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I'm scouting
Vital Statistics
Alias Warrior

Bee (by Raf)
Kid (by Bulkhead)
Muscle Car (by Agent Fowler)
My scout (by Optimus Prime)
The Autobot Scout(formerly)
Treacherous Scout (by Starscream)

Species Cybertronian
Rank Warrior (Formerly Scout)
Status Online
Production details
First appearance Darkness Rising, Part 1 (Prime)

Transformers: War for Cybertron (Game)

Voiced by Will Friedle (Series) Johnny Young Bosch (games)
"You can count on us to keep the peace."

Bumblebee is an Autobot warrior. Bumblebee was formerly a scout of Team Prime and is the guardian of his human friend Raf Esquivel. Bumblebee was a very important member of Optimus' team during the Great War and arguably had been with Optimus for the longest amount of time than any Autobot, with the exception of Ratchet. Bumblebee went with Optimus, Bulkhead and Ratchet to Earth in an attempt to stop the Decepticons from draining the planet's energy and taking over Earth. In the end, Bumblebee became the one who finally killed Megatron, the very same 'bot who took away his voice since the war. Shortly after he terminated Megatron however, Megatron was revived by Unicron who used his body as a vessel to attack Cybertron. With Optimus missing in action at the time and Ultra Magnus badly wounded, Bumblebee became temporary leader of the Autobots for a short time. Optimus returned and defeated Unicron with the help of his team. Before Optimus became one with Primus, Bumblebee promised Optimus that they will keep the peace in his memory before Optimus left. Optimus gave a last smile to them before going into the Core. When the Sparks burst from the Well, the team watched as the sparks fly out to bring life to their home again, including Optimus' own spark. Years after the war finished, Bumblebee became a high ranking police officer, but was still praised as a war hero, with a partner Strongarm. but begun to see visions of Optimus leading him back to Earth with Strongarm, street punk Sideswipe and Mini-Con Fixit where they discover a crashed Decepticon ship with numerous fugitives at large one of who, Grimlock, teams up with them as well as humans Denny Clay and his son Russell. Bumblebee currently leads his new team to hunt down the Decepticon fugitives on Earth.

Physical Appearance

During the Great War, Bumblebee was much smaller than the other Autobots. He was primarily colored in yellow, with several rims of red and black on his body. His vehicle mode is a fiction made car called the Urbana 500.

Bumblebee ready to fight

Come at me bro

Stealth Bumblebee


In Beast Hunters, his paint is now mostly black with yellow stripes of his body. His head is still mostly yellow with a black stripe down the middle. All the parts of his body that previously glowed blue, now glow yellow.



Early Life

Bumblebee was one of the last Cybertronians that was given life by the AllSpark.

Meeting Optimus Prime

During the Decepticons siege of Iacon City, Bumblebee volunteered to be a message courier when communications became unreliable. Bumblebee was searching for the one called Optimus when he was caught by a pair of Decepticons, only to be saved by Optimus and Ratchet. Informing Optimus of the death of Zeta Prime, Bumblebee accompanied Optimus and Ratchet to a command center where they were contacted by Jetfire, who was leading the aerial counter attack and wanted Zeta to activate the planetary guns.

After informing Jetfire of Prime's death, Bumblebee helped Optimus and Ratchet make their way to the orbital defenses control room, where they activated the guns. Their next stop was the Decagon, where they could re-establish communications and coordinate Iacon's defense. They hit serious Decepticon resistance, including several Decepticon war machines, but ultimately, with help from Jetfire and Ironhide, the three made their way to the Decagon, where they faced the last obstacle: Sky Commander Starscream. Beating the traitorous Seeker, Bumblebee witnessed a desperate communication from Zeta Prime, who was being held in the Kaon Prison Complex. Optimus resolved to rescue Zeta, and Bumblebee accompanied him.


Bumblebee, Optimus, and Sideswipe allowed themselves to be captured raiding supplies outside Kaon, and taken to the prison within the city. Soundwave ordered them taken to recycling. Bumblebee didn't think that sounded bad, until Sideswipe told him to consider what they were recycling. As they made their way through the prison, Bumblebee's horror grew, until he was in a near panic when they placed against the firing wall. Fortunately, Air Raid finally arrived and killed the Heavy Soldiers about to execute them. Air Raid was forced to let himself be captured to let the others escape. Finally finding some weapons, the three made their way to a wall crawler and descended into the prison. Bumblebee asked if this was good or bad, and Optimus replied that it was purely a matter of perspective, while Sideswipe said he was enjoying himself.

Soon, Bumblebee and the two reached a room where Megatron revealed that he had allowed Zeta's message to be broadcast simply to lure Optimus into a trap. After they fought off some Decepticons, Megatron simply teleported them to a prison cell without their weapons. Fortunately, Optimus managed to break the wall with his axe, freeing them. Optimus then explained he could not open the other prisoners' cells, despite Bumblebee's pleas. Heading to retrieve Air Raid, the three Autobots rescued the flier, who took them to the control which would open all the prison's hard locks.

Unfortunately, Zeta was trapped under the facility, so the control wouldn't release him. While Air Raid took the freed Autobots back to Iacon, Bumblebee accompanied Optimus and Sideswipe underground to free Zeta, racing through the caverns as the Decepticons blew out the ground. Reaching Zeta Prime's cell, Optimus, Bumblebee, and Sideswipe had to fight through Soundwave's minions to rescue the Autobot leader, but Soundwave stole some of Zeta's life energy and fled, killing the Prime. Taking his body back to Iacon, Bumblebee and Sideswipe bore witness to the Autobot High Council declaring that Optimus was now Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots.

Defeating Trypticon

Bumblebee accompanied Optimus Prime and Ironhide to defeat Trypticon. As Trypticon landed, Bumblebee commented that the three barely slowed him down and also became irritated during the battle by several of Trypticon's attacks. He and the two defeated the former by blasting him in specific parts of his body.


At some point Bumblebee was captured by Megatron at Tyger Pax and had his voice box crushed. Ratchet managed to save him but could not fix his voice box. He was one the Autobots on the Ark and looked at Iacon sadly before boarding.

Mini Series

Human allies

During a scout for Energon, Cliffjumper was placed in a difficult battle and taken to the Decepticon warship. Bumblebee, was in a different timezone and unable to arrive until after he was captured. Bumblebee met up with Arcee, Ratchet, Bulkhead and Optimus Prime and searched the area for any clues regarding Cliffjumper's previous presence. However, Arcee was able to find one of his horns, indicating he had been killed during the battle. Bumblebee was present for the Autobots' gathered mourning of their ally's death. Arcee struck out on her own and wound up with a human, Jack Darby. During a chase between her and two Vehicons, Bumblebee interfered and charged at the two. As he continued to aid Arcee, he was forced into robot mode when the Vehicons chose to fight them. During the battle, he met Raf Esquivel and ordered him to run alongside Jack, in an attempt to evacuate. Despite his and Arcee's best efforts, the pair proved ineffective and were nearly defeated until the arrival of Bulkhead. Bumblebee went back to the Autobot base and told Optimus of his and Arcee's antics, alongside the latter. After Optimus ordered their human allies to be brought to the Autobots' base, Bumblebee went to retrieve Raf and brought him back.

