Dragstrip (RID)
Vital statistics
Species Cybertronian
Production details
Voiced by Maurice LaMarche
"One of these days, Wildbreak! ONE OF THESE DAYS!"
―Dragstrip to Wildbreak in Bee Cool.

Dragstrip is paired with his partner, the considerably weaker-strutted Heatseeker, who he has to browbeat and threaten on a regular basis by Dragstrip to get their job done. When the two combine into "Dragbreak". Dragstrip is the one in command of the combiner mode's motor functions. The two of them work for Motormaster and they can combine further with their fellow Stunticons to form Menasor.

Transformers: Robots in Disguise

Season 3


In Bee Cool, Dragstrip borrowed Motormaster's Cybertronian technology detector, intending to use it to find something to get himself in his boss's good graces. He and Wildbreak headed to the human city of West Rock and broke into a cache of Cybertronian loot. Despite a few minor setbacks involving Dragstrip being frozen solid, they were packing to leave when Bumblebee's team turned up. The two Cons eventually managed to give them the slip, but discovered that the Autobots had shut off the only bridge accessing the city. The pair merged into Dragbreak to fight the Autobots atop a parking building — though initially successful, they were ultimately defeated when Bumblebee dropped the roof on them, but escaped after the damaged parking structure partially collapsed.

In The Great Divide, having gotten his hands on a Cybertronian relic, Dragstrip was pursued by the Autobots until he caught them in a methane explosion. He returned to Motormaster with the relic, which turned out to be a Gravitic Adjuster when he tried it out on Wildbreak. Sent to cause some havoc with the device, Dragstrip attacked a State Trooper station, successfully drawing out the Bee Team. Though the Adjuster gave him an edge, he was eventually defeated by the two Sideswipes and the Autobots relieved him of his new weapon.




Dragstrip seems to be the "head" of Dragbreak as he combined with Wildbreak to form this big robot form. He also seems to voice this form and command it at will.


Season 3


  • Dragstrip's portrayal in Robots in Disguise owes something to legendary actor and comedian Jackie Gleason, in particular his character of Ralph Kramden on The Honeymooners. Thus Dragstrip's frequent utterance of Ralph's threatening catchphrase "One of these days..."
  • Dragstrip's parts are available in Fall of Cybertron multiplayer, classified as Slayer-type components for the Infiltrator class (although his wheels can also be used by Destroyers).


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