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Corvicons, also known as crow Decepticons or Crowcons, are compulsive thieves and hoarders, they are single minded and love shiny stuff. They will steal anything shiny regardless of it's worth. The more shiny it is, the more worth it has to a Corvicon.

The criminals FilchBoostwingJacknab, and Pilfer are Corvicons.

Transformers: Robots in DisguiseEdit


Exactly when they appeared on Cybertron is not known.

Season 1Edit

Grimlock, under the control of Minitron, identified Corvicons as habitual hoarders in True Colors.

In Collect 'Em All, Filch was released in the wreck of the Autobot prison ship Alchemor and began to collect shiny objects from around the Crown City area to build a nest in a statue, downing power lines, interfering with traffic and generally being a nuisance. Denny Clay also ended up in her clutches, but the Bee Team were able to rescue him and return Filch to stasis.

Season 3Edit

In Get a Clue, Strongarm helped capture three Corvicons named Boostwing, Jacknab, and Pilfer.

Know CorviconsEdit

Trivia Edit

  • Corvids are, taxonomically speaking, the crows and their relatives; Corvicons' shiny-craving, thieving behavior is specifically associated with magpies, and their "swooping" attack pattern is reminicient of the Australian variety of same.
  • Corvicons are called by different names at different times in the series. Filch is identified as a Corvicon in Bumblebee Versus Scuzzard, but Boostwing and his brothers are "crow Decepticons" to the Autobots, while Russell Clay calls them "Crowcons". In addition, Boostwing's gang has prominent "beak" kibble on the front of their helmets that Filch lacks, and while Filch is significiantly larger than the Autobots, Boostwing and his brothers (despite matching Filch in silhouette) are only sightly larger than Strongarm.