The Dynamic Nuclear Generation System (aka Dingus) is a prototype energy source. In an event of a meltdown, it would irridiate all of Nevada (or whichever state it was in) and four adjoining states.

History Edit

William Fowler was transporting the Dynamic Nuclear Generation System to the West Coast when MECH shot down his jet. Believing the perpetrators to be Decepticons, Fowler requested Team Prime's aid and loaded the device into Optimus Prime's trailer. They were soon engaged by a MECH squad led by Silas. During the chase, the Autobots drove into a train tunnel, and they transferred the Dingus into a carriage guarded by a human soldier. But when Vehiconsblew up Optimus's trailer and there was no meltdown, Silas got wise to the strategy and pursued the train instead. When Prime ran to defend the carriage, Silas broke off pursuit, attempting to deprive his enemy of his prize by blowing up the train track, which would initiate a meltdown. Optimus stopped the train in time, though, and the area was safe.