Last signs of Cliffjumper

After taking the humans to the base, Bumblebee and Arcee went with Optimus and Bulkhead to find where Cliffjumper's signal had popped up at. After arriving at the signal, Bumblebee and the others discovered an Energon mine taking place by the Decepticons. Bumblebee and the other Autobots held off the Decepticons while Arcee went to recover Cliffjumper, who's body had been sliced in half by Megatron. After returning to the base and Arcee's falling out, Bumblebee was the first one to be worried about her, immediately asking if she was okay.

Leaving with Arcee

Bumblebee spent time with Raf, discovering that he had excellent driving skills on Raf's computer games. Bumblebee went with Arcee out on patrol and left Raf at the base with Bulkhead. After Bulkhead went off to go rescue Agent Fowler back from the Decepticons and was promptly joined by the humans, Bumblebee was forced to drive there.

Rescuing Fowler

The next day, Bumblebee discovered that he was a lot better than Raf at computer games, though Raf blamed it on Bumblebee's greater experience in driving. When they reached the base, Optimus and Ratchet left on a mission, placing Arcee in charge. Arcee promptly went out on patrol, taking Bumblebee with her and leaving Bulkhead in charge. As they drove through the Nevada desert, Bulkhead reported that Fowler had been abducted by the Decepticons. When it turned out there was no one left at base to bridge them back, Arcee and Bumblebee were forced to drive there.

Bumblebee and Arcee arrived at the Decepticon ship in time to rescue Raf and Jack from a pair of Decepticons. They quickly located Bulkhead and Miko, also moving through the ship, but after it became obvious that the humans were in too much danger as they fought their way through the ship, the Autobots cleared out a room for them to hide out in. They eventually reached the brig where Fowler was being held, and Bumblebee and Bulkhead burst through the main door while Arcee slipped in through a top vent.A standoff ensued, until Fowler distracted Starscream long enough for the Autobots to start firing. Starscream thusly chased off, the Autobots took off with Fowler and rescued the kids on the way out.

Space Bridge battle

Once the Autobots had located the whereabouts of the Decepticon space bridge—Earth orbit—Optimus, Bulkhead, Arcee and Bumblebee used the GroundBridge to reach it. They were spotted by Megatron and Starscream, who sent a force of flying Decepticons to attack them. While they battled, Ratchet determined a way to destroy the space bridge, so Bumblebee, Arcee and Bulkhead went to implement the plan. They committed the necessary act of sabotage before Megatron fired on them. Bumblebee collected Arcee on his way to jumping into the GroundBridge and carried her back to base where she recovered enough to stand on her own.

Season 1


Prime hand on Bee

Bumblebee helped Raf with his science project, building a small replica of a volcano while they discussed how Bumblebee had not yet risen to the rank of Warrior. As Optimus pointed out, Bumblebee still had much to learn before he could reach that level. Optimus also noted the lifespan of Cybertronians are much longer than that of humans. Optimus subsequently picked Bumblebee to go on a mission to investigate Decepticon activity, but warned the smaller Autobot to hold back.

When Optimus came to blows with Skyquake, Bumblebee decided to disregard the earlier order and charged into battle. Though he was no match for Skyquake, he and Optimus led the Decepticon into a trap and seemed victorious, until Skyquake scanned Fowler's jet. Bumblebee managed to end the fight by jumping onto Skyquake's jet form and causing critical damage, jumping to Fowler's jet as Skyquake crashed to the ground. After some repairs, Optimus commended Bumblebee on his performance.


Bulkhead and Bumblebee discovered a strange pod in the Arctic which they brought back to base. When the kids arrived at base, Bumblebee was keen to play some videogames with Raf, but he and Bulkhead were roped into helping Ratchet repair the GroundBridge, which broke shortly after Optimus and Arcee used it to go to the Arctic. The cause of the problem was revealed when Raf found a Scraplet, which started gnawing on Bumblebee's arm. Raf killed it with a crowbar before it could do much more damage, but Bumblebee ended up having to search the base with Raf for more of the Scraplets. After finding quite a lot of Scraplets, they returned to the control room, where another mass of them overwhelmed Bumblebee, Bulkhead and Ratchet. Though the kids were able to get rid of the attacking Scraplets, Bumblebee was out of it for the rest of the incident, and ended up on a repair bed, being tended to by the kids.


When Wheeljack landed on Earth, Bulkhead, Arcee and Bumblebee turned out to welcome him and arrived in time to see him trash some Vehicons. The Autobots celebrated their new friend's arrival, and Bumblebee and Raf danced The Robot to Miko's guitar playing. He also stood around a lot while Bulkhead proved that "Wheeljack" was a Decepticon spy and the real Wheeljack turned up. After everything was resolved, the Autobots had another party to welcome the real Wheeljack, and Bumblebee got to bust out some more dance moves. He and Arcee turned out with Bulkhead to see Wheeljack off when the Autobot returned to space.

First MECH encounter

Bumblebee took part in the Autobot convoy to transport Fowler's Dynamic Nuclear Generation System across the US countryside. When MECH attacked them, he bashed into one of the cars they were using, flipping it over. The Autobots successfully passed the D.N.G.S. over to a train, but were shortly after confronted by a squadron of flying Vehicons, and were forced to return to their robot modes to fight. Bumblebee got to try out some boxing moves on a Vehicon, but while the Autobots were occupied, MECH made another attempt to obtain the D.N.G.S. which was foiled by Optimus.

When an Energon Harvester was located in a museum, the Autobots surrounded the building while the kids went in to steal it. Knock Out and Breakdown appeared at the front of the museum to attack Optimus, and as Breakdown charged at the museum, Bumblebee and Arcee attempted to stop him. Bumblebee was hit by a missile, sending him tumbling, and then by Arcee who'd just missed catching another missile. He, Arcee and Prime later attempted to track down the Decepticons before the Harvester could be used, but they ended up coming to Bulkhead's rescue after he found and stopped the Decepticons himself.

