This article is on the artifact. For the real world book, see Transformers: The Covenant of Primus.

The Covenant of Primus is one of the Artifacts of the Primes, specifically one of two-the other being the Quill-given to Alpha Trion by Primus. It contains records of the past that are recorded either by Alpha Trion or by the Covenant's own mysterious properties, and its pages can also afford glimpses into the future, though these are often vague difficult to discern.


Early HistoryEdit

Alpha Trion possessed the Covenant when he and the other members of the Thirteen first came into being. When he first opened it, there was text already contained within it, much of which was indecipherable. However, enough was understandable to allow him to determine why the Primes had been created: to battle the evil of Unicron.

Transformers: ExodusEdit

Alpha Trion retained possession of the Covenant after being effectively exiled to the Hall of Records by Sentinel Zeta Prime. In its pages that recorded the future he foresaw the great roles that would be played by Megatron and his own student Orion Pax, who later became Optimus Prime.

Transformers: ExilesEdit

Retaining the Covenant during his imprisonment under Shockwave's regime, Alpha Trion learned some of what was taking place elsewhere in the universe, including the activities of his wandering brothers Vector Prime and Nexus Prime.

Transformers: RetributionEdit

Prior to being taken captive by Shockwave's forces, Alpha Trion hid the pages of the Covenant to keep them from him; however, one page was found by Shockwave. The Decepticon scientist hoped to use the information afforded it-and Alpha Trion himself-to unlock the secrets of Vector Sigma and create a Decepticon Matrix of Leadership. However, his efforts served instead to enable a fleet of Sharkticons to invade Cybertron. The Covenant also allowed Alpha Trion to learn of the existence of Earth, to which he sent various other artifacts in the hopes of keeping them out of the hands of the Decepticons and in hopes that they would be recovered by Optimus.

Transformers: PrimeEdit

When Alpha Trion "spoke" to Optimus through the Star Saber-really a recorded message-he informed him that the Covenant's pages revealed that Earth was to be the sight of a great battle, but little beyond that.

Background InformationEdit

  • The Covenant of Primus as an artifact was first introduced in the Beast Wars animated series. BotCon storyline associated with this line also included a group of Transformers known as the Covenant of Primus, who preceded even the first Cybertronians.

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