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Decepticon Logo

The Decepticon insignia.

"The name was meant to demonize us. Instead, we wear it as a badge of honor, for if speaking the truth is Deception, then we are gladly guilty."
Megatron explaining the origins of their namesake to Orion Pax.

The Decepticons are a group of Cybertronians, whose original goal was to get rid of the Caste system on Cybertron and return to the empire-building, space faring ways of their ancestors. The name "Decepticon" came from pre-war propaganda by the High Council labeled that them as liars and thieves. They took the name as a badge of honor instead. In their minds if speaking the truth was a deception, they were gladly guilty.

In the Great War, they were opposed by the Autobots. Occasionally, both sides would put aside their differences for mutual threats only to resume fighting later.


Transformers Prime

The Decepticons were a Kaonian movement started by a miner named Megatron to bring a new world order on Cybertron, with him as their leader. The majority of the Decepticons were originally low-ranking members of society such as miners but some were members of higher castes craving more power such as Ratbat. They held similar goals to the Iaconian movement of the Autobots but differed on how to obtain them. When Megatron was denied the Matrix of Leadership and the rank of Prime, he ordered his followers to fight and take over Cybertron by force. During the war, their noble ideals quickly became corrupted and they became almost completely amoral, willing to seize power by any means available. This led them to them using Dark Energon causing the core of Cybertron to shut down. The Decepticons, like the Autobots, took to the stars continuing their war across the galaxy.

After Bumblebee killed Megatron, the Decepticons were left in complete disarray. Right after the defeat of Unicron, Megatron disbanded the Decepticons cause and exiled himself, retreating to parts unknown. Starscream attempted to rebuild the Decepticon cause though was quickly stopped when he was confronted by the three predacons.

Steeljaw's Pack

The symbol Steeljaw used for his pack.

Robots in Disguise

Despite their break up by the reformed Megatron, some Decepticons still chose to continue with their villainous cause. Notably Steeljaw, who seeks to reunite the Decepticons under his command at Earth. A number of Decepticons were also imprisoned aboard the Alchemor and escaped after Megatronus caused it to crash-land on Earth.


The earliest Decepticon members were gladiators such as Blackout, Lugnut, Drixco, and Barricade. Shockwave was a scientist who join the Decepticons and served as Megatron's chief scientist and second-in-command.  Soundwave and his Mini-cons (Laserbeak, Ravage, Rumble, Frenzy) were also part of the first Decepticons. During the Great War, Breakdown, Knock Out, Airachnid, Makeshift, Headstrong, Rampage, and Tantrum, all joined the faction. Axer left Cybertron shortly after Orion Pax was said to be a Prime by the High Council, but sort of joined them when the Nemesis arrived at the planet Junkion. During the events of War for Cybertron, Starscream and many of his Seekers (perhaps even Skyquake and Dreadwing) joined the Decepticons. Starscream was later promoted to the position of second-in-command. Ratbat and Contrail joined the Decepticons when The High Council nominated Orion Pax as the Next Prime. The Combaticons and Constructicons were built before the War for Cybertron events. The Insecticons joined the Decepticons during Rise of the Dark Spark, before Fall of Cybertron.

List of Decepticons

  • Megatronus - Self-identified as the "First Decepticon" (Defeated by the Bee Team, possibly offline)

Nemesis Crew

  • Megatron - Former Leader (Abandoned cause and was last seen on Cybertron)
  • Soundwave - Chief Communications Officer and Spymaster (Trapped In Shadowzone)
  • Shockwave - Chief Scientist; Commander (Formerly); (Last seen on Cybertron)
  • Airachnid - Assassin/Commander/Rouge (Last seen on one of Cybertron's moons as a Terrorcon vampire)
  • Knock Out - Medic (Formerly, Last seen on Cybertron)
  • Optimus Prime - Records Clerk (Briefly, Last seen on Cybertron)
  • Lugnut - Warrior (Last seen before Earth Arrival)
  • Makeshift - Infiltrator (Deceased)
  • Headstrong - Warrior (Last seen before Earth Arrival)
  • Rampage - Warrior (Last seen before Earth Arrival)
  • Tantrum - Warrior


Nemesis Crew

  • Starscream - Air Commander/Commander, (Former Rouge, Briefly Leader, possibly deceased)
  • Thundercracker - Scientist (Deceased)
  • Skywarp - Scout (Deceased)
  • Thrust - Warrior
  • Dirge - Warrior
  • Ramjet - Warrior (Deceased)
  • Slipstream - Stalker (Last seen on Junkion when it exploded)
  • Hotlink - Mechatronic Engineer (Deceased, eaten by Sharkticons)

Other Seekers

  • Contrail - Former Council Member (Last seen on Cybertron)
  • Nacelle - Warrior (Last seen on Cybertron)
  • Bitstream - Decepticon Information Engineer (Last seen on Cybertron)
  • Skyquake - Warrior (Terrorcon trapped in Shadowzone)
  • Dreadwing - Seeker Captain; Commander (Formerly) (Deceased, killed by Megatron)



