250px-TFUniverse DriveBy
Vital Statistics
Species Cybertronian
Rank Soldier
Status Online
Production details
First appearance Universe
Voiced by Toby Longworth


"Drive-By has only the darkest designs"
―Shockwave about Drive-By

Drive-By is an assassin who likes to put the fear of God into the Autobots; his body dripping with oil and afflicted by the dreaded Cosmic Rust, he rolls up in the dead of night, waiting in the darkness before he strikes, reducing his victims to a mess of iron filings and corroded circuits.


Drive-By was part of the crew of the Leviathan when it shot down the Autobot ship Arclight over Central City. He and the other Decepticons on board went on to engage in a number of battles against the surviving Autobots in a number of places around the world.

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