300px-ProjectPredacon Bombshock
Vital Statistics
Species Insecticon
Rank Insecticon chief

Captain of the Insecticons

Status Offline
Production details
First appearance Project Predacon
Last appearance Thirst
Voiced by Steve Blum


"There! I can see it!"
―Bombshock after finding the Predacon bone.[src]

Bombshock was an Insecticon who knew how to cut and run.


Bombshock was among a small group of Insecticons sent to find Predacon remains. Just as he and his pals uncovered a skull, Optimus Prime turned up to spoil their party. Bombshock ordered the other Insecticons to attack Optimus, only for them to be soundly stomped by the Prime. Bombshock quickly snapped off one of the skull's horns and escaped for his spark, leaving Optimus to look at the skull in silence. 

Later Airachnid awoken by a Dark Energon infected Cylas from her stasis pod and regained control of the Insecticons. However she and the hive were space bridged to Cybertron. As she was infected by Cylas she began ingesting energon from the Insecticon forces, which included Bombshock.



Season 2Edit

Season 3: Beast HuntersEdit


  • Bombshock acted a lot like Hardshell, but they'd never interacted with one another.
  • Bombshock has a Predacon insignia on his cyberverse toy.
  • Bombshock's name was never said in the show, it was only mentioned in the credits.
  • Bombshock is the second named Insecticon in the series, the first being Hardshell.


  • "There, I can see it."
  • "Attack!" - Bombshock orders his insecticons