Triangulation Dreadwing Sword

Dreadwing had brought his sword on his way to Earth.

Appearances during warEdit


Dreadwing took out his sword to fight Optimus Prime. Later on, Dreadwing almost made a killing blow with his sword on Optimus until Starscream jumped in wearing the apex armor. After defeating Starscream, Dreadwing took out his sword again on Optimus. Optimus did not fight Dreadwing and Dreadwing spared Optimus because he saved Dreadwing's life. Dreadwing puts his sword away and takes off.


Dreadwing used his sword on Starscream. Starscream tried to defend himself against it but couldn't. As Megatron comes in, he tells Dreadwing to stand down but Dreadwing didn't follow his order. Just as Dreadwing was close to killing Starscream with his sword, Megatron shot Dreadwing through the chest with Dreadwing's gun, killing him.


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