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Vital Statistics
Alias Commander Dreadwing (by Starscream and Vehicon)
Con (by Wheeljack)
Species Cybertronian
Rank Soldier (formerly)
Status Offline
Production details
First appearance Loose Cannons
Voiced by Tony Todd
"Betraying my kind is not the same as accepting yours."
―Dreadwing to the Autobots[src]

Dreadwing was a Decepticon and the twin brother of Skyquake and a recurring character in season 2. Dreadwing was the third second-in-command of the Decepticons forces and the most loyal of the three. Dreadwing also had a strong sense of honor unlike the rest of the Decepticons but very like his twin brother. Later, Dreadwing was executed by Megatron for disobeying his orders during a vengeful personal dispute with Starscream. Unlike most Decepticons, Dreadwing was portrayed as more of an anti-hero than a villain. Before his death, Dreadwing gave the Forge of Solus Prime to the Autobots in hopes of avenging his brother as he abandoned the Decepticon cause. However, Dreadwing was avenged by Bumblebee, who killed Megatron with the Star Saber. Bumblebee avenged himself and every bot that Megatron killed in the past, including Dreadwing by stabbing Megatron in his spark.



Dreadwing and Skyquake were brought to life from two halves of the same lifeforce, allowing each other the sense each other across the galaxy. Dreadwing felt his brother's death at the hands of Bumblebee and headed for Earth in his ship to investigate if it was true, so that he could discover his twin's murderer. When traveling through the galaxy, Dreadwing came across two Wreckers: Wheeljack and Seaspray. Attempting to kill them with a proximity bomb, he managed to kill Seaspray, but Wheeljack managed to escape.

Arriving on Earth

Wheeljack eventually tailed Dreadwing to Earth. Dreadwing briefly fought Wheeljack before flying off as Wheeljack continued to shoot at him and several Autobots started to arrive on the scene. Dreadwing managed to later bait Wheeljack into coming. Dreadwing was unaware that Wheeljack brought along fellow Autobot Bulkhead, due to the two's history as Wreckers.

LooseCannons Wheeljack Dreadwing splitscreen

Dreadwing dueled Wheeljack in a forest during the night. They threw their bombs at each other and caused a huge explosion. Wheeljack pulled out his blades and chased Dreadwing through a canyon. Dreadwing had placed bombs before Wheeljack arrived with Bulkhead. Wheeljack dodged a few bombs and cornered Dreadwing. Bulkhead appeared on top of the canyon to attack Dreadwing, but failed as Dreadwing's bomb exploded under Bulkhead.


Dreadwing managed to defeat the two and held Bulkhead as captive. Dreadwing watched as Wheeljack arrived with Optimus Prime. Optimus disappeared from sight when Wheeljack was trying to deactivate the bomb from Bulkhead's chest. Optimus found Dreadwing and tried to reason with him of Megatron's tyranny of destruction. Dreadwing asked for a point in Optimus's statement. Optimus tried to get Dreadwing to a new path if Dreadwing defused the bomb, to no avail. Dreadwing shot at Optimus several times and chased the Prime around the dock, while Bulkhead was trying to stop the bomb from going off on himself by running towards the water. Wheeljack stopped Bulkhead in time and told him that Dreadwing was the only one who can defuse it, which Optimus knew. After Optimus trapped Dreadwing under a claw to the ground, Dreadwing refused to disarm the bomb, saying he would gladly sacrifice himself to avenge his brother. Dreadwing was convinced after realizing the Autobots were prepared to go down with him. Dreadwing defused the bomb on Bulkhead and quickly escaped as he deployed his bombs he had set on the docks. Dreadwing escaped and flew back to the Nemesis.

Airachnid assassination attempt

Megatron assigned Dreadwing the task of ridding them of Airachnid, offering Dreadwing the second-in-command post if he succeeded. Dreadwing took Breakdown along on the mission with him as backup.

Dreadwing Breakdown

Dreadwing and Breakdown attempt to lead Airachnid into a trap to kill her

Unfortunately Airachnid had already caught onto their plan and goated Breakdown to the point where his temper resulted in Airachnid attacking them and webbing Dreadwing to a tree. When Dreadwing finally caught up with Breakdown, he only found his parts of shredded remains, for Airachnid had slaughtered him and most of him had mysteriously dissapred. With the apparent loss of Breakdown and no sign of his remains or Airachnid, Dreadwing returned to the Nemesis to face a disappointed Megatron. When Airachnid goaded Megatron to finish the job himself, Dreadwing offered to accompany him, but Megatron ordered him to remain behind. However Dreadwing followed him with a squad of Vehicons, and after a standoff, was able to rescue his leader from the Autobots after giving his word not to shoot if they released their leader. However Megatron did not give his and had his troops open fire on them as he and Dreadwing made their getaway. Though Dreadwing had disobeyed his orders, Megatron noted that he would make a fine second-in-command.