Street racing

When Arcee refused to go street racing with Jack, Bumblebee was more receptive, though they asked Raf's permission beforehand. Unfortunately also participating in the race was Knock Out, who started firing on Bumblebee. After calling base and letting them know what was up, Bumblebee used an oil slick to slow down Knock Out, and hid under a bridge. They would have escaped detection had another human, Vince, not confronted Jack about apparently pulling out of the race, and Vince was subsequently captured by Knock Out. After Arcee and Bulkhead arrived, the three Autobots pursued Knock Out to a storage facility, where Bumblebee and Bulkhead were ambushed by Breakdown. They defeated Breakdown and caught up with Knock Out. The other Decepticons had already been stopped by Optimus, who was very interested in some explanations.

Venture to Nemesis

During a mission to recover any living Autobots from a crash, Optimus Prime fell under the infection of Cybonic plague and was treated at the base by Ratchet. Bumblebee later was present at the Autobot base as Optimus laid infected. Alongside Arcee, Bumblebee went to retrieve a possible cure from the Nemesis, hoping information on it would be in it's database. As Arcee scattered through the ship's computer, Bumblebee spotted a comatose Megatron laying down. As the two stared at the unconscious Decepticon leader, Ratchet concluded that Megatron may know the cure and told the two to enter his brain through Cortical Psychic Patch. Though Arcee had mixed feelings, Bumblebee was more than willing to comply. As he entered his mind, Bumblebee encountered Megatron as he attacked and defeated an illusion of Optimus Prime.

After he defeated the Autobot, Megatron set his sights on Bumblebee. Knowing his own strength, Bumblebee did not try to attack the Decepticon. However, Bumblebee soon realized he was immune to his attacks as the commander struck him several times, only for Bumblebee to continue to phase through. After failing to eliminate the Autobot, Megatron realized that Bumblebee was not an illusion and started to question how he had entered his mind before concluding that he had usage of Cortical Psychic Patch. As Megatron questioned Bumblebee more, he told the Decepticon leader of his near-death experience as well as Optimus Prime's current state of being. As Megatron laughed, Bumblebee began to convince him to help Optimus, citing that he would never be able to defeat his enemy and would only be able to kill illusions of him.

Megatron was more than willing to comply, showing Bumblebee a brief glimpse of the cure before taking it back and telling him to release him from his current state of being. However, Ratchet simply was able to get a screenshot of the cure and ordered Arcee to disconnect Bumblebee. As Bumblebee awoke from his conversation with Megatron, he and Arcee were spotted by Starscream. The two escaped and soon enough, were able to return to the Autobot base. Their mission successful, Optimus Prime was given the cure and fully healed. As the latter woke from his ordeal, Bumblebee was given a standing ovation by his fellow Autobots and their human allies.

Mind games

Bumblebee began to experience visions of Megatron, causing him to stop dead during a basketball game with Bulkhead. After Megatron forced him to crush one of Ratchet's devices, Bumblebee told Ratchet about the visions, and Ratchet induced a power down to give Bumblebee's mind time to recover. Bumblebee reactivated, under the control of Megatron, and, retrieving a piece of Dark Energon from an old battlefield, bridged to the Decepticon warship over the Arctic. Although Ratchet and Raf tried to stop him, even managing to get Bumblebee to reassert control for a few moments, Bumblebee successfully brought Megatron back online and transferred his mind back to his body. Free of Megatron's influence, Bumblebee beat a hasty retreat with Ratchet and Raf. Later at base, Ratchet checked Bumblebee was completely free of Megatron, and the small Autobot thanked Raf for coming to help him.

GroundBridge mistake

After a Dark Energon signature was detected, Optimus took a team including Bumblebee to investigate. They instead found Starscream trying to resurrect Skyquake. During the ensuing conflict, the Autobots discovered their human friends had followed them to the battlefield, and the three kids were caught in a freak GroundBridge accident, causing them to disappear.The Autobots returned to base to try and locate their friends, but it wasn't until Bumblebee suggested trying to ring the kids that they found Miko's cellphone, and the kids were able to send a text to it. Ratchet subsequently engineered a portal to rescue the kids from the other dimension they'd become trapped in.

Attempt to rescue Breakdown

When Breakdown was captured by MECH, Bumblebee and the others were more than happy to leave them to it, but Optimus insisted that they rescue the Decepticon to avoid Cybertronian technology falling into MECH hands. The team arrived in Kamchatka Peninsula and Bumblebee spotted some vehicle tracks, but they opted to follow the energon signal Ratchet had detected instead. After they escaped the bomb that the trace led them to, the team tracked down Bulkhead in time to chase off Starscream and some Vehicons.

Arcee and Bumblebee were in the middle of a fight with some Vehicons when Arcee got a call informing her she had to be in Jack's garage ASAP. After checking if Bumblebee could handle it, Arcee left. Evidently he was able to, as he was later in the Autobot base when Jack and Arcee turned up with June Darby.

Airachnid encounter

Bumblebee was part of the team that investigated the wreck of a crashed Decepticon ship and found Airachnid and Starscream. He guarded the bound Starscream while the others decided what to do with the Decepticon. Prime, Bulkhead and Bumblebee went to check out the rear half of the ship, crashed some distance away, and were ambushed by Airachnid who had found an experimental weapon named the Immobilizer. She froze Prime and Bulkhead, but Bumblebee managed to trick her by kicking up a dust cloud with his guns, and then pretending to be frozen after she fired the Immobilizer into it. Once she turned her back, he crept up and sucker punched her before blasting the Immobilizer. After she fled, Bumblebee went back to find Arcee, and interrupted her when she was about to offline Starscream. They returned the pieces of Immobilizer to base, along with Bulkhead and Optimus, and Ratchet was able to repair the device and unfreeze their comrades.

Bulkhead intelligence boost

Bumblebee accompanied Prime and Arcee as they tried to retrieve a Cybertronian data cylinder before the Decepticons did. Ultimately the Decepticons made off with the cylinder, and later Bumblebee listened as Ratchet told them the cylinder's contents had ended up in Bulkhead's brain, though the Autobots were excited to find that the equations being scrawled by Bulkhead were a set of formula for synthetic energon. Unfortunately it later turned out that the data was eating Bulkhead's brain. Bumblebee and Arcee accompanied Optimus on an unsuccessful attempt to get the cylinder back from Megatron, and they ended up fighting a bunch of Vehicons. Later they came to Miko and Bulkhead's aid to save the pair from Knock Out and Breakdown, and were present when Miko managed to rouse the comatose Bulkhead with her guitar. During a mission to stop Knock Out and Breakdown who were transporting energon, Bumblebee, Prime and Bulkhead were separated from Arcee. They caught up to find that Ratchet had already finished off the Vehicons. Impressed by his new strength with the use of Synthetic Energon, Bumblebee and the others considered Ratchet to be their secret weapon against the Decepticons. While Ratchet trained with Bulkhead, he knocked his teammate out of the room and in front of Bumblebee and Arcee. Ratchet soon found himself telling Bulkhead that he was stronger than he used to be, before asking Bumblebee if he wanted to fight him as well. Bumblebee objected to the notion by putting his hands up as the Autobots soon detected another signal.

