This is Bulkhead's relationships.



Miko Nakadai

"I will never forget you."
― Miko to Bulkhead.
Bulkhead and Miko
Regeneration screenshot 1
Deadlock screenshot Bulkhead and Miko moment

Miko holding Bulkhead's finger as she cries in their last goodbyes

Miko is Bulkhead's human partner and his best friend, next to Wheeljack. Bulkhead is very protective and cares a lot about Miko, but most of the time she doesn't listen to him at all. He would hurt anyone who tries to harm or threaten her.

Bulkhead has similar likes that Miko has as well. He is seen to listen and jam to songs from his and Miko's favorite band called Slash Monkey, he likes to pick Miko up from school or when they're driving together, watching monster truck rallies on tv, and they both like to hang with each other. Miko likes Bulkhead the most because he likes to break things and she also wants to be just like him, when she revaled in Deus Ex Machina, where Bulkhead inadvertently had picked Miko up from detention and soon after a mission, Miko informed Bulkhead on things she never knew she had learned about Ancient Greece's history, which made Bulkhead praise her. Miko cried every time Bulkhead was hurt or impaired. When Hardshell nearly killed Bulkhead, Miko avenged him when she went on a revenge mission with Wheeljack where she killed Hardshell by blasting him from inside Wheeljack's ship. This shows that her behavior can be changed in a second if the situation is serious. Bulkhead and Miko appear to have a strong and unbreakable friendship. In Deadlock, Miko broke down into tears and held Bulkhead's finger when Bulkhead had to leave back to Cybertron.

They care for each other deeply and have a connection like they're family.


"Wheeljack your best friend, besides me of course."
Miko telling Bulkhead who had amnesia.
"Wheeljack: Wreckers don't call for backup. *Bulkhead comes in to say it* Bulkhead and Wheeljack: They call for clean up!"
― Bulkhead and Wheeljack recalling an old Wrecker fact.
Rebellion Bulkhead and Wheeljack battle
Bulkhead and Wheeljack

Bros before Fembots

Wheeljack is one of Bulkhead's close best friends. Their history together was during the great war on Cybertron where they met up in their time in the Wreckers. Eventually, Bulkhead left the Wreckers to join Optimus Prime while Wheeljack escaped for parts unknown. Bulkhead met up with Wheeljack on Earth, but realized it was a Decepticon named Makeshift disguised as Wheeljack. The real Wheeljack showed up and took out Makeshift during a fight. After sending the imposter back through the groundbridge, Bulkhead reunited with Wheeljack. Despite Wheeljack leaving, Bulkhead stated that some bots never changed and hoped to see Wheeljack another day. Wheeljack returned to Earth when he was chasing down a Decepticon named Dreadwing. Bulkhead was very excited about Wheeljack coming back. When Team Prime rescued Wheeljack, Bulkhead explained to Wheeljack about some Earth rules. When Agent Fowler stated Optimus Prime should have a tighter leash on his people, Wheeljack took that as offensive and stormed off. Bulkhead asked Optimus for permission to talk to Wheeljack and Optimus allowed him to. Bulkhead talked to Wheeljack outside of the base and soon they received a call from Dreadwing. They went to fight Dreadwing, but this resulted in Bulkhead being captured by Dreadwing while Wheeljack was buried in a pile of fallen rocks. Optimus Prime found Wheeljack and they went to find Bulkhead. They found Bulkhead strapped to a crate on a docks with a bomb on his chest. They were soon able to get Dreadwing to disarm the bomb and as Dreadwing escaped, Wheeljack was welcomed back to the base where he decided to remain on Earth. In Hurt, Wheeljack and Miko went on a revenge mission after Bulkhead was nearly killed by Hardshell. Wheeljack was surprised and praised Miko when she used his ship to blast Hardshell into pieces. In Darkest Hour, Bulkhead was thrilled when Wheeljack helped back up the rest of Team Prime from the Decepticons that were attacking the base. In Scattered, Bulkhead reunited with Wheeljack as he hugged his friend in the air as Miko took a picture of them. In Prey, Wheeljack, Bulkhead, and Miko were saved by Ultra Magnus and were soon reunited with some members of the team. In Rebellion, Bulkhead and Wheeljack were the first ones to attack Darkmount. They were soon attacked themselves by Shockwave who blasted them unconscious. After Darkmount was destroyed, Wheeljack and Bulkhead reunited with Optimus (who was in a brand new body) and the other members back to a new base. In Predacons Rising, Bulkhead and Arcee helped Wheeljack from getting out of Ultra Magnus's crashed ship.