Iacon Relic hunt

Triangulation Dreadwing cannon
Triangulation Optimus and Dreadwing

Dreadwing headed to Antarctica with four Vehicons in search of a relic. After capturing and taking Starscream prisoner, he discovered that the relic had already been taken from its location, and assumed the Autobots were responsible. Dreadwing was close to leaving Starscream to freeze in the snow when the latter was being bugged by the traitor. However Optimus Prime arrived demanding the relic, and during the inevitable battle, Dreadwing was left buried under tons of ice, thanks to Optimus. Eventually, Dreadwing dug his way out and tracked down Optimus and Starscream to a human facility that held the relic inside one of its buildings. But while he battled with Optimus, Starscream donned the Apex Armor and attacked them. Forced to team up with Prime, Dreadwing attempted to destroy the Armor with one of his explosives, which failed, before Prime gave him an idea, and planted explosives around Starscream, which on detonation sent Starscream through the ice. With the loss of the relic, Dreadwing opted to return to the Nemesis, vowing to finish Optimus another day.

Dreadwing returned to the Warship, empty handed. Megatron praised Soundwave on getting the Resonance Blaster and scolded Dreadwing for losing the Apex Armor to Starscream. Megatron didn't let this failure get to him as he hoped Knock Out would return with the relic in hand. Sadly Knock Out returned empty handed as well. Enraged at this, Megatron ordered Knock Out to examine Laserbeak after it was shot by Wheeljack's ship. When Hardshell returned empty handed, Megatron was enraged, again. Megatron yelled and walked pass Dreadwing, Knock Out. He only praised Soundwave as he walked towards Hardshell. Megatron asked for Hardshell's explanation, which he explained he failed to get the Tox-En but killed the Autobot named Bulkhead in the process. Megatron was pleased to hear this, but Knock Out didn't believe Hardshell and Dreadwing was present to see tensions rise between them.

Construction of the Dark Star Saber

Dreadwing was on the Nemesis bridge when Optimus attacked the warship with the Star Saber. While he was keen to take on the Autobots, he instead accompanied Megatron on a trip through the space bridge to Cybertron. There, the pair broke into a tomb and retrieved the arm of a Prime. After the arm was grafted on to Megatron, Dreadwing watched his leader use the Forge of Solus Prime to create the Dark Star Saber.

Break from the Decepticons

After losing their Omega Keys to the Autobots, Dreadwing conferred with Megatron about locating the Autobot's base, when they found Starscream on the Nemesis bridge. His first instinct was to pull out his gun, but Megatron motioned for him to lower it. As Megatron considered Starscream's request to rejoin the Decepticons, he ordered Dreadwing to remove Knock Out from the wall so that they could use a cortical psychic patch to interrogate Starscream. Dreadwing later arrived and stopped Knock Out from prematurely disconnecting the link. He watched Starscream's memories, and learned that Skyquake was not lying in peace, but Starscream had turned him into an undead zombie and was wandering around in a alternate dimension. Shaken by the revelation of Skyquake's fate, and Megatron's decision to allow Starscream to return, Dreadwing stepped outside the ship to scream in rage and grief at the sky.

Giving the Forge/ Death

Dreadwing offers FOSP

"Its... ...Hammer Time!"

Disillusioned with the Decepticon cause, Dreadwing stole the Forge of Solus Prime and delivered it to Optimus. As the Autobots arrived, Dreadwing was quick to explain his unwillingness to fight and instead only wanted to deliver the hammer. Upon being asked of what he would want in return, Dreadwing merely stated that he would want the Forge of Solus Prime to be put to good use. After Arcee asked him what became of the Omega Keys, Dreadwing stated that they were in Megatron's possession, confirming to the group that Starscream had indeed returned to the Decepticons.

After Optimus asked him why he was giving the Autobots the hammer, Dreadwing stated that the Decepticons had disgraced themselves in his eyes and he no longer wished to be affiliated with them. Optimus walked up and for the second time, tried to get him to join the Autobots. Dreadwing merely stated that betraying the Decepticons would not be the same as joining the Autobots before leaving the scene. As he arrived on the Nemesis, Megatron approached him and stated that he had been searching for him before Dreadwing exclaimed that he was at his service. Megatron explained that while he understood Dreadwing's feelings over Starscream's return being remnants of his sadness over the loss of Skyquake under his command, Megatron preferred the Decepticons put it behind them, stating their only chance of winning would be if they were united. 
Dreadwind Dead

He shot the sheriff but he should have shot the deputy.

