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Cybertron during the Great War.

Cybertron is the home planet of all Cybertronians, both Autobots and Decepticons alike. It is also the source of Energon. Earth and Cybertron share a lot in common: Cybertron has Primus as its core, while Earth has Unicron as its core.


The Birth of Cybertron

In the beginning of time, there were two deities, named Unicron and Primus both created by the "One" separating in two. Cybertron already existed prior to their creation and became the battle ground for their war. When the Thirteen defeated Unicron, Primus merged with Cybertron's core and shed his physical body in the process. This act linked the life of Primus and the planet. If one died so would the other.

The Golden Age

This was the era of peace, most of its history is currently unknown. It was where Optimus Prime was only Orion Pax, and Megatron was Megatronus. Orion was only a clerk in the Iacon Hall of Records . Megatronus was a gladiator that fought the toughest of competitors and creatures. One day Megatronus demanded to be the next prime to the Autobot High Council, and said Cybertron needed him. Orion gave reason to be the next prime and simply asked. The Council was amazed by Orion's words and gave him the Matrix of Leadership, making him truly the next prime. The outraged Megatronus severed all ties with Orion and created an army, with the assistance of Soundwave, called the Decepticons. Optimus made an army called the Autobots which fought them to bring peace to Cybertron. Thus beginning the Great War.

The Great War

This was the time where the Autobots and Decepticons fought each other. It lasted for many years, with millions of deaths. Not much is known, other than the Cybonic plague, and Megatron utilizing Tox-En as a weapon of mass destruction and Cybertron becoming a wasteland. Notable events that happened were Megatron crushing Bumblebee's voice box and Airachnid interrogating Arcee, which ended in the death of Tail Gate.

The Great Exodus

The Great War became so intense Cybertron became uninhabitable. Making both Autobots and Decepticons find a new home. Some Autobots, like Smokescreen, may be in stasis or off in another galaxy. It was also revealed that some time during the war, Optimus Prime had hidden away the Allspark, in order to protect it from Megatron's forces


Deadlock Cybertron restoration

The Decepticons rebuilt the Omega Lock on the Nemesis. Before they could use it, the ship fell under Autobot command and the limited cyber matter was used to restore Cybertron's core which restored it to a habitable status. However, Cybertron was incapable of creating new life without the Allspark. With the defeat of Unicron and Optimus Prime's sacrifice, the Allspark was restored to the planet's core. The Autobots gazed as the Sparks flew from the Well. 

Restoration Aftermath

After the work was done by Cybertronians in rebuilding the planet, it had returned to it's former Golden Age state. The Elite Guard had also returned to reinforce the law against any criminals. Not much is known about what happened during the years that followed, all of the Decepticons seem to be all different species so that might mean that more subgroups and types of Decepticons appeared on Cybertron or they discovered it to be restored and settled in on it. It is also unknown how many years went past. When Megatronus summoned the AllSpark from Cybertron, he may have deactivated Cybertron until Optimus Prime was able to prevent him from destroying both Earth and Cybertron by destroy Megatronus's spark fuser. The AllSpark and Anti-Spark were sent back to their respected places.


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Transformers Robots in Disguise


  • Dialogue in Predacons Rising makes it obvious that Cybertron is located in the Milky Way Galaxy, however its exact location is unknown. In most other fictions Cybertron is located either in the Alpha Centauri system or the Shaula one. In a few others, such as the films, the planet is in another galaxy.
  • According to Alpha Trion, Cybertron is the fifth planet in its system.


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