Bulkhead and Wheeljack are true and close best friends, almost like they are brothers.

Optimus Prime

"Engaging the enemy on your own was even more foolish this time Bulkhead, but I am honored that you saw fit to rescue your rival. You have truly risen above yourself."
―Optimus commending Bulkhead about rescuing Breakdown from M.E.C.H
"If we get behind Optimus, we have a chance to end this once and for all."
―Bulkhead telling Wheeljack about Optimus.
Optimus & Bulkhead

Optimus Prime and Bulkhead in Synthesis

Bulkhead and Prime

Bulkhead originally met Optimus back on Cybertron. Bulkhead and Optimus are rarely seen to interact, though they are good friends. Bulkhead agreed to accompany Optimus to Earth, leaving behind his past as a Wrecker to join Team Prime and witness the birth of a new era on the planet. As he explained to Wheeljack, Bulkhead believes Optimus to have it within him to stop the ongoing war and continues to state his faith in him. In turn, Optimus commends Bulkhead for his strength and his heart.

When stranded in the Artic and Arcee put the blame on Bulkhead, Optimus told her that while Bulkhead may be too large for the world, he compensated with his strength.[1] During a mission inside Unicron, Bulkhead nearly fell to certain demise but he was saved by Optimus when Optimus grabbed his hand and pulled his soldier to safety. [2] When his leader reverted back to his early life as Orion Pax and was captured by Megatron, Bulkhead generally missed Optimus and greatly desired to bring his leader back, he even snapped at Ratchet by breaking one of his devices and proclaiming that having Optimus back was all he needed. Because of his drive to see Optimus come back, he even went to the Space Bridge the Decepticons had been working on and succeeded in defeating them to secure it for Arcee to go with Jack to take the Key to Vector Sigma to Vector Sigma.

With Megatron arriving, Bulkhead attacked him all his might next to the other Autobots to ensure that their plans to save their leader would not be stopped. However, Megatron overpowered him and the others prior to the arrival of Orion Pax himself, who had joined the Autobots. With Optimus being restored by Arcee, Bulkhead joined him and the others in blasting Megatron as they made their escape.

In Loose Cannons, Optimus went with Wheeljack to rescue Bulkhead from Dreadwing. They found Bulkhead was left with a bomb strapped to his chest by Dreadwing and while Wheeljack tried to defuse it himself, Optimus went to face Dreadwing. Wheeljack assumed Optimus left but Bulkhead ensured to Wheeljack that Optimus wouldn't abandoned them. Bulkhead was thankful when Optimus was able to get Dreadwing to defused the bomb on his chest.

In the ending of Predacons Rising, Bulkhead witnessed as Optimus gave a goodbye speech to the him and the rest of the Autobots before sacrificing himself to fully restore Cybertron.

Optimus is Bulkhead's leader, adult/brother figure, and one of his closest friends/family members.