Dreadwing claimed to have understood his leader, even ushering that he would personally reach out to Starscream. Which he did, dropping in on the Decepticon and Knock Out after the latter repaired his Transformation Cog and quickly claiming that the Decepticon would not live long enough to fly again as he pulled out his cannon. Initially missing the Decepticon, Dreadwing moved in closer and switched over to a sword after Knock Out ran away from the two. As Starscream assumed that the two had put Skyquake's death behind them, Dreadwing exclaimed that he believed the two had and quickly swung at him with his sword. Though Starscream claimed to Dreadwing that Skyquake had died with honor and grace, Dreadwing reminded him that he had previously risen the Decepticon after he was deceased from the dead and disgraced his supposed glorious death. As Starscream believed there was something that Dreadwing could accept in return, Dreadwing exclaimed his spark would do before Megatron arrived. While the latter ordered him to stand down, Dreadwing uttered his belief that the Decepticon would have to pay for his actions. Megatron ordered Dreadwing to stand down one final time before the latter told him that he could not follow it and was shot dead in the chest by his own blaster.


After the destruction of the Autobot base, the Decepticons ransacked it's remains and found the Forge of Solus Prime. Unaware that Dreadwing had in fact betrayed them already, Megatron madly demanded an explanation for this development, but got nothing. Dreadwing's actions would have more than one reward, including Optimus Prime's body upgrade. Bumblebee, resurrected from the Omega Locks' cybermatter, finally avenged every being that Megatron killed, including Dreadwing, by stabbing Megatron in the chest with the Star Saber

Powers and Abilities

Dreadwing was a formidable opponent in battle, being able to go toe-to-toe with Optimus Prime, he carried a retractable sword and was proficient in swordsmanship, along with a plasma blaster. He also specialized in Proximity Bombs and has used them in most of his battles. He was also extremely strong.


Like his twin brother Skyquake, Dreadwing's greatest weakness was his temper. But he could control it better.

Physical Appearance

Robot Mode

In his robot mode, Dreadwing is the spitting image of his brother Skyquake, albeit with a different color scheme. He has a yellow face and two yellow horns sticking out from both sides. The cockpit of his vehicle mode sticks out from his chest and is a very dark shade of gray. Like many of the other Decepticons, Dreadwing has red eyes. He has dark blue arms, with tiny gold fins on the bottom, in a similar fashion to Arcee. His head resembles that of a samurai. The fins on his shoulders have a yellow lining, his wingse are yellow with a dark blue lining, and the 'cuff' pieces on his arms are yellow.

Vehicle Mode

His jet mode is exactly like his brother's, abeit with a different color scheme. Ironically however, Dreadwing scanned the exact same jet that Skyquake scanned, which belonged to Agent Fowler.

Personality and Traits

Dreadwing, like his brother, valued loyalty and honor. However, Dreadwing was better at keeping his temper in check most of the time. Though his loyalty to Megatron is strong, his loyalty to his brother proved stronger as Dreadwing was willing to disobey Megatron's orders. Dreadwing also shows logic towards combat situations, even letting the Autobots escape to save the Decepticon cause. Dreadwing also seems to dislike the idea of desecration.

Though he desired to kill Optimus Prime for his assistance in killing Skyquake, Dreadwing did seem to respect Optimus as a commander and soldier as he was quick to join forces with Optimus to defeat an Apex Armored Starscream in the Arctic. Dreadwing seemed to think of Optimus as a worthy foe in battle. Dreadwing even handed over the Forge of Solus Prime to Optimus which allowed Optimus to go to Cybertron and stop Megatron from cyberforming the human planet. 

Dreadwing's deed helped a lot in the Autobot's victory against the Decepticons. Optimus even stated that every sentient being, including Dreadwing, has the capacity for change. 



"My twin and I share split spark. A metal but two halves of the same life force. Even across the galaxy I sensed when he emerged from stasis on this planet, and when his spark was no more..." - Dreadwing about Skyquake.

