RID Brother Gunter
Vital statistics
Species Human
Production details
First appearance Pretzel Logic
Voiced by Danny Jacobs

Brother Gunter tends to a secluded monastery in Europe, where he spends his time baking and taking care of Dinobots in need of moral guidance. He is an ally to the Bee Team and a mentor to Grimlock.

Transformers: Robots in DisguiseEdit

In Pretzel Logic, Brother Gunter discovered Grimlock when the Dinobot punched his monastery in frustration at not being trusted with fragile assignments by his teammates. Inviting Grimlock inside for blintzes, Brother Gunter explained the virtues of patience using the baking of pretzels as allegory. The lesson was soon shortly interrupted by Thermidor and Tricerashot who were seeking for artifacts in the catacombs. After the pair escaped with the artifact when the Autobots had arrived to aid Grimlock, Bumblebee was worried that Grimlock had revealed his cover to Brother Gunter, who assured them that he will not tell anyone about them. Later, Grimlock returned to the monastery with Bumblebee so that Brother Gunter could instruct him in properly patient pretzel preparation as well. Grimlock successfully formed a pretzel with patience while Bumblebee had to try another attempt.