"Bee's the best scout there is."
―Bulkhead to Raf.
Bulkhead questions Optimus

Bulkhead and Bumblebee

Bulkhead met Bumblebee during Optimus Prime's exodus from Cybertron. Bumblebee appears younger than Bulkhead, as Bulkhead sometimes refers him as "kid". Bulkhead went with Bumblebee to the arctic and located a huge pod. Following Bumblebee's injuries at the hands of a Scraplet, Bulkhead tended to him alongside Ratchet. The two defended the base with Ratchet. Bulkhead and Bumblebee went with Arcee and Optimus to fight off Knock Out and Breakdown, in an attempt to secure the Energon Harvester. After Bulkhead succeeded in defeating Knock Out, Breakdown and Starscream, Bumblebee and the other Autobots bailed him out of punishment upon their arrival. As Bumblebee accepted the responsibility of using the Cortical Psychic Patch, Bulkhead reassured the humans that the Autobot scout was the best there was. After Bumblebee succeeded in getting the cure for Optimus Prime from Megatron, Bulkhead gave him applause. Bumblebee and Bulkhead usually back up Optimus on scouting missions or operations. When Optimus reverted back to Orion Pax, Bumblebee and Bulkhead went with the team to rescue their leader and to restore his memories. When Smokescreen was being told after he was discovered by a human in robot form, Optimus stated that all of the Autobots including himself were responsible for the incident. Bulkhead stated they weren't even there and pointed on Bumblebee as he was there before being smacked in the stomach area by Bumblebee for putting him out like that. After the destruction of their base, the team was divided but was reunited. Bulkhead complimented Bumblebee on his new paint job. The Autobots were together with Ultra Magnus but not as a whole. Sometime later, Optimus returns in his new body and Smokescreen changes his paint job. In the final episode, Bumblebee snuffed Megatron's spark, killing him once and for all.

In Predacons Rising, Bulkhead went with Bumblebee to see Predaking and talk about the recent Predacon attack Smokescreen and Ultra Magnus endured. When Smokescreen asked who made Bee leader, Bulkhead replied by stating the latter did snuff Megatron's spark. It turned out that Unicron had returned and used Megatron's body as his vessel, much to everyone's sudden shock. The team made an alliance with Knock Out and Shockwave's Predacons to stop him. Optimus came just in time to stop the chaos bringer and trapped him inside the Allspark's container.

Bumblebee respects, cares, for Bulkhead and is like a brother to him.


"Hey Bulk."
―Arcee to Bulkhead.
Bulkhead hugs Arcee

Bulkhead gives Arcee a bear hug as he lifts her up and hugs her tightly, upon reuniting with her in Prey.

Bulkhead met Arcee shortly after the latter's arrival on Earth. She was amused by the dance Bulkhead did when he was caught in a few power lines. Bulkhead and Arcee went with the other Autobots to search for any life signs of fellow Autobot Cliffjumper and were both disappointed by his death. However, Bulkhead and Arcee soon went to an energon mine constructed by Decepticons to search for Cliffjumper after the latter's life signal came back on. Bulkhead evacuated the mine with her after Starscream prepared a bomb to detonate. After Optimus left the group at the base, Arcee placed Bulkhead in charge of the humans before departing with Bumblebee. Following the discovery of Fowler's capture at the hands of the Decepticons, Bulkhead contacted Arcee. While Arcee claimed to have heard him loud and clear, he proclaimed that he had a situation, to which Arcee told him the humans were kids before discovering he was near the Nemesis and rushing off to aid him. In Metal Attraction, Arcee and Bulkhead worked together, despite being temporarily stuck back to back by the polarity gauntlet, to retrieve the relic and face Breakdown and Airachnid together. They were successful and brought the relic back to Ratchet. In Rock Bottom, Arcee saved Bulkhead from Starscream. As the group captured Starscream in Partners, Arcee and Bulkhead consoled with Optimus Prime over what to do with him. As Arcee concluded that they should use Starscream to their advantage, Bulkhead questioned if she was actually trusting Starscream. After the destruction of the old base, Bulkhead, Wheeljack and Miko soon met up with Arcee and Jack, who was with Ultra Magnus. Bulkhead happily bear hugged Arcee while Miko hugged Jack.

Arcee acts like a sister figure to Bulkhead, much like she does with Bumblebee, Smokescreen and most of the Autobots.