Ratchet opted to have Bumblebee remain at base while he and the others went for the signal. The mission resulted in a strain between Ratchet and the others due to his newfound ideals, prompting Optimus to tell him that he was confining him to base. As Bumblebee prepared a GroundBridge for him, Ratchet began to walk through before being followed by Bulkhead, who he knocked out of the way as he got out and drove off. The Autobots met Bumblebee at base, without Ratchet, who they could no longer detect. That all changed when Ratchet found himself on the floor after trying to duel Megatron. Bumblebee stayed at base again while the others went to get him and was happy to see him back.[1]

Injured Raf

Bumblebee was taking Raf to play with Raf's remote-control car when he was called on to join the battle at a military base. Unfortunately Megatron found them before he could drop Raf off, and Bumblebee was hit by a blast from Megatron's cannon. Though Bumblebee himself was mostly unaffected, Raf was gravely injured. Bumblebee arrived at the battle and had to be restrained from attacking Megatron so he and Arcee could take Raf back to base. Bumblebee watched helplessly as Ratchet and June Darby tried to save the boy. At one point, the frustration became too much, and he knocked a chunk out of the wall with his fist, but Arcee talked him down, and eventually Ratchet worked out that an energon infusion would save Raf. Bumblebee gave some of his own energon for the procedure, which was ultimately successful.

Unicron rising

After the other Autobots saved Optimus from Megatron, Bumblebee bridged them back to base. June decided to take Raf to the hospital, and didn't intend to bring him back, so Bumblebee had to sadly watch them drive from the base. When it transpired that the Dark Energon volcano was causing global disasters, he went to find June and Raf, and managed to save them from a tornado by grabbing the front end of their car. After he returned to base with them, the assembled Autobots and humans worked out that Unicron was at the center of the Earth. He and the other Autobots began investigating the sites of the earthquakes Unicron had generated.

Saving Prime

Though Optimus ordered the other Autobots to remain at base, Bumblebee, Arcee and Bulkhead joined him anyway. They fought increasingly larger stone Unicrons, until they encountered a huge one which Bumblebee thought might be the real thing but Prime told him wasn't. He and Bulkhead zoomed behind it to try and blast it, but it knocked them both aside as if they were nothing. To their surprise, help came in the form of Megatron who blasted the giant before it could crush Prime, and offered to help them fight Unicron. When Optimus gave the trio the choice of whether to accompany him and Megatron to Earth's core, Bumblebee opted to go for Raf's sake. He, Arcee and Bulkhead greeted Megatron to the Autobot base by aiming their guns at him. Before long, they stepped through the GroundBridge once again, this time into Earth's core.

Losing Optimus

As they made their way through Unicron's internals, they encountered antibodies which aggressively attacked them. When during the fight Bulkhead almost fell to his doom, Bumblebee grabbed his arm and held him long enough for Optimus to help. He, Bulkhead and Arcee remained outside Unicron's spark chamber to hold off the antibodies, but after Unicron's defeat, they entered to find Optimus had lost his memory. Megatron blasted at them, knocking them to the floor. Bumblebee saw Optimus run towards the GroundBridge and Optimus paused to look at Bumblebee. Bumblebee was sad and beeped in sadness.

Optimus left and Megatron followed back to the warship.The trio had to GroundBridge back to base without their leader.

Season 2

Reemergence of Orion Pax

The Autobots puzzled over how to get their leader back but made little progress. When Fowler warned them of an attack on a military base, Bumblebee, Bulkhead and Arcee went to try and deal with it, but Knock Out and Breakdown succeeded in getting away with the power source they needed.

Bumblebee and the others fruitlessly searched for the space bridge until the breakthrough came in the form of information from Starscream. Using said information, the Autobots stormed the mine containing the space bridge and secured it so they could send Jack and Arcee through to Cybertron.

Ratchet, Bulkhead and Bumblebee monitored Jack's progress from the Earth end of the space bridge. When Megatron arrived to take back control, Bumblebee was grabbed by the head and tossed aside. Luckily it all turned out, and Bumblebee and the others returned to base with Optimus Prime restored.

Bumblebee's T-Cog

During a mission to retrieve a Cybertronian artifact, Bumblebee followed Megatron into the Decepticon GroundBridge and snatched the Spark Extractor right out of his hand. Responding to another signal, Bumblebee was ambushed by MECH, who took his T-cog. Unable to transform, he became more and more testy despite the attempts of Raf to cheer him up. Bumblebee finally talked Bulkhead into taking him along on on a mission to find another artifact, only for his lack of a T-cog to become a liability as he tried to chase Knock Out. The pursuit ended when Bumblebee plunged out-of-control off a cliff.

When he came around back at base, Optimus restricted him to base. After an attempt to transplant Ratchet's T-cog into him was aborted, Bumblebee was pointed in the direction of the MECH base and opted to go on a one-bot assault. Though he floored Starscream and MECH in the process of getting the cog back, the vital component was blasted by Starscream. After some repair work by Ratchet, the T-cog was reinstalled in Bumblebee, and his ability to transform restored.

Wheeljack returns and Dreadwing's arrival

Bumblebee and the others came to Wheeljack's aid when he returned to Earth to battle Dreadwing. Loose Cannons Bumblebee was part of an Optimus-led mission to an abandoned energon mine in South America, where they found Megatron fighting an Insecticon. When the fight was finished, the Autobots surrounded the exhausted Megatron, but were prevented from finishing him off by the arrival of Dreadwing. Though they trashed a bunch of Vehicons, Megatron and Dreadwing escaped them.

The appearance of Nemesis Prime

When Fowler was attacked by a truck resembling Optimus, Bumblebee caught his car as it plunged from a bridge. Returning to base, they established the truck was a MECH-created clone of Optimus, and began searching for the MECH base. Bumblebee found the hideout, but after alerting the other Autobots, was knocked out by Nemesis Prime. Following Optimus's defeat of MECH, the Autobots returned to base for repairs. Nemesis Prime Bumblebee went with Optimus and Arcee to investigate some activity and found Airachnid sending out a swarm of Insecticons. He and Optimus ended up having to fight a bunch of them and won. They got to return to base with Airachnid, whom Arcee had stasis-locked.

Hunt for Relics

After the Nemesis crashed, Bumblebee took part in an attack on it with the Spark Extractor, only to be put into stasis by its weapons. He recovered back at base when the kids disabled the ship. Flying Mind Bumblebee was sent to New York City with Arcee, Jack and Miko to look for one of the Iacon relics. In the subway, they ran into Knock Out and an Insecticon, the latter of which temporarily floored Bumblebee. He recovered in time to pursue Knock Out, catching up with the Decepticon and getting the relic back. The relic turned out to be a phase shifter, which saved Bumblebee from being hit by an out-of-control sweeper train. After they chased Knock Out off, Bumblebee and Arcee were introduced to Vogel.

