Darkness Rising Part 3
Season 1, Episode 3
Air date December 1st, 2010
Written by Marsha Griffin
Directed by Todd Waterman
Main Character(s) Team Prime
Nemesis Crew
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Darkness Rising, Part 2
Darkness Rising, Part 4
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  Darkness Rising, Part 3 is the third episode of the first season of Transformers: Prime, and of the third part of the Darkness Rising mini-series.


Optimus Prime and Ratchet investigate Megatron's latest activities while Starscream tells Soundwave to kidnap Agent Fowler in order to find the location of the Autobot Base. Bulkhead attempts to rescue Fowler, with Miko tagging along.


The three kids and their Autobot guardians head back to the Autobot base, where Ratchet is being attacked by a piece of animated equipment. Optimus Prime deals with it, but now suspects that both it and Cliffjumper were vivified by Dark Energon.

Megatron, now powered up by the Dark Energon, has decided his next move and leaves the Decepticon ship in Starscream's hands. Starscream thinks Megatron's gone a bit loopy, and he orders Soundwave to increase surveillance.

Optimus has realized Megatron's plan to create an undead army. As the rest of the Autobots arrive, Optimus announces he's going on a mission with Ratchet, who doesn't take kindly to Arcee's suggestion he may be a little rusty. Leaving Arcee in charge, the pair bridge out. Arcee immediately puts Bulkhead in charge and goes out on patrol with Bumblebee. Miko attempts to organize an impromptu band practice, but while she's belting out an electric guitar solo, the proximity alert goes off. The kids hide behind Bulkhead as Agent Fowler walks in to complain about the energon mine explosion. Unfortunately, Miko's guitar gives them away, and Fowler announces he's taking them into federal custody, but Bulkhead puts his foot down, and Fowler storms out.

In a remote region, Prime explains to Ratchet that they're looking for the remains of an old Transformer battlefield, from the period in the war when energon started being hidden on other planets.

As Fowler flies from the Autobot base in his copter, he radios in a report, which is intercepted by Soundwave. Starscream orders Fowler captured, so Soundwave sends out Laserbeak. The Deployer catches up with Fowler, who engages in some deft maneuvers to try and avoid it, and even gets some shots off before it slices the tail off his copter and abducts him.

Fowler's distress call is picked up at the Autobot base. Though Bulkhead is reluctant to help, the others point out Fowler knows the location of the base. Raf sets about hacking into a federal computer so they can locate Fowler. Bulkhead leaves Jack in charge and heads out. Bulkhead finds himself near the Decepticon ship, but is surprised when Miko pops up next to him. After dealing with a Decepticon sentry, he contacts Arcee. Back at base, Jack and Raf have realized Miko is gone, and they use the ground bridge to follow. Unfortunately, this leaves the base unmanned when Arcee rings in to get use of the ground bridge. Jack and Raf arrive at Bulkhead's location and immediately manage to attract the attention of the Decepticon drones on guard.

Starscream interrogates Fowler without much success, so he resorts to getting out the energon prod.

Meanwhile, Optimus and Ratchet reach the Transformer graveyard they've been seeeking. Unfortunately, so does Megatron, who uses a chunk of Dark Energon to raise an army of Terrorcons.

Cast and CharactersEdit

Actor Character
Peter Cullen Optimus Prime
Frank Welker Megatron
Steve Blum Starscream
Trooper Sentry
Jeffrey Combs Ratchet
Sumalee Montano Arcee
Kevin Michael Richardson Bulkhead
Tania Gunadi Miko Nakadai
Ernie Hudson Agent William "Bill" Fowler
Josh Keaton Jack Darby
Andy Pessoa Raf Esquivel
Non-speaking roles



- Ratchet about his things being broken and giving the fans something to remember him by.

Arcee: Besides, Ratchet hasn't been in the field since the war.

Ratchet: My pistons may be rusty, but my hearing is sharp as ever!

- Arcee and Ratchet.

Miko: Do I look like I do country? Just cover yourself in fake blood and jump around screaming.

- Miko on her music.


  • Ratchet states that his pistons may be rusty but his hearing is sharp as ever is a reference to Transformers: Animated.
  • Rafael can hack into a United States Government computer network with his own computer?!


  • As Megatron turns around to tell Starscream to wait for his command, his fusion cannon suddenly disappears.
  • Jack is seen to wear his helmet while riding Arcee, but when they arrive at the base, it is gone.


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