Chip is a cybernetic drone created by Raf and Wheeljack in order to track down Ratchet in the Nemesis. Chip was made using a piece of Laserbeak, which got cut off while trying to rescue Soundwave in the Autobot Base. Raf was able to use his knowledge from Ratchet and his quick thinking to build a drone small enough to infiltrate the Decepticon warship and track down Ratchet. The Decepticons detected the transponder in Chip and Starscream was sent to find the source and destroy it. Starscream spotted Optimus, but didn't detect the signal on him and discovered Chip and used one of his missiles to obiliterate it from the sky. This stopped the Autobots' attempt of finding the Nemesis and Ratchet. Ratchet was able to contact the team and they geared up for their final battle against the Decepticons.



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