Skyquake and Dreadwing's were twin brothers due to the result of a split-spark. Dreadwing came to Earth in order to reunite with Skyquake, however when Dreadwing heard of his brothers demise, he vowed to avenge him by destroying every single Autobot on Earth. When Dreadwing had learned that Starscream resurrected his brother using Dark Energon, Dreadwing was shocked as he yelled at the sky. As a result, Dreadwing became disillusioned with the Decepticons. His brothers death was the reason for Dreadwing aiding the Autobots and attempted to kill Starscream. This proved that Dreadwing's loyalty to his late brother was stronger than his faith in the Decepticon cause as well as his loyalty to Megatron. This also shows that Dreadwing had a strong connection with his brother.


"Lord Megatron. I live to serve." - Dreadwing to Megatron.

Dreadwing was a high ranking Decepticon Seeker who was very loyal to Megatron, though in Dreadwing's last moments where he chose avenging his brother by trying to kill Starscream, which Megatron was forced to kill Dreadwing. Though Megatron was killed by Bumblebee, he avenged everyone who was killed by Megatron including Dreadwing. 

Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime: "Then I appeal to you again. Join us and help end this conflict once and for all."

Dreadwing: "Betraying my not the same as accepting yours." - Optimus offering Dreadwing a chance to join, to which Dreadwing did not want to.

Dreadwing wasn't very fond of Optimus, learning that it was him and an Autobot scout who killed his brother, he swore vengeance upon them. After learning from the Cortical Psychic Patch that Starscream dishonored his brother Skyquake's death by turning him into a Terrorcon, he had given the Autobots the Forge of Solus Prime in hopes it would avenge him. He seems to respect Optimus greatly as an adversary and Optimus,likewise, felt the same way. Optimus even offered Dreadwing chances to join the Autobots.


Bulkhead: "Too bad you don't have the ball bearings to fight up close and personal!"

Dreadwing: "In this particular case I will be all too happy to make an acceptation." - Bulkhead and Dreadwing.

Dreadwing captured Bulkhead in Loose Cannons. Dreadwing used Bulkhead as bait to lure Wheeljack and Optimus Prime. Bulkhead was strapped to a crate on a docks where Dreadwing also strapped one of his bombs on Bulkhead. Eventually, Dreadwing had to disarm the bomb on Bulkhead when Optimus trapped Dreadwing with a claw machine on the docks. In Hard Knocks, Bulkhead faced against Dreadwing again and mentioned how Dreadwing doesn't have the "ball bearings" to fight in person. Dreadwing accepted Bulkhead's fight and they fought for a short time. However, when Dreadwing was ready to arm his bomb that he placed on Bulkhead during their fight, Bulkhead had placed the bomb on Dreadwing's back. Dreadwing took it off and threw it into the air. In Regeneration, Bulkhead went with Optimus, Arcee, Smokescreen and Bumblebee to see Dreadwing. Dreadwing gave them the Forge of Solus Prime but Bulkhead thought it could be rigged to blow up. Dreadwing told them about the Omega Keys and how he doesn't want to be in the Decepticons anymore. Optimus tried to recruit Dreadwing, but Dreadwing didn't take his offer. Bulkhead may have forgiven Dreadwing as he flew off.


"Wheeljack I know your at there. I have proposition for you. Meet me at these coordinates if you have the spark." - Dreadwing sending Wheeljack a message.

"I don't like unfinished business." - Wheeljack to Dreadwing.

Wheeljack faced against Dreadwing in Loose Cannons. Wheeljack told the Autobots that he fought Dreadwing in a outer space and that Dreadwing killed Seaspray with one of his bombs. Later, Wheeljack faced against Dreadwing again in a little canyon where Bulkhead waited to ambush Dreadwing. This turned out to be a trap where Dreadwing had placed a bomb below Bulkhead's hiding place above the canyon. The bomb exploded and left Wheeljack in a pile of rocks while Dreadwing captured Bulkhead. Optimus Prime helped Wheeljack out of the rocks and they went to find Bulkhead. Eventually they found Bulkhead who was strapped to a crate on a docks with Dreadwing's bomb placed on his chest. In the end, Dreadwing was trapped by Optimus and was forced to disarm the bomb. Before escaping, Dreadwing detonated the other bombs he had placed on the docks and they exploded some crates. Despite not knowing that Dreadwing gave the Forge to the Autobots, Wheeljack may have forgiven Dreadwing.

Behind the Scenes

Dreadwing is voiced by Tony Todd who previously voiced Megatronus Prime (The Fallen) in the second live action movie Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. If you listen closely to Dreadwing, you can hear The Fallen's voice. 



