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Hard Knocks Arcee screenshot
Vital Statistics
Alias Cee' (by Bulkhead)
Commander (by Smokescreen)
Soldier (by Ultra Magnus)
Two-Wheeler (by Bumblebee and Ratchet)
The One
The Motorcycle
Species Cybertronian
Rank 9 Scout
Status Online
Production details
First appearance Darkness Rising, Part 1 (Prime)
War for Cybertron (Games)
Voiced by Sumalee Montano (Prime)
Kari Wahlgren (Games)
"It isn't fair. How many more times do we have to save a world? Have to fight for the survival of our home?"
―Arcee to Ratchet[src]

Arcee is an Autobot and currently the only female member of Team Prime. She was also the commander of the Stealth Team. She was the last Autobot from the original five members of Team Prime to meet Optimus, but regards him as a great leader. Despite her small size, Arcee is an excellent warrior, being a melee expert and will not hesitate to fight enemies herself. Arcee is endlessly haunted by the ghosts of her deceased partners, Tailgate and Cliffjumper. Losing both of her partners shook Arcee to the core and prefers to work alone, until she met Jack and realized the importance of a team. Airachnid may be the only bot who Arcee fears the most. Despite her fear, Arcee can take Airachnid head on. Arcee proves her metal in combat and she is very skilled. Arcee is a part of her Family (Team Prime).

Arcee Prime sztockimage

Vehicle mode



The Loss of a Friend

Arcee was a participant in the Great War and originally was partnered with Tailgate. During one mission, she talked to Tailgate on comm before being captured by Airachnid for interrogation. Arcee was tied up and refused to talk. Arcee would soon reveal she knew nothing and was just bait after Airachnid revealed that she had also captured Tailgate. After Tailgate was killed, Arcee was saved by Bumblebee and Cliffjumper. She gave herself doubt, proclaiming to her two fellow Autobots that she couldn't save her partner.

Meeting a Partner

Arcee was captured by Starscream and taken captive alongside fellow Autobot Cliffjumper. She claimed to barely know him before and when Starscream said he would kill Cliffjumper if she did not cooperate, Arcee showed little to no concern about him. Soon after being tortured by Starscream, Arcee and Cliffjumper teamed up and managed to get away from him, leaving Starscream strapped up. The two later went together to get off Cybertron, only to be confronted by Shockwave. Still, the two fought past him and joined up with the Autobots on Earth.

Season 1

Death of Cliffjumper

Arcee drove while talking to Cliffjumper. Cliffjumper told her of a parking ticket he had received and she reminded him of the Autobots's rule to keep a low profile. Cliffjumper told Arcee that he picked up a signal of energon. Arcee asked Cliffjumper if he needed back up before being asked if he ever did. Cliffjumper intercepted the signal and was attacked by a multitude of Vehicons. Arcee reported to the other Autobots and as the group assembled, Arcee found Cliffjumper's broken horn and realized that he had been killed. Attending his memorial service with the others, Arcee left the others stating that if Cliffjumper was gone, then standing around and lamenting his death would not bring him back. Arcee returned to civilization and was soon followed by two Vehicons.

Jack meets Arcee

Jack meets Arcee.

She parked herself outside of a burger restaurant, where human Jack Darby was working. As he stood outside admiring her, the two Vehicons began to move in. Because of this Arcee was forced to reveal herself to the young boy as she drove away with him on top of her. Getting away from the Vehicons, Arcee told him to forget that he had seen her as she began to drive away. However, she soon noticed that the Vehicons had set their sights on him as well. Getting the boy again, Jack asked what the Vehicons were and why they were chasing them. Arcee soon corrected him by stating that they were not affiliated with each other.

They were soon aided by Bumblebee, who Arcee addressed as family when Jack asked her if he was a friend of hers. Arcee and Bumblebee confronted the Vehicons after they got of the road. Arcee trash talked the Vehicons before charging at them. Though she managed to hold her own against the Vehicons, Arcee and Bumblebee were unable to defeat them. Luckily, the timely arrival of Bulkhead caused them to think twice about continuing to fight and sent the two retreating. After returning to the Autobot base, Arcee told Optimus of her duel with the Vehicons and after the two humans were mentioned to him, stressed that they must have seen her in action. Arcee and Bumblebee were tasked with retrieving the two humans. While Bumblebee was able to get Raf easily, Arcee had trouble getting Jack. She told him that he was being requested by Optimus and was soon seen by Miko Nakadai, who previously had sketched her in her motorcycle form.

After expressing distaste in Miko finding out about them, Arcee took her and Jack back to the Autobot base. There, Ratchet told her that he thought there were only two humans. Arcee however, told him that humans multiply as the three were soon introduced to Optimus Prime.[1]

Return of Megatron

Arcee finds Cliffjumper's horn

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After being at the base, Arcee went with Optimus, Bumblebee and Bulkhead to investigate the possibility of Cliffjumper still being alive. She and the other Autobots uncovered a Decepticon Energon mine and were shot at by the antagonistic robots. Arcee was allowed to go ahead of the other Autobots by Optimus Prime, in order to get to Cliffjumper's body.

She quickly grabbed his arm before he lifted up his head, facially revealing himself to have been resurrected by Dark Energon. Arcee let his hand go and returned to the base. After touching him, she started to feel faint at the base and fell. When Bumblebee tried to help her, she revealed that she was fine.

On Patrol

Arcee went out on patrol, after Optimus told her she was in charge of the base while he was with Ratchet. She took Bumblebee with her, leaving Bulkhead in charge of the kids. Arcee and Bumblebee drove around, before being contacted by Bulkhead. She was forced to go to Bulkhead's location after she found out the Decepticons had captured Agent Fowler.

