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Decepticon Logo
The insignia all decepticons wear.
The Decepticons are an evil group of Cybertronian whose only goal is to rule their planet and terminate their foes. They are considered evil based on not speaking the truth, which is deception, Hence the name "Decepticon." However not all Decepticons are evil.

The Decepticons are the primary main antagonists of the Transformers series. Sometimes they would side with the Autobots or temporarily team up with them when there are situations neither side cannot do alone.


The Decepticons were started by Megatron to bring a new world order on Cybertron, with him as their leader. After eons of combat, the Decepticons lost the war when Megatron was killed. Despite, this they played a large role in restoring Cybertron to life.

After Bumblebee killed Megatron, the Decepticons were left in complete disarray and the losers of the Great War. After the defeat of Unicron, Megatron abandoned the Decepticon cause and exiled himself, while his former followers joined the Autobots or went their separate ways as well. Some Decepticons may still be on Cybertron and spread out across the universe but it is currently unknown.

List of Known Decepticons


  • Megatron: Leader of the Decepticons (abandoned the Decepticons)
  • Starscream: 2nd-in-Command, Former rouge, 1st Lieutenant of Military Affairs, Air Commander (presumably killed by Predacons)
  • Dreadwing: 1st Lieutenant (formerly, helped Autobots), Seeker Captain (offline)
  • Soundwave : Communications Chief, Lieutenant of Covert Ops (trapped in Shadowzone)
  • Laserbeak : Scout (trapped in Shadowzone with Soundwave)
  • Knock Out: Decepticon medic (went on the Autobots side)
  • Breakdown: Soldier (offline)
  • Shockwave: Decepticon scientist, 1st Lieutenant of Scientific Endeavors (Missing in action, but could still be a Decepticon)
  • Optimus Prime: Data clerk (formerly)
  • Ratchet: 2nd scientist (captured only for help to rebuild the Omega Lock)


  • Vehicons (some were recruited by Team Prime to help rebuild Cybertron's structures, later the last of them were to help Starscream but were killed.)



  • Starscream (formerly)
  • Airachnid : 2nd-in-Command (formerly)(currently a Terrorcon on one of Cybertron's moons)
  • Nemesis
  • Unicron (in toy)


  • Starscream : 2nd-in-Command, Former rouge, 1st Lieutenant of Military Affairs, Air Commander
  • Dreadwing: 1st Lieutenant (formerly), Seeker Captain (offline)
  • Skyquake : Seeker (Terrorcon, trapped in Shadowzone)
  • Thundercracker : Seeker, Scientist
  • Skywarp : Seeker, Scout






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