Season 2



  • Dreadwing has the same body-type as Skyquake. This makes sense, since they are twin brothers.
  • Although he is the third Second-in-Command, Megatron seems to trust him more than he ever trusted the other two.
  • Dreadwing's overall design is very reminiscent of Beast Wars' Depth Charge.
  • He lost both Iacon Relics he went to retrieve to Starscream, the Apex Armor and the third Omega Key.
  • Unlike the other Decepticons who are villains, Dreadwing is shown to be more of an Anti-hero.
  • In Thirst, most fans hoped Dreadwing's body would become a zombie, but his body was not shown to be in the Warship. This raises the question of what happened to the body.
  • Dreadwing never fought against Bumblebee, the one who killed his brother, not Optimus Prime.
  • Dreadwing's role seems to have been split between Shockwave and the Predacon Predaking as Shockwave was the new second in command, alongside Starscream, who was very loyal while Predaking had a redemption story that resulted in him betraying the Decepticons, though Predaking wasn't killed. 
  • Dreadwing and Predaking have a lot in common. They were both betrayed by the Decepticons and Megatron.
  • Though Dreadwing shares a large cannon weapon like his brother, he has more weapons which includes bombs and a sword. 
  • Dreadwing's fate was not known to the Autobots. However they have learned from either Knock Out or from the ship's logs that he was dead. It is unknown what their reaction if they learned his fate.
  • Dreadwing's Samurai helmet like head is rather appropriate due to his sense of honor and his possession of a sword.


  • "That will do." - Loose Cannons
  • "Lord Megatron. I live to serve."
  • "But it is not loyalty alone which brought me here. I seek conformation of the demise of one I consider a brother."
  • "My twin and I share a split spark. A metal but two halves of the same life force. Even across the galaxy I sensed when he emerged from stasis on this planet. And when his spark was no more...."
  • "Then by the pit; Every last Autobot on this accursed world will pay." 
  • "Wheeljack! I know your out there. I have a proposition for you."
  • "Meet me at these coordinates if you have the spark."
  • "I wasn't certain you would come."
  • "Where is the Prime?"
  • "Is there a point to your bluster Prime?"
  • "I will gladly sacrifice myself to avenge my brother."
  • "Very well."
  • "Speak not of my twin Lord Megatron. For I am here on Earth to obey your will and yours alone."
  • "I am at your beckon call Lord Megatron." - Crossfire
  • "That post belongs to Airachnid."
  • "Breakdown remain on task. This must be a unified effort."
  • "Don't..."
  • "Breakdown! Don't be a fool! Release me!"
  • "Allow me to accompany you."
  • "Deliver Megatron to us and I will allow you to live."
  • "We have suffered critical damage to all major systems, Lord Megatron. It will be some time before we can get the ship airborne." - Flying Mind
  • "I will travel to the ends of this or any world. To serve your will, Lord Megatron." - Triangulation
  • "You mistake me for my brother, who is one with the AllSpark. As you are no doubt aware former commander Starscream. Were it up to me, I end this here and now. But it is my duty to Lord Megatron that I surrender all traitors to my lord and master for doom punishment."
  • "Do not try me traitor. I will leave your lifeless husk in this frozen waste."
  • "You two! Guard the prisoner."
  • "Optimus Prime. I will ask only once that you surrender the relic."
  • "Your aim is poor."
  • "I knew you were of questionable honor Starscream, but aiding the Autobots that is a capital offense."
  • "I know that Prime. But I do not intend to give you a choice."
  • "...Starscream will destroy us both."
  • "I will draw his attention."
  • "Now that our alliance has served its purpose..."
  • "We have unfinished matters."
  • "You saved my life today. I will terminate you the next time we meet."
  • "Do we not possess a powerful relic of the Ancients?" - Alpha/Omega
  • "The devastation to our homeworld is worst than I remember. Curse the Autobots to the pit!"
  • "The Forge of Solus Prime possess the ability create anything from raw material."
  • "One of the last sounds that you will ever hear." - Hard Knocks
  • "In this particular case I will be all too happy to make an acceptation. RAAAAAHHHHHH!"
  • "But you obviously forgot how our last encounter ended."
  • "By the time I reached the location it was gone. As were the Autobots."
  • "Everything okay here?" - Patch
  • "I am not here to fight. But to give you this." - Regeneration
  • "Only that you use it wisely."
  • "A shadow of disgrace has been cast upon the Decepticons. It is a cause I no longer wish to be a part of."
  • "Betraying my not the same as accepting yours."
  • "I intend to reach out to our comrade....personally."
  • "Starscream. I regret to inform you that you will that you will not live to spread your wings ever again!"
  • "RAAAAAAAHHH!" *screaming as he fires his gun at Starscream.*
  • "One which I cannot follow..... *Raising his sword to strike* RAAAAAAHHHHHHH!"


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