Dreadwing's Ship

It's fancy, but didn't last very long.

Dreadwing's Ship is the ship Dreadwing used to travel through space. Unfortunately, it crash-landed on Earth after taking a blast from the Jackhammer piloted by Wheeljack .

After blowing up Seaspray, Dreadwing headed for Earth, unaware he was being tracked by Wheeljack. The pursuer caught up in Earth's Solar System and opened fire with the Jackhammer's guns, managing to shoot down Dreadwing's ship. The ship crashed outside Omaha, and Dreadwing disembarked to continue his battle in person. After the fight attracted the attention of Team Prime, Dreadwing scanned a new alternate mode and left, abandoning the ship. Agent Fowler was forced to pull some strings to get the ship out of sight of the unsuspecting public.