  • Devastator - Combined Form/Warrior (Last seen on Cybertron)
  • Scavenger - Mining & Salvage (Last seen on Cybertron)
  • Scrapper - Construction Engineer/Constucticon Leader (Last seen on Cybertron)
  • Hook - Surgical Engineer (Last seen on Cybertron)
  • Long - Transport (Last seen on Cybertron)
  • Bonecrusher - Demolitions (Last seen on Cybertron)
  • Mixmaster - Materials Fabrication (Last seen on Cybertron)
  • Frontloader - Warrior (Last seen on Cybertron)


  • Motormaster - Stunticon Leader (Last seen on Cybertron)
  • Dead End - Scout (Last seen on Cybertron)
  • Dragstrip - Scout (Last seen on Cybertron)
  • Wildrider - Terrorist (Toyline Character)
  • Breakdown - Scout (Formerly)/Soldier; (Deceased)





Terrorcons (Zombies)




  • Sharpshot - Insecticon Leader/Electronic Warfare (Deceased)
  • Kickback - Espionage (Free Alchemor Prisoner, Glowstrike's Crew)
  • Hardshell - Psychological Warfare (Deceased, killed by Miko)
  • Bombshock - Warrior (Deceased)


  • Rumble - Demolitions (Last seen on the Nemesis)
  • Frenzy - Warrior (Last seen on the Nemesis)
  • Ravage - Saboteur (Last seen on The Nemesis)
  • Ratbat - Former Council Member (Last seen on Cybertron)
  • Laserbeak - Interrogator (Trapped in Shadowzone)
  • Buzzsaw - Spy (Toyline Character)


  • Demolisher - Gladiator (DLC Character, Unlockable Character)
  • Cyclonus - Warrior (Last seen on Cybertron)
  • Barricade - Scout (Last seen on Cybertron)
  • Blackout - Warrior (Deceased)
  • Axer - Bounty Hunter (Formerly, became a member of the Star Seekers)
  • Blastwing - Sergeant (Last seen on earth)
  • Plasmalock - Sergeant (Last seen on earth)"
  • Minerdown - Warrior (Last seen on earth)
  • Thunderwing - Formerly (Deceased)
  • Autoclave - Scientist (Last seen on Cybertron)
  • Drixco - Gladiator (Deceased, killed by Optimus Prime)
  • Catalycon - Scientist (Deceased)
  • Bludgeon (Toyline Character)
  • Trypticon - (Became the Nemesis)

Alchemor Prisoners

Glowstrike's Crew

  • Glowstrike - Leader
  • Scorponok - (captured)
  • Kickback - Espionage
  • Saberhorn - Pirate
  • Bludgeon - Scorponok's Assigned Cyclone Mini-Con (captured)
  • Clout - Scprponok's Assigned Cylone Mini-Con (captured)
  • Anvil - Bisk's Assigned Cyclone Mini-Con (captured)
  • Hammer - Bisk's Assigned Cyclone Mini-Con (captured)
  • Lots of Generics, including Vehicons

Recruits to Glowstrike's Crew

  • Overload - Saboteur and Spy
  • Bisk - "Gamer"/ Thrill Seeker (captured)
  • Springload - Relic Hunter
  • Quillfire - Anarchist (captured)

Steeljaw's Pack (later joined Glowstrike's Crew)

  • Steeljaw - Alchemor Fugitive Leader
  • Underbite - Chompazoid (captured)
  • Thunderhoof - Crime Boss
  • Fracture - Bounty Hunter (Not an actual prisoner, came to Earth to claim a bounty on Bumblebee) (captured)
    • Airazor - Fracture's Mini-Con Partner (captured)
    • Divebomb - Fracture's Mini-Con Partner (captured)
  • Clampdown - Skittering Scumbag

Cybercomrade Sect


Other Prisoners


  • The Decepticons show up in most Transformers genre as the antagonists. They also show up in the live action movies as the antagonists.
  • The Decepticons are led by Megatron. In most series, Megatron would die but would also come back to life in a new body or his old body.
  • The Decepticons mostly speak English but they can speak Cybertronian in their conversations.
  • The Autobots are their true enemies.
  • This is their first incarnation in which the faction is disbanded.
  • This is the first incarnation of the faction that has generics make up the majority of their army. The main characters in this series act as supervisors, officers or commanders
  • The Decepticon prisoners from the Alchemor often have an animal theme to either their Robot or Alternate Modes, whereas the Decepticons seen in Prime all had vehicle alt-modes and humanoid Robot modes.
  • The Decepticons firmly believe that Cybertronians are the greatest, most superior form of life through out the galaxy. While they leave other mechanical races alone to develop as they will this translates to "cleansing" of organic worlds. They have, however, no qualms killing any Cybertronian that stands in their way.


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