Bulkhead's near death experience/Smokescreen's arrival

They returned to base to find Bulkhead critically injured after his mission, and Bumblebee and Arcee helped get the Wrecker to the medical bay. Hurt During Bulkhead's recovery period, Bumblebee arrived back at base to find Miko was upset at her friend's lack of progress. Out of the Past Bumblebee was part of Optimus's team investigating a crashed escape pod when they encountered Smokescreen. When Raf discovered the presence of Red Energon on Earth, Optimus, Arcee and Bumblebee headed to a dock to retrieve it, only to run into Starscream and the Apex Armor. Bumblebee and Arcee attempted to scale the crane but were attacked by Starscream, and Smokescreen had to come to their rescue using the phase shifter.

End of MECH

When Fowler notified them that a Project Damocles satellite had been stolen by Breakdown and Silas, Optimus took a team including Bumblebee to a military base in the hope of securing the satellite control codes before the Decepticons could get them. Instead they found themselves facing both Decepticon troopers and the orbital death ray itself, controlled by Soundwave. The Human Factor During an energon hunt, Bumblebee tried to stop Smokescreen harassing a human, resulting in them both getting their picture on the net. Bumblebee later accompanied Optimus on a search for another Iacon relic, which turned out to be a Decepticon hoax, and helped secure the Star Saber.

The Omega Keys

He, Arcee and Bulkhead were happy when they learned they might soon be able to return Cybertron, but quickly realized there would be a downside in that they would have to leave their friends on Earth behind. Alpha/Omega Bumblebee was sent with Arcee to retrieve one of the keys, but they encountered Knock Out. Bumblebee was significantly damaged by the Resonance Blaster before the Decepticon got away with the key, and had to undergo repairs when they returned to base. After Smokescreen escaped the Nemesis with two of the keys, the Autobots received a message from Starscream offering a trade for the final key. Bumblebee guarded the base with Smokescreen and Arcee, but Starscream was able to steal their three keys anyway, thanks to his Red Energon.

As the Autobots equipped themselves to go to Cybertron, Bumblebee took the polarity gauntlet from storage. During their battle with the Decepticons, he used it to reclaim the Omega Keys. The Autobots subsequently found the Omega Lock, only for the Decepticons to unveil their trump card in the form of the three kids as hostages. As the Autobots had a stare off with the Decepticons, Bumblebee was forced to hand over his Omega key in exchange for Raf. Bumblebee took the young human out of the hands of Soundwave. As he did so, he happily assured Raf that he was safe as he looked through the glass at the former while walking back to the other Autobots. After Megatron gained all four of the Omega Keys, the Autobots were surrounded by several Vehicons.

After Optimus destroyed the Omega Lock to prevent Megatron destroying Earth, Bumblebee returned with the others to base, only to find that the Decepticons were attacking it. As he and the others prepared to face off, Optimus Prime concluded their only chance of survival being a tactical retreat. As the Decepticons continued to barrage the base, Bumblebee and Raf were GroundBridged away from the base to an unspecified location in the US mainland to avoid capture.

Beast Hunters

On the run

Bumblebee and Raf roamed around the country as the two evaded recognition by a Vehicon. Following Raf's approval, Bumblebee transformed into robot mode and looked to see if any Decepticons were near, hiding behind a tree while doing so. Raf concluded that while the two were nearly caught, Bumblebee's recent change in paint job saved the two. Raf exclaimed that while he understood Optimus's decision to separate the group to make them harder to find, he questioned how the two would be able to contact the others. While Bumblebee simply wanted the two to continue to head to Jasper, Rafael was reminded of Megatron's fortress.[2]

Finding Ratchet

Upon heading to Jasper and Raf was looking on the conspiracy website, he headed for Woodlands Park Junk Yard in search for Ratchet. Though meeting up with him, he and Raf could not persuade him on joining them to look for the Harbinger for a base of operations. Unable to get the Harbinger's ship computers up and running, Ratchet came in and saved the day by assisting them in getting everything online and hacked the operating codes to get the GroundBridge up and running.

Arcee admiring Bumblebee's new paint job

At the same time, he spotted a flag ship that belonged to Ultra Magnus, reuniting with the gang. He was complimented by Arcee and Bulkhead on his new color scheme, with the latter citing that if she reversed her colors like he did, she would be pink. Bumblebee and the others were introduced to the commander's weapon locker.[3]


Bumblebee and Arcee were sent into Darkmount as the Stealth Team. Bumblebbe was equipped with a new gun and a forcefield, while Arcee had a laser device. The two killed all the Vehicons blocking their path only for more to come behind them. They were escorted outside and about to be executed only for a reborn Optimus Prime to arrive, save the Autobots and destroy Darkmount.

Beast Hunters

When the Decepticons began hunting for Predacon bones, Bumblebee, Smokescreen and Optimus went to Texas. Smokescreen asked Bumblebee if he might ever want to be a Prime, but Bumblebee said all he wanted was to have warrior rank and he would only take it on a restored Cybertron, despite having the credentials. Despite the trio fighting off the Vehicons, Soundwave and Shockwave they still lost one tiny piece of the Predacon bone to the Decepticons. The Autobots later stormed a mine hoping for Energon, unaware they were pawns in a plan that has Project Predacon to be terminated with Autobots to take the blame by the Decepticons.

Ratchet captured

Bumblebee took offense at the fact that Smokescreen said his broken voicebox was his signature as he still missed the sound of his voice. He took part in missions to stop the Decepticons from stealing Earth technology. The Autobots secured the last target, the Solaris Particle Collider, only for the Predacon to come and take it from them. When they returned to base, they learned Ratchet was taken by Soundwave. They launched a probe to find Ratchet, followed by Optimus. Though the probe was destroyed, Ratchet sent coordinates of his location and the Autobots stormed the Nemesis.

Final battle

Stealth Team was ordered to secure the rebuilt Omega Lock, but Smokescreen abandoned them to complete his own mission. Despite resistance from Starscream and his armada, the two made it to the control room and Smokescreen returned with the Star Saber. Bumblebee climbed down the Lock to give to Optimus, but as he jumped he was shot numerous times by Megatron. He fell into the Cybermatter below, which revived him, and his voice box as well.