"Bulkhead, I needed that!"
―Ratchet's constant phrase on Bulkhead for breaking Ratchet's devices.
Orion Pax part 2 screenshot Ratchet and Bulkhead img

Bulkhead and Ratchet went with the rest of the group to search for any signs of Cliffjumper and mourned his death. When Bulkhead had demonstrated his abilities of Team Prime's force on one of Ratchet's tools, he has broken it and Ratchet scolded him by stating "Bulkhead, I needed that!" Following Bulkhead's destroying of a piece of the Autobot base's computer, Bulkhead stopped Ratchet mid-sentence and asked him rhetorically if he need that before expressing his need for Optimus back.[3] Bulkhead backed up Ratchet in a meeting with Starscream in a forest to discuss about Optimus's current location. Starscream contacted Ratchet again after he was attacked by Airachnid's insecticon, which Bulkhead has backed Ratchet up once again. Following Ratchet's return to base after partnering with Wheeljack, he expressed concern for Bulkhead, whom had fallen into the base, heavily damaged.[4] During the Autobots fight against Starscream, Bulkhead tried to convince Ratchet to let him help them. After nearly being killed on a mission, Ratchet worked on Bulkhead and ensuring that he survives from the exposure of Tox-en. Ratchet was successful as he was soon able to get Bulkhead to function step by step. However, Ratchet was insistent that Bulkhead stay at the base.[5] He lets Bulkhead go on a mission in The Human Factor. In Persuasion, Bulkhead worked with the team on getting Ratchet back from the Decepticons.

Bulkhead and Ratchet remain good friends/family members.


"Looks like there's hope for you yet, newbie."
―Bulkhead and Smokescreen starting a bond.
Bulkhead and Smokescreen

Smokescreen and Bulkhead becoming friends

Bulkhead first met Smokescreen when the latter first arrived at the Autobot base, where he immediately rhetorically questioned with enthusiasm how difficult it could be to end the war with Optimus Prime on the Earth Autobot team. Bulkhead, still damaged from his battle with deceased Decepticon Hardshell, limped towards the latter and showed himself as a good example of how hard their victory would be. Following Smokescreen's saving of the other Autobots during a battle against Starscream, Bulkhead secretly congratulated the former on his victory.

During an argument with Ratchet, Smokescreen suggested to Bulkhead that the latter use the Apex Armor, of which he had acquired previously from Starscream. Bulkhead immediately took this as an insult, exclaiming that Smokescreen thought he needed a crutch and slamming it before walking away, much to Smokescreen's astonishment. When Bulkhead was on the verge of losing to Silas, Smokescreen came to his aid and attacked the latter, stopping him from presumably finishing off the Autobot. Smokescreen helped Bulkhead up and the two fought Silas together before the latter retreated. Smokescreen insisted to Bulkhead that he had studied all of the Wreckers' battles on Cybertron, much to Bulkhead's pleasing.

Bulkhead would emerge victorious and discovered Smokescreen's comatose body near their coordinates for the relic. As Smokescreen started to feel depressed over his loss and remembered his promise to Optimus Prime to retrieve the relic, Bulkhead reminded him that they would have to have all four Omega Keys to activate Cybertron.

Smokescreen looks up to Bulkhead, cares and respects him. Smokescreen also appears to be like a brother to Bulkhead like Bumblebee is with Bulkhead.

Raf Esquivel

Bulkhead rarely interacts with Raf. However, in Darkness Rising, Part 3 through Darkness Rising, Part 4, Bulkhead ensured that Raf is safe as well as Jack and Miko. In Sick Mind, Bulkhead told Raf that Bee was the best there was. In One Shall Fall, Bulkhead showed signs of sadness when Raf was injured by Megatron but was relieved when Raf was cured by Ratchet. In Toxicity, before Bulkhead left to get the final relic, he and Raf told Miko and Bumblebee to take care of one another. Bulkhead and Raf are nice friends and they care about one another.

Agent Fowler

"That's right soldier! Dump that rock and come on home!"
―Agent Fowler to Bulkhead.

Agent Fowler have interacted with Bulkhead a few times. In Darkness Rising, Part 3, Bulkhead talked to Agent Fowler while hiding the humans behind his legs and prevented him from taking the children. In Toxicity, Agent Fowler had a conversation with Bulkhead in an inter comm. Bulkhead could of perished if it wasn't for Agent Fowler's pep talk. In Hurt, Agent Fowler was deeply sad when Bulkhead came back injured from his mission. Though when Bulkhead healed, Agent Fowler showed more respect and cares for him even more.

