Vital Statistics
Species Cybertronian
Rank Scout
Status Unknown
Production details
First appearance War for Cybertron
Voiced by Steve Blum


"You have the right to scream for mercy"

Barricade is a Decepticon soldier featured in Transformers: War for Cybertron as a playable character.



Barricade ran the day-to-day events of Megatron's gladiatorial ring/revolutionary movement/emerging army. When Orion Pax came to Kaon for his first face-to-face meeting with Megatron, Barricade and Lugnut "greeted" him at the entrance to their headquarters. Throughout Orion's tour of the headquarters, Barricade followed and got lippy with the archivist, but was rather curtly cut off by Megatron.

War for Cybertron

During the early days of the war against the Autobots, Barricade was part of the bridge crew of a Decepticon Star Cruiser under the command of their leader, Megatron, serving alongside Brawl. Megatron planned to steal the last remaining supply of Dark Energon from an orbiting relay station guarded by the neutral Sky Commander Starscream. After gaining entry into the station (by ramming the ship into the station), Barricade accompanied Megatron and Brawl into the station so that Megatron could use the corrupted, highly dangerous energy source to 'save' Cybertron. Yeah, it wasn't a very good plan. While fighting through the station, and hordes of Starscream's soldiers, Barricade expressed doubts that Dark Energon was everything Megatron believed it to be, and also that the station was totally old and decrepit, noting in particular the large number of cubic crates. Strange he never noticed that fourth wall... Anyway, Megatron said he had plans to upgrade the station. Barricade further asked him what made him so certain he could control the Dark Energon, to which Megatron explained that only the strong could control such a power, and he was the strongest. Okay, so the invasion of Normandy, this really was not.

Megatron was getting annoyed by this point, and told Barricade not to question him again. Barricade obeyed, and despite his skepticism, helped Megatron secure the supply of Dark Energon. It would seem his skepticism about the Dark Energon was silenced when Megatron infused him with its power. Barricade then journeyed with Megatron and the rest of the Decepticons to Cybertron's core, watching as Megatron corrupted the core and cowered from falling debris.

DS Version

Barricade often sparred with other Decepticons in Kaon Stadium. When Soundwave discovered the location of Trypticon Space Station, Barricade was part of the crew of Megatron's ship during the attack. He was very concerned when the station defenses reduced the ship's shields to 15%, and told Megatron it was a big risk to take over a legend. Despite Barricade's worries, they took the station and obtained Dark Energon. Following tests, Barricade asked Soundwave what happened to the failed test subjects, but Soundwave's reply didn't reassure him. He reluctantly submitted to an infusion of Dark Energon at Soundwave's hands. Starscream discovered the existence of the Energon Bridge, which they could use to repower Trypticon station, but they would need all of the Dark Energon they had left to reach and reactivate it. Barricade was skeptical that they should risk everything on Starscream's word, but went along with the plan anyway. They reactivated the Energon Bridge, but the Autobots severed the link to the core, and secured it with the Omega Key. As the Decepticons attempted to track the Key down, Barricade expressed doubt that anyone would follow Starscream, but the Air Commander was convinced his time would come. They found the key, but to Barricade's alarm, it merely activated Omega Supreme, who kicked all of the Decepticons out of Iacon. Barricade was convinced they should retreat, but at Megatron's urging, the Decepticons moved forward and managed to defeat the giant. They subsequently infused the core of Cybertron with Dark Energon.

Fall of Cybertron

Barricade earned his name by bashing through Autobot roadblocks.


Video Games

Novel Series


  • Barricade's alt mode is a McLaren MP4-12C police car, which no doubt is a nod to the Michael Bay's movieverse version.
  • Barricade is the only male character from the console War for Cybertron game to not return for Fall of Cybertron, even as a multiplayer chassis. Nonetheless, one of the pieces of loading-screen trivia lets us know that Barricade is the most skillful Decepticon driver and got his name from plowing through Autobot roadblocks.
  • Barricade's War for Cybertron game design is based on his Generation 1 counterpart while borrowing some design cues from the live-action film version. In Exodus, he's described as essentially being the film version, having a black and white colour scheme and ruby-red optics. His Universe design is purple but has film design cues again such as the placement of the wheels on his arms and police lights.


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