Dead End
Vital Statistics
Species Cybertronian
Rank Scout
Status Unknown
Production details
First appearance War for Cybertron
Voiced by Unknown

  Dead End is a Decepticon assassin who loves to kill Autobots wherever he sees them during the Great War.


War for CybertronEdit

The chassis for Dead End, the Tracker Scout, was made available as a part of DLC #2 on September 7, 2010. He was available for the XBox 360 and PS3 versions of the game, but not for the PC version. In addition, he can be played as himself in Escalation mode.

Fall of CybertronEdit

Once again, Dead End only appears as a usable Infiltrator-class chassis in Fall of Cybertron's multiplayer mode, identified as "Assassin." This time, he was available from the get-go. He is not playable in the Fall of Cybertron storyline campaign.




Dead End is a retool and redeco of Wheeljack. He sports a new head, which has light-piping not only for his eyes, but also his huge, screaming mouth. He transforms into a modified 2011 Lancia New Stratos Concept, and comes with two swords which can stow underneath the vehicle or attach under the front bumper to create an attack mode. In robot mode, Dead End can either hold the swords, mount them on his shoulders using 5mm posts, or they can be inserted into slots near his wings. This mold was differently retooled into Wildrider.


  • As noted above, Dead End's model is usable in War for Cybertron multiplayer as the Tracker-type chassis for Scout-class characters. His parts are also available in Fall of Cybertron, now classified as Assassin-type components for the Infiltrator class (although his wheels can also be used by Destroyers).