R.I.P. Megatron

Megatron meets his end

In the meantime, Optimus began to lose his battle against the threat to society that Megatron had proved himself to be. While Megatron had his back turned, Bumblebee yelled out Megatron's name with his restored voice. Shocked to hear the voice he thought to have ridden, Megatron turned around and Bumblebee used this opportunity to stab Megatron straight through his spark with the Star Saber and promised that Megatron will never rob anything from anyone, like his voice. With the warship under their command, the Autobots flew it to Cybertron to use the Omega Lock to restore Cybertron. When they packed up their stuff from Earth, Bumblebee shared a sad farewell with Raf who told him he didn't have to say anything, which prompted Bumblebee to admit that he never did.

Predacons Rising

Bumblebee was promoted to "Warrior" by Optimus and a statue of Megatron was blown up in his honor. When Ultra Magnus was left in charge while Optimus went with Wheeljack to collect the AllSpark, Bumblebee spent his time in the Nemesis interrogating prisoners for the locations of Starscream and Shockwave. When Ultra Magnus was injured, Bumblebee deduced the Predacon responsible was a clone from Shockwave's experiments. Bumblebee went with Smokescreen, Arcee and Bulkhead to try and get help from Predaking but failed and went to the original Darkmount. When they downloaded a map of Shockwave's lab network they were greeted by the Unicron possessed Megatron. Despite his power they managed to escape. Bumblebee was desperate for Ultra Magnus' leadership but Ratchet told him that in the past all the other Autobots had risen above their ranks for the greater good and Bumblebee had to as well. When they later pinpointed Unicron, due to Megatron's life signal, they took the warship to fight. StarscreamKnock Out and the Vehicons tried to take the ship only for Knock Out to betray them and destroy the (needed) Immobilizer to prove his loyalty to the Autobots. When they fought the Terrocon-Predacons, aided by living Predacons, Smokescreen praised Bumblebee on his leadership skills and revealed, to Bumblebee's shock, Smokescreen almost inherited the Matrix of Leadership. When the warship crashed, the Predacons defeated and victory seemingly Unicron's, Optimus Prime returned and fought off Unicron. Bumblebee used the Polarity Gauntlet to briefly hold off Unicron before he lunged at Prime and the AllSpark. To the surprise of all the AllSpark was not in its container which sucked the Anti-Spark right out of Megatron. When Optimus had to sacrifice himself Bumblebee promised the Autobots would keep peace on Cybertron in his memory. As the sparks flew out of the well, the team gazed upon it's glory and saw a red spark, possibly Optimus' spark, shine out. 


Bumblebee is a quiet and very playful Autobot. He seems to never bother his teammates at all and even the human kids look up to him. Despite his nice demeanor, Bumblebee holds a burden in him, due to Megatron ripping out his voice box during his time back on Cybertron. Bumblebee doesn't realize that he doesn't have to prove anything to his teammates and that they all see him as a valuable member of the Autobots. He seems to posses some irresponsibility problems as he jumped on the chance to engage in illegal street racing and disobey some of Optimus's orders.

Bumblebee seems to have developed a rivalry with Decepticon Knock Out. Their rivalry was not noticeable when the two first met, but became abundantly clear between the time Bumblebee went with Jack to compete in races or when Bumblebee's T-Cog was stolen by MECH. In both instances, Bumblebee was taunted by Knock Out, either for not being as fast as him or holding a human captive.

Despite his long history with the Autobots, Bumblebee wanted to take the ultimate step and gain the courage to be bold. He didn't realize however, that he had already become bold on his own and was looked at highly by the other Autobots. Bumblebee's biggest challenge is convincing himself that he is the only one that sees him unfit to carry out tasks in the Autobots' missions. Despite being a soldier, Bumblebee is still young by Cybertronian standards and has the mind set of 12-16 year old child. It has been implied by Arcee that Bumblebee watches Earth cartoons on Saturdays. However, when the situation calls for it Bumblebee can become very serious. It is implied that Bumblebee is very ashamed of not being able to speak and did not tell Raf how he lost his voice box. In Deadlock, Bumblebee stabbed and killed Megatron, which he states his first words, in a very long time "You took my voice. You will never rob anyone, of anything, ever again." 

Bumblebee seemed to be proud of himself when he was promoted from scout to warrior by Optimus Prime in Predacons Rising.

Skills and Equipment

Bumblebee is an excellent scout, due to his speed and small size. He is able to hold his own in battle facing off opponents such as Breakdown. He possesses leadership qualities which is shown in 'Predacons Rising' as he lead the Autobots in the fight against Unicron. He is armed with two Energon blasters in his arms, he is also armed with an energy shield along with a plasma gun.
Bumble Bee Energon Shield Blaster

Energy Shield with Plasma gun


Bumblebee is one of the fastest if not the fastest member of Team Prime. He is stronger than Arcee but weaker than Bulkhead, Wheeljack, Ultra Magnus, Optimus Prime and possibly Rachet. But he really does not need much strength.



As an Autobot, Bumblebee developed many allies during his time on both Cybertron and Earth.

Optimus Prime

"Bumblebee, putting yourself at risk was, perhaps, not the wisest of strategies but you performed admirably." - Optimus sees potential in Bumblebee.

Optimus and Bee
Optimus Prime and Bumblebee

Optimus assuring Bumble Bee

Bumblebee met Optimus Prime when he was delivering a message to him. Though he was unfamiliar with the Autobot's physical appearance, Bumblebee still took on the mission and soon enough, told Optimus that Sentinel Zeta Prime had died at the hands of the Decepticons. He then accompanied the Autobot leader and Ratchet as the three faced off against Starscream. Shortly after, he and Optimus went alongside Sideswipe to purposely get captured. The two teamed up for the final time during Megatron's uprising to fight against Trypticon, alongside Ironhide. The two later were together during the launching of Autobots during the evacuation of the masses of Cybertron. As the war waged on, Bumblebee saw no point in continuing. As he believed Megatron had defeated the Autobots and the group had already lost. However, Optimus encouraged him to try and continue to fight.

After Cybertron's end, Bumblebee accompanied Optimus to Earth. He was one of the few to do so and soon enough, fought by his side in the Autobots' battle to destroy the evil forces of the Decepticons. Bumblebee took part in a mission alongside Optimus to fight against Skyquake. Optimus proved his compassion for Bumblebee as he carefully looked after him and later complimented his tactics after the battle. After Optimus fell victim to Cybonic plague, Bumblebee went onto the Nemesis and risked his own life to retrieve a cure. After Optimus was cured, he stopped everyone from applauding him and told them to instead clap for both Bumblebee and Ratchet. The two later went to investigate a GroundBridge incident, which triggered their human allies to be trapped in an alternate dimension. During Arcee and Bulkhead's fights against Airachnid, Breakdown, Megatron and Starscream, Bumblebee embarked with Optimus on a mission of their own. When Optimus fell into a struggle during his battle with Unicron, Bumblebee ignored his orders to stay behind and came to his aid alongside Bulkhead and Arcee. He fought alongside him when he defeated Unicron and was saddened when an amnesia-like Optimus turned Orion Pax did not remember him and instead left with Megatron, under the thought of him still being good.