Jack Darby

Bulkhead would chat with Jack sometimes. In Speed Metal, Bulkhead said he didn't want to save Vince because he heard that Vince is a jerk. Jack was shocked and surprised at Bulkhead for saying that. However, Bulkhead does his best to protect Jack from any threat, which Jack is thankful for. Bulkhead and Jack remain good friends.

June Darby

Bulkhead is never seen to interact with June. However, when June arrived in her first visit to the base, she waved to Bulkhead and the other Autobots. Though he respects and cares for her as he does with the other humans, and she acts like a reliable ally and friend to Bulkhead in return.


Megatron (formerly)

"You're going down, buckethead!"
―Bulkhead takes on Megatron in Orion Pax, Part 3
"Hardshell are you certain that the one called Bulkhead was exterminated?"
― Megatron asking Hardshell about Bulkhead's fate.

During the Autobots attempt to revive Orion Pax as Optimus Prime, Megatron arrived and delayed the group. Bulkhead attacked him with the others and charged at him, telling the Decepticon leader while referring to him as Bucket-head and that he was going down. However, Megatron was able to defeat him and the others before the arrival of Arcee, leading Optimus to be himself again and along with the other Autobots, participated in attacking him while they retreated to the Autobot base via GroundBridge. In Hurt, Megatron was pleased to hear from Hardshell that he killed Bulkhead in battle. Later, Megatron found out from Wheeljack that Bulkhead was still alive and Megatron grew mad about it. After the events in Predacons Rising, Bulkhead may have forgiven Megatron for his past actions.[6]


"This is for Cliffjumper, for Bumblebee, for everything!"
―Bulkhead whilst beating up Starscream.
Bulkhead and Starscream

Bulkhead and Starscream's clone

Bulkhead and Starscream have shown to have an intensive hatred for each other, during Starscreams use of the Energon Harvester he attempted to use it on the Autobot, draining him of power however Bulkhead managed to pull through and knocked the Decepticon thus allowing him to destroy the device. After Bulkhead successfully rescued Breakdown from MECH's capture, Statscream arrived who immediately ordered Breakdown to execute him which the latter hesitantly complied, Bulkhead easily knocked Breakdown out where he then preceded to knock the Air commander out with one hit, solidifying their hatred for each other.

In an underground cavern the two encountered each other with Bulkhead holding a collapsing ceiling above his head; Starscream found pleasure in tormenting him by threatening to harm Miko, this angered Bulkhead greatly enough for him to kick the Decepticon aside, Starscream was enraged and was more than eager to threaten him until he was knocked out by a drill controlled by Jack, after Miko escaped the two came face to face where Bulkhead showed no fear and to his luck Arcee arrived and trapped the Decepticon into holding the ceiling.

When Starscream attempted to convince them of wanting to become an Autobot, Bulkhead refused to believe him ultimately he came to despise Starscream even more for learning what he'd done to his fallen comrade. Upon recovering Bulkhead found himself onboard the Nemesis where he found a Starscream clone (unknown to him), whom he tried to persuade the Decepticon into showing an exit to which the latter refused this led to Starscream slashing him, reminding Bulkhead of Cliffjumper's death, enraged by his actions Bulkhead brutally beat Starscream (a clone) to death. However, when Bulkhead attempted to escape the Nemesis as it crashes, he sees Starscream (another clone) escape and blankly stares.


"Oh yeah, why don't I wipe that smile right off his face."
―Bulkhead threatening Soundwave during the interrogation in Minus One.

Bulkhead rarely fights or sees Soundwave. In Hard Knocks, Bulkhead went with the other Autobots to save Smokescreen from Soundwave but they were too late. In Minus One, Bulkhead wasn't hesitant to hurt Soundwave. Bulkhead and Smokescreen were getting creeped out when Soundwave's deactivated body was on the medical bay table. When Soundwave was activated, Bulkhead tried to fight him but failed as Soundwave used his tentacles to zap Bulkhead and Smokescreen. In Deadlock, Bulkhead, Wheeljack and Ultra Magnus went to take on Soundwave but Soundwave ground bridged them to the lower deck of the Nemesis.

Knock Out (formerly)

"You painted my paint job! Prepare for surgery!!!"
―KnockOut to Bulkhead.

