Nemesis to Earth for the Energon and to kill Optimus Prime. When he arrived he constructed a Space Bridge high in Earth's orbit for any interstellar needs, hoping he would never have to use it to bring Megatron back to the throne.

Both sides eventually discovered the reason Earth seemed so important in Cybertronian lore because Unicron formed its very core which is why Earth was the richest planet in Dark Energon. Unicron began to awaken threatening to destroy Earth, but an unlikely alliance between Autobot and Decepticon defeated and returned him to stasis.

Both sides discovered the relics soon after and a race began for the Omega Lock which could give life to their dead world only for Optimus to destroy it with the Star Saber to save Earth.

The Decepticons eventually rebuilt the Lock and intended to cyberform Earth into New Cybertron and eradicate humanity but were stopped by the Autobots high above Earth when Megatron died and his corpse fell to the planet below.

Not long after Unicron possessed Megatron body allowing the destroyer to leave Earth but leaf a portain of his spark behind, seemingly ending Earth's role in the Cybertronian War. Five years later, Decepticon prisoners crashed on Earth renewing the war once more but the majority of the Decepticons were taken back as prisoners. 


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