Bumblebee and the other Autobots went to save him and succeeded, welcoming him as he arrived back at the base. Optimus showed major concern for Bumblebee when his T-Cog was stolen by MECH. Optimus told him to not embark on any missions with the rest of the Autobots until it was repaired. He went with Optimus to stop a fight between Wheeljack and Dreadwing, which Fowler had desperately been trying to cover up. He accompanied Optimus underground to confront Megatron, whom had been worn out after defeating an Insecticon. He stood by Optimus' side as several Vehicons and Dreadwing surrounded them. Bumblebee and Optimus went to fight off against Insecticons, under the command of Airachnid. Bumblebee went with Optimus to investigate a possible Autobot life signal and soon enough, the two met Smokescreen together. The two were saved by the latter during a battle against Starscream, whom had used the Apex Armor to give himself a strength boost.

He accompanied Optimus to rescue Smokescreen from Soundwave, but failed. Optimus and Bumblebee went with the other Autobots to save Cybertron. However, they failed and returned to base, where they fended off several Vehicons before Bumblebee and the other Autobots GroundBridged away. Eventually, Bumblebee reunited with the other Autobots and human friends with Ultra Magnus as acting leader while Optimus was gone along with Smokescreen. However, Optimus Prime returned to the Autobots in a new body, thanks to Smokescreen reviving Optimus with the Forge of Solus Prime. After a while of hunting for Predacon bones, Bumblebee and Optimus rarely hang out. In Minus One, Bumblebee accompanied Optimus to Antarctica with Arcee, Ultra Magnus and Wheeljack to secure a device that the Decepticons were planning to steal. They failed to secure the device and returned to Optimus when he was finished fighting Predaking. Optimus placed his left hand on Bumblebee's right shoulder while Arcee called back to base for a Groundbridge. When the team discovered that Ratchet was taken by the Decepitcon, they devised a plan to get him back. Later on, Ratchet was able to contact their base and told them about Megatron's plan. The team quickly prepared to attack the Decepticons in their final battle. During their battle, Bumblebee and Arcee were left to fend off Starscream and his small armada. They defeated some of them and when Smokescreen dropped the Star Saber, Bumblebee knocked Shockwave to the ground before grabbing the sword. As Bumblebee ran downwards to Optimus to give him the Star Saber, Megatron shot several times at him which killed Bumblbee instantly as he fell in the Omega Lock. He was revived by the Cybermatter in the Omega Lock and killed Megatron with the Star Saber. As Megatron's lifeless husk fell to Earth, Bumblebee helped Optimus, who was hanging from the Omega Lock. As the team restored Cybertron and said goodbye to their fellow human friends, they went back home.

In Predacons Rising, Optimus held a little ceremony to promote Bumblebee from scout to Warrior. After this, Optimus went with Wheeljack to retrieve the AllSpark from deep space. While they were gone, Bumblebee was temporarily in charge after Ultra Magnus was horribly injured by a |Skylynx. Bumblebee tried contacting Optimus after he and the others were attacked by Unicron, who was inside Megatron's body. Optimus and Wheeljack did recieve his call, but couldn't reply back because of communication issues. In the end, Optimus defeated Unicron and trapped his evil essence in the AllSpark's container. Before Optimus sacrificed himself to fully restore Cybertron, he told his team to keep fighting the noblest of fights. Bumblebee promised Optimus that they will keep the peace and as they sadly watch Optimus go in the Well of AllSparks, millions of Spark rose from the Well. One red spark, presumably Optimus's spark shines out.


"Family." - Arcee telling Jack about Bumblebee.

Cee with Bee
Their moment

Bumblebee met Arcee somewhere between the fall of Cybertron and Arcee's arrival to Earth with Cliffjumper. Over their years as teammates on Earth, the two became friends, with Arcee once referring to Bumblebee as family. The two fought alongside each other frequently. Bumblebee looks up to Arcee, like a younger sibling to older sibling. When Bumblebee changed his paint job, Arcee liked his new style and said if she if she reversed her colors she would be pink. Bumbleebee and Arcee went along on two relic missions in season 2. When Bumblebee killed Megatron and got his voice back, Arcee was surprised to hear his voice.

Before battling Unicron's army, Arcee tells Bumblee that he has proved his metal. Bumblebee replied and said that it didn't hurt to watch from the best. Arcee mentioned it would be nice if Optimus showed up by now. Bumblebee was talking about Arcee being a powerful little two wheeler and a true warrior.


Bulkhead questions Optimus

"Bee's the best scout there is" - Bulkhead telling Raf.

Bumblebee and Bulkhead became friends during their battles on Earth. Bulkhead arrived to aid him and Arcee during a intense fight with two Vehicons. He later accompanied Bulkhead and Arcee on the Nemesis to rescue William Fowler from Starscream. Bumblebee went with Bulkhead and the other Autobots into space to combat Megatron and the other Decepticons. Later, the two investigated the arctic together and went back to the Autobot base together. However, the two soon enough found themselves victim to Scraplets attacks and with the help of Ratchet, were able to drive them off. He rode with Bulkhead and the others to transport the Dynamic Nuclear Generation System and fought by his side against Vehicons. Bulkhead went with Bumblebee, Optimus and Arcee to prevent the theft of the Energon Harvester at the hands of Decepticons Knock Out and Breakdown. However, their attempt proved unsuccessful and the Decepticons took it. Luckily, Bulkhead was able to destroy the device and Bumblebee came to his aid after he was too worn out to continue fighting. Bulkhead is like a brother to Bumblebeee.


Bumblebee first met Ratchet when he was largely damaged and was stabilized by him although Ratchet could not restore his voice. Ratchet held guilt and whenever he looked at Bumblebee was reminded his work wasn't good enough. Ratchet was glad when he able to repair Bumblebee's T-Cog. When Bumblebee's voice was restored by the Cybermatter, which existed thanks to Ratchet, Bumblebee gave Ratchet a big hug. Optimus noted that Ratchet's work had come through for Bumblebee.


Despite their similar ages and personalities, Bumblebee and Smokescreen do not interact much. Like the others, Bumblebee thought Smokescreen was a hand made trap for Optimus when he first arrived, before Smokescreen saved his life. The two seem to have a brother to brother relationship as they help each other, but they do annoy each other often. They respect and care for each other. 

Raf Esquivel

Raf: "It's okay Bee. You don't have to say anything." Bumblebee: "I never did."