After defeating Starscream and destroying the Harvester, Knock Out dubbed him a gluten for punishment as he prepared to attack him with Breakdown as he laid down. However, Knock Out retreated after the arrival of Optimus, Bumblebee and Arcee.[7] During the Decepticons' captivity of the humans, Bulkhead was forced to make contact with him, as he held Miko in captivity. After giving him the key, he warned Knock Out that if Miko was not okay, then he would make him eat the key.[8]

After events in Predacons Rising, Bulkhead forgives Knock Out and remains on good terms with him.


"So, the wrecker's got a soft spot!"
―Breakdown getting on Bulkhead's nerves after he mentioned Miko.
Operation Breakdown Bulkhead rescues Breakdown
Operation Breakdown Bulkhead vs Breakdown
"Tough break Bulkhead. Maybe in the next life."
―Breakdown to Bulkhead before attacking him.

Bulkhead and Breakdown had a deep history together. Like Optimus Prime and Megatron, Bulkhead and Breakdown were friends during the Golden Age. They became enemies during the Great War on Cybertron. They continue their rivalry on Earth where Bulkhead fights Breakdown every chance he gets. Sometimes during their fight, they would say offensive comments about one another. When Breakdown was captured by M.E.C.H., Bulkhead reluctantly went to get Breakdown out of their clutches, with some advise from Miko. Bulkhead helped Breakdown escape and Breakdown saved Bulkhead from being shot at by M.E.C.H. Bulkhead did not know that Breakdown had perished and that Silas was using Breakdown's body as a vessel. Bulkhead seemed shocked when Silas revealed himself in Breakdown's body.

Despite Breakdown being killed, Bulkhead seemed to let go of their rivalry and moved on.


Bulkhead fought Predaking in some occasions, like in Prey and in Chain of Command. In Predacons Rising, Bulkhead went with Bumblebee, Arcee, and Smokescreen to Predaking's refuge where they attempted to persuade Predaking into locating two new Predacons that they informed him about. Predaking refused but when he was with his Predacon brethren, they teamed up with the Autobots to fight Unicron's zombie of Predacons. After the battle, Predaking and his two brethren may have proven themselves to be allies to the Autobots.


" Bulkhead: Wanna dance?

Airachnid: You're not my type."

― Bulkhead and Airachnid before fighting.

Airachnid is one of Bulkhead's enemies. She fought Bulkhead in Metal Attraction. Bulkhead was able to take her on, despite Arcee being stuck on his back. Bulkhead worked with Arcee in defeating Breakdown and Airachnid to retrieve the polarity gauntlet. When Airachnid froze Bulkhead in Partners, she stated that he could be us for target practice.

Dreadwing (formerly)

Hard Knocks Bulkhead vs Dreadwing
"You love doing your dirty work from a distance don't ya, too bad you don't have the ball bearings to fight up close and personal."
―Bulkhead insulting Dreadwing before their fight.

Bulkhead first met Dreadwing during the latter's arrival to Earth after being chased down by Wheeljack, Bulkhead's longtime ally and friend. As an Autobot, Bulkhead was more than ready to be against Dreadwing. However, Bulkhead was dragged by Wheeljack in helping him get revenge at Dreadwing for the death of Seaspray. Reluctantly, Bulkhead agreed with Wheeljack and went alongside him to battle the Decepticon. Dreadwing defeated the two and took Bulkhead with him, placing a bomb on his chest. Bulkhead would later be saved by the combined efforts of Optimus Prime and Wheeljack.

Shortly afterwards, on Earth, the two came face-to-face again. After the arrival of the Autobot Smokescreen, Bulkhead and the former went off to scout for the third Omega Key. The two were bombarded by a series of bombs detonating around the area. Angering Bulkhead, he was more than determined to attack Dreadwing. As the two fought, Dreadwing reminded Bulkhead of their last encounter. However, Bulkhead had truly learned since then and had placed Dreadwing's bomb on his back, which blew up and knocked Dreadwing out for a while.

When Dreadwing gave the Autbots the Forge of Solus Prime, Bulkhead seemed to forgive Dreadwing as Optimus tried to recruit Dreadwing to be an Autobot but Dreadwing refused.

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