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Decepticon Logo

The insignia all decepticons wear.

The Decepticons are a group of Cybertronians, whose main goal was to bring about change on Cybertron due to the Caste system and return to the empire-building, space faring ways of their ancestors. The name "Decepticon" comes from the fact that pre-war propaganda by the High Council labeled them as liars and thieves. They took the name as a badge of honour instead. In their minds if speaking the truth was a deception, they were gladly guilty.

In the Great War, they were opposed by the Autobots throughout Cybertron and the galaxy, however both sides would put aside their differences for mutual threats only to resume fighting later.


The Decepticons were a Kaonian movement started by a miner named Megatron to bring a new world order on Cybertron, with him as their leader. The majority of the Decepticons were originally low-ranking members of society such as miners but some were members of higher castes craving more power such as Ratbat. They held similar goals to the Iaconian movement of the Autobots but differed on how to obtain them. When Megatron was denied the Matrix of Leadership and the rank of Prime, he ordered his followers to fight and take over Cybertron by force. In the war, there ideals quickly became corrupted and they became almost completely amoral, willing to seize power by any means available. This led them to Dark Energon which caused the core of Cybertron to shut down. The Decepticons, like the Autobots, took to the stars continuing their war across the galaxy.

After Bumblebee killed Megatron, the Decepticons were left in complete disarray and the losers of the Great War. After the defeat of Unicron, Megatron abandoned the Decepticon cause and exiled himself, while his command staff either defected or went missing. It is likely that other Decepticons still exist on Cyberton and in the galaxy.

In his self-imposed exile after being freed from Unicron, Megatron noted his mistake of turning the Decepticons into an army. He recalled that before the war, the people of Cybertron supported him and that this inflated his ego to the point that he thought he had to seize power to look good in the media's eyes. Seeing how his carnage has destroyed Cybertron, killed billions, brought chaos to other worlds and left him with nothing he rededicated himself to peace and helping other worlds, hoping that one day the Decepticons could return to their noble roots.

List of Known Decepticons


  • Megatron: Leader of the Decepticons (abandoned the Decepticons)
  • Starscream: 2nd-in-Command, Former rouge, 1st Lieutenant of Military Affairs, Air Commander
  • Dreadwing: 1st Lieutenant (formerly, helped Autobots), Seeker Captain (offline)
  • Soundwave : Communications Chief, Lieutenant of Covert Ops (trapped in Shadowzone)
  • Laserbeak : Scout (trapped in Shadowzone with Soundwave)
  • Knock Out: Decepticon medic (went on the Autobots side)
  • Breakdown: Soldier (offline)
  • Shockwave: Decepticon scientist, 1st Lieutenant of Scientific Endeavors (Missing in action, but could still be a Decepticon)
  • Optimus Prime: Data clerk (formerly)
  • Ratchet: 2nd scientist (captured only for help to rebuild the Omega Lock)


  • Vehicons (some were recruited by Team Prime to help rebuild Cybertron's structures, later the last of them were to help Starscream but were killed.)



  • Starscream (formerly)
  • Airachnid : 2nd-in-Command (formerly)(currently a Terrorcon on one of Cybertron's moons)
  • Nemesis
  • Unicron (in toy)


  • Starscream : 2nd-in-Command, Former rouge, 1st Lieutenant of Military Affairs, Air Commander
  • Dreadwing: 1st Lieutenant (formerly), Seeker Captain (offline)
  • Skyquake : Seeker (Terrorcon, trapped in Shadowzone)
  • Thundercracker : Seeker, Scientist
  • Skywarp : Seeker, Scout






  • The Decepticons will return in the sequel, though their number may be short due to Megatron saying he has disbanded the faction.


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