Regeneration screenshot 3

From the first time they met, Bumblebee and Raf is shown to have a very close bond with each other. Raf was the only human that could understand Bumblebee and seemed to share his passion for racing. When Bumblebee was taken over by Megatron, his own influence refused Megatron to hurt Raf (though Ratchet was still punched many times). When the Decepticons took the children captive for the Omega Keys, Bumblebee gave his up for Raf. When he, Raf and Ratchet were hiding at the Harbingerthey saw a ship coming, Bumblebee told Raf to stay back until they knew whether or not it was friendly. Raf was filled with joy when Bumblebee had his voice back and was truly sad when he left for Cybertron.

Jack Darby

Jack and Bumblebee rarely hang out, but they are good friends. Bumblebee instantly jumped at a chance to go street racing with Jack and tried to convince Raf to let him do it "just this once".

Miko Nakadai



"Megatron!!! *stabs Megatron with the Star Saber* You took my voice. You will never rob anyone of anything ever again." - Bumblebee to Megatron.

Of all the Decepticons, Bumblebee had a personal feud with Megatron due to him crushing his voice box. Megatron himself regrets not killing Bumblebee as the scout robbed him of the Spark Extractor. Bumblebee later got revenge when he ended the war by killing Megatron with the Star Saber. For the first time in the series, Bumblebee's voice box was repaired by the Cybermatter. When Bumblebee stabbed Megatron with the Star Saber, speaking in his real voice, he told Megatron that he will never rob anyone of anything ever again. Megtron's lifeless body fell off the Omega Lock and down towards Earth. In Predacons Rising, after Megatron was resurrected by Unicron and freed from Unicron, Megatron abandoned the Decepticons. Bumblebee showed no signs of hatred towards Megatron.



Bumblebee rarely see Soundwave. Bumblebee traded his omega key with Soundwave in exchange for Rafael in Darkest Hour. In Minus One, Bee was surprised like the other Autobots when Soundwave was captured and when he spoked during his interrogation.

Knock Out

Bumblebee fought Knock Out several occasions. During a relic hunt with Arcee in New York, Bumblebee fought Knock Out to get the Phase Shifter. During a hunt for the Omega Key, Knock Out used the resonance blaster against Bumblebee and Arcee. In Predacons Rising, Knock Out revealed that he wanted to join the Autobots and Bumblebee was disappointed that Knock Out destroyed the immobilizer. Bumblebee and Knock Out became allies after that.


Bumblebee fought Airachnid in Partners. She is one of his enemies.


  • Bumblebee's appearance is heavily based off of his Movie counterpart. The only other Autobot designed such is Optimus Prime. And like his movie counterpart, Bumblebee was able to talk in the end of the show.
  • Bumblebee finally got his wish of moving from scout to warrior on Cybertron in Predacons Rising
  • Many fans believe that the real reason Bumblebee can not speak throughout most of this series, it is because the creators of this series could not find the perfect voice actor for him until the end of the series, however some believe it may have been because his earlier incarnations were too annoying.
  • Bumblebee and Arcee are the only two Autobots of the entire series to go on more than one relic hunt together.
  • Bumblebee was once seen in an episode of a newer Transformers series, Transformers Rescue Bots, episode; Bumblebee To The Rescue. It is said by the character, Blades, a bot who can turn into a helicopter, that Bumblebee is legendary. It seems that Blades is Bumblebee's biggest fan, and, towards the end of that particular episode, the character, Cody Burns, starts to understand Bumblebee's speech.
  • According to the Autobits in the first three episodes of Beast Hunters, Frank Welker actually did dialogue for Bumblebee until it was decided to replace the dialogue with sound effects instead.
  • At San Diego Comic Con, it revealed that Bumblebee will be voiced by Will Friedle (Terry McGinnis from Batman Beyond, Deadpool from Ultimate Spider-Man and Lion-O from 2011 remake of Thundercats) in Deadlock.
  • He is the first incarnation of Bumblebee to offline Megatron.
  • Despite being the weakest of the Autobots (and by a lot of fans, the most useless) Bumblebee has the highest kill count of the Autobots being the one to offline Skyquake and eventually Megatron.
    • Thus, Bumblebee has shown to be far from useless. 
  • On that subject, Bumblebee was often the least favorite from fans, many beleving that Smokescreen was his replacement for kid appeal character. However once he started speaking in Deadlock and Predacons Rising his popularity greatly increased. 
  • Ultra Magnus, Wheeljack, Smokescreen and Bumblebee never use built in melee weapons with Bumblebee never using any in the entire series.
  • Bumblebee is shown to be a good liar, as he was able to trick Predaking into believing that a piece of metal he found was the Immobilizer and have Starscream believe that he did not possess it for a moment.
  • When auditions were held for Bumblebee's voice in Season 3, voice actors were led to believe that were reading for the role of Bluestreak as the producers wanted a true fan of Transformers to voice such an iconic character.
  • He will return in the sequel in 2015 as the main protagonist. Revelations about the sequel states that he will have visions of Optimus, implying that Optimus becomes his guide.
  • Bumblebee seems to be the only Autobot who does not have eyelids. The Vehicons, Insecticons, Soundwave, Shockwave, and possibly Makeshift are the only known Decepticons that do not seem to have eyelids.
  • Bumblebee will be in the new sequel to Transformers Prime as a leader, which means that he will fill in for Optimus as the Autobot leader.
  • He is the only Cybertronian to be caught on camera more than once.


  • "MEGATRON!!!" *Stabs Megatron with Star Saber* "You took my voice. You will never rob anyone, of anything, ever again."- Bumblebee regains his voice.
  • "My voice? What're you g-"
  • "My voice!"
  • "Ratchet, I got my pipes back."
  • "I never did." Bumblebee telling Raf he never spoke until now.
  • "Slow down Smokey. I'm not sure I wish a Prime's responsibility on anyone."
  • "Let's take the Warship and bring it back."
  • "Ok you got my attention. What do you want?"
  • "Well when are you going to tell me where I can find your pals?"
  • "Your finish is looking pretty drab."
  • "Optimus Prime would deem it a tragedy to stain Cybertron's fresh soil with any newly spilled energon. So help us prove what Megatron was never willing to. That more than one race can co-exist on our planet."
  • "Megatron?"
  • "Ratchet, we need a groundbridge!"
  • "NO!!!"
  • "You got that right."
  • "I like to think my actions spoke louder than my words Arcee. But it didn't hurt to watch from the best."
  • "I was referring to a powerful little two-wheeler I know." Bumblebee to Arcee
  • "That device your holding. Not the Immobilizer."
  • "Knock Out... We needed that!"
  • "We're the last line of defense."
  • "Optimus go! Save the AllSpark!!"
  • "You can count on us to keep the peace."
  • "Im not Optimus!" Shouts it out in the RID trailer


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