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"We are autonomous robotic organisms from the planet Cybertron, also known as Autobots."
Optimus Prime[src]

The Autobots are a group of Cybertronian freedom fighters led by Optimus Prime. Their primary foes are the tyrannical Decepticons


The Autobot symbol long predated the Autobot cause and is used to reprsent Cybertron across the galaxy. Eons later, when Orion Pax wanted to change society, he adopted the symbol for his movement. His movement was opposed by the Decepticons who had similar goals but differing means of obtaining those goals. When the rank of Prime was given to Orion, now Optimus Prime instead of Megatron, the Decepticons waged a full-scale war on Cybertron. Given that the Autobots had several loyalists due to Optimus' new status, the Autobots fought back, each side wishing to impose their view of a just society on the planet. So many Autobot sparks were lost in the devastating conflict. When Cybertron's core shut down, the Autobots left to continue fighting across the galaxy. 

Eventually, the final battle came to waged in the orbit of planet Earth. Due to efforts of Team Prime, specifically Bumblebee, the Autobots emerged as the victors of the Great War. Despite an attack from Unicron and the loss of Optimus Prime, they continued to run the planet in a peaceful manner.

After the war, the Autobots reestablished the government of Cybertron from before the Great War started. A High Council to govern the planet. With the absence of Optimus Prime, the pre-war position of Prime might have been replace by a President (It is likely possible since Strongarm stated several autobot ranks at one time with her name attached to them, including Cadet, Seargeant, Lieutenant, and President. otherwise she made it up. Team Prime might have also heard about the President during their time on Earth and liked the government system of the United States). Unlike the pre-war government, there is no more caste system. Bots born from the Allspark are not assigned roles in society, instead they choose what they want to do, if they qualify for that role, much like applying for a job on Earth. The Autobot military now seems to act more like a police force than an army and only arrests Decepticons (and possibly other Autobots) charged with a crime, rather than kill them since there is no longer a war. Not every Autobot is a "police officer" or "soldier" the autobot symbol just now means a Cybertronian is part of the faction. Some Autobots, such as Sideswipe, are civilians.


The starting members of the Autobots included Jazz and Ratchet. Zeta Prime was the leader of the Autobots for much of the war. Orion Pax took the name Optimus (not yet holding the rank Prime) during the war. He was likely second-in-command of the or just the Field Commander of the Autobots. Ultra Magnus joined the Autobots around the time of the battle of the Hydrax Plateau. His regiment was named the Wreckers and fought the Decepticons alongside other Autobots. After Vos was destroyed, several Seekers joined the Autobots and became known as the Aerialbots. After the destruction of Praxus, Prowl and Ironhide joined the Autobots. During the Battle of the Tagan Heights, Defensor was built. Bulmblebee joined the Autobots before Tyger Pax. Jetfire joined the Autobots after Megatron took over Trypticon Station. The Dinobots joined the Autobots before Fall of Cybertron. Omega Supreme was activated during War for Cybertron. During Fall of Cybertron, Metroplex was also activated and helped the Autobots. Smokescreen joins the Autobots shortly after. The time that the other Autobots joined the group is unknown.

List of Autobots

Team Prime

  • Optimus Prime/Optimus/Orion Pax - Autobot Leader (an ally to the Bee Team)
  • Arcee - Soldier, Former Delta Team member (Last seen on Cybertron)
  • Bulkhead - Warrior, Former Wrecker (Last seen on Cybertron)
  • Ratchet - Medic (an ally to the Bee Team)
  • Wheeljack - Soldier, Former Wrecker (Last seen on Cybertron)
  • Smokescreen - Soldier, Former Elite Guard Cadet (Last seen on Cybertron)
  • Ultra Magnus - Second-in-Command, Former Leader of the Wreckers (Last seen on Cybertron)
  • Cliffjumper - Soldier (Deceased)
  • Bumblebee - Warrior, Former Scout (now leader of the Bee Team)

Bee Team

  • Bumblebee - Team Leader, Former Scout, now Lieutenant
  • Strongarm - Autobot police cadet
  • Sideswipe - Warrior, juvenile Delinquent (former Ark Crewmember)
  • Grimlock - Former Decepticon and Possibly former Dinobot Leader
  • Drift - Samurai Bounty Hunter
  • Windblade - Primus-chosen Warrior (plans to leave with Optimus and Alchemor to investigate Post-war High Council)

Ark Crew

  • Ironhide - Captain of the Ark (Last seen before Team Prime's Earth Arrival)
  • Jazz - Soldier (Survived the Great War)
  • Perceptor - Scientist (Last seen before Team Prime's Earth arrival)
  • Kup - Veteran (Last seen before Team Prime's Earth arrival)
  • Sunstreaker - Warrior (Last seen before Team Prime's Earth arrival)
  • Mirage - Warrior (Last seen before Team Prime's Earth arrival)
  • Brawn - Warrior (Deceased)
  • Bluestreak - Warrior (Last seen before Team Prime's Earth arrival)
  • Rodimus - Warrior (Last seen before Team Prime's Earth arrival)
  • Hubcap - Communications (Last seen before Team Prime's Earth arrival)
  • Blaster - Communications (Deceased)


  • Superion - Warrior/Combined Form
  • Silverbolt - Leader (Last seen before Team Prime's Earth arrival)
  • Air Raid - Warrior (Last seen before Team Prime's Earth arrival)
  • Slingshot - Warrior (Last seen before Team Prime's Earth arrival)
  • Skydive - Warrior (Last seen before Team Prime's Earth arrival)
  • Fireflight - Warrior (Last seen before Team Prime's Earth arrival)

Delta Team


  • Defensor (combined form; all the Protectobot members' names are assumed due to line-up in other continuities)
  • Hot Spot - Leader
  • First Aid
  • Streetwise
  • Groove
  • Blades - (presumably not the Rescue Bot of the same name)

Lightning Strike Coalition Force/Dinobots

  • Grimlock - Leader (Became a Decepticon for unknown reason, later rejoined the Autobots and Bee Team)
  • Swoop - Bombardier (Last seen on Cybertron)
  • Slug - Tactician (Last seen on Cybertron)
  • Snarl - Analyst (Last seen on Cybertron)
  • Sludge - Logistics Expert (Last seen on Cybertron)

Rescue Force Sigma-17



Other Wreckers

Cybertronian High Council

  • Alpha Trion - Prime, Hall of Records Archivist, Former High Council Member (fate unknown, possibly deceased)
  • Halogen (Deceased)
  • Sigil - High Counciler (fate unknown)
  • Sentinel Zeta Prime - Former Autobot Leader (Deceased)
  • Soundwave - Former Pre-War Councilmember (left to join Kaon Gladiators)
  • Elita-One - Council Member (fate unknown)
  • Drivetrain - Patriarch of the Constructicons (may have joined the Constructicons)
  • Contrail - Seeker (left to join the Decepticons; possibly survived the Great War)
  • Ratbat - Mini-Con (left to join the Decepticons)


  • Soldiers
  • Rocket Soldiers
  • Shotgunners
  • Snipers
  • Other unnamed Aerialbots


  • Fixit - Alchemor Caretaker Mini-con
  • Toolbox - Alchemor Caretaker Mini-Con
  • Cinch - Alchemor Caretaker Mini-Con
  • Other Fixit - style Mini-Cons aboard the Alchemor
  • Undertone - Ratchet's Ninja-like Buzzsaw Mini-con
  • Jetstorm - Drift's Mini-con Partner
  • Slipstream - Drift's Mini-Con Partner



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