400px-Tfprime Miner decepticon

Now works as a flashlight

Decepticon Miners are servant-class Decepticons, working on Megatron's various Energon mining projects. As they're not warrior-class, the Autobots don't kill them indiscriminately like they do to the Vehicons.

Despite this, Miners possess the same weapons as the Vehicons and are capable of defending themselves and their work, if necessary. It is unclear what their altmodes are.

When Ratchet was on Synthetic Energon, he had managed to incapcitate a Decepticon (Steve) with a large boulder, who was trying to escaped but failed. He insulted Ratchet which made Ratchet to use his blowtorch to get the answers he needs out of Steve. It worked and though as the Steve's screams of pain managed to get the other Autobots attention, the right side of his face was burned. Optimus Prime prevented Ratchet from killing Steve and Steve left the scene.


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