Rescuing Fowler

Arcee got on the Nemesis, along with Bumblebee. The two aided Bulkhead in defeating several Vehicons and promised to come back for the humans before the three went off to confront Starscream and rescue Fowler. Arcee pointed a gun pointblank at Starscream's head, as the Decepticon had Bumblebee and Bulkhead next to him, armed as well. After Starscream escaped and Arcee rescued Fowler with the others, Arcee came back for the humans and escaped the Nemesis. Arcee watched as Jack refused to participate anymore in the endangerment of his life and others and left the Autobot base.

Admitting feelings

Despite her demeanor with him, Arcee could not stand to see Jack go and parked at his job, waiting for him. She explained to him that she couldn't leave him so soon after Cliffjumper's death. Arcee went out into space with Bumblebee, Bulkhead and Optimus to fight off Megatron in space. Before he was presumed dead, Arcee was shot by Megatron and taken back to the base. She survived the blast, much to the suspense of Jack and the other Autobots.

Science Projects

As Arcee and the rest of the Autobots grew comfortable to their newly acquired human allies, she and the others decided to get involved in their activities regarding school. Arcee helped Jack with his science project, until Ratchet decided to get involved. After Ratchet took over, Arcee and Bulkhead asked him if he needed their help with anything.

Frozen with Optimus Prime

Arcee went with Optimus Prime to the Arctic to investigate.


After determining there was nothing, she and Optimus tried to contact Ratchet back at the base. She did not realize that the Autobot base was being attacked by Scraplets, who were eating wires and other parts of it. She started to rest, before Optimus warned her not to.


Arcee tried to blame Bulkhead and reminded Optimus of the time Bulkhead bumped into a bunch of powerlines, while doing some sort of dance in the process. As the pair froze, Arcee mentioned that they survived being beaten and shot at by Decepticons but couldn't survive in the Arctic. Optimus was talking about that they might become one with the Allspark, but his speech was cut short as Arcee reached out her left hand to hold Optimus's left hand. They held hands and Arcee tells Optimus it was an honor to serve with him. Just then, a groundbridge opened up with Bulkhead coming through, along with Scraplets. Before the Scraplets could get to Arcee and Optimus, they froze and the pair were able to get back to base.


She, Bulkhead and Bumblebee aided Wheeljack in defeating Decepticons who tried to stop him from reaching the other Autobots. She introduced herself to him and watched as he met Optimus. After it was revealed that the real Wheeljack was captured by Starscream and the one who arrived at the base was really Makeshift, she tried to attack him with the others before Wheeljack arrived at the base and attacked him.


Arcee went with Optimus, Bumblebee and Bulkhead to transport D.I.N.G.U.S.. While transporting the military based object, the four were attacked by several MECH soldiers. After a long drive, she and the others fought several Vehicons.

New Decepticons

After Breakdown destroyed an fresco that had the image of the Energon Harvester, Arcee asked at the base how the Decepticons could search for an artifact when they had no idea where it was before being told by Raf that they could simply use the internet. Arcee fought alongside the rest of the Autobots against newly arrived Decepticons, Breakdown and Knock Out. She and Bumblebee planned to attack the two of them at the same time, before they were forced to crash into each other by Knock Out. She, Bumblebee and Optimus Prime came to Bulkhead's aid after he single handedly defeated the two and Starscream later on.


Arcee tells Jack to not tell anyone

Arcee tells Jack to not say anything about the race with Vince.

As Arcee and Jack were leaving school, they encountered Sierra, who asked if she could take Jack up on his offer of a ride. They were interrupted by Vince, who challenged Jack to a race. Arcee reminded her companion of the rules, however when Vince made insulting remarks about her motorcycle mode, she decided that he needed to be taught a lesson.

Arcee and Jack completely smoked Vince at racing, though she made Jack swear not to tell any of the other Autobots. When Jack agreed to another race, Arcee flatly refused to take part, and later found out he'd talked Bumblebee into helping him instead. Furious, she dragged Bulkhead out to help her find Jack and Bumblebee, only to reach them just as Knock Out was abducting Vince.

The three Autobots tracked the Decepticons to a storage facility, where Arcee attempted unsuccessfully to retrieve Vince from Knock Out, and ended up chasing the 'Con. She was unable to catch him, but Optimus turned up to lend a hand and rescue the human, and he demanded an explanation from his ashamed soldiers. Afterwards, Arcee was willing to allow Jack to give Sierra a ride, but just once.

An Old Enemy returns

Arcee decided to go with Jack alone awhile after saving Vince. After uncovering several different types of acidic substances in the area, Arcee tried to call back the base and allow Jack to be taken into safety. Arcee then saw a ship and realized that the ship was that of Airachnid.

When she was confronted by Airachnid, Arcee tried to fight, but was tied up by Airachnid's webs. She tried to convince Jack to leave her behind. Haunted by her previous meeting with Airachnid, Arcee eventually managed to break free using her motorcycle mode, and caught up with Jack in time to save him by delivering a brutal beating to Airachnid, who managed to flee underground. Arcee was left with a new respect for how Jack had handled the situation, and was happy to call him her partner.

Failed Attempt to End Megatron

After Optimus was infected by Cybonic plague, Arcee and Bumblebee GroundBridged aboard the Nemesis. They found Megatron's body in stasis lock, and Arcee formed a cortical psychic patch so Bumblebee could find the cure in the Decepticon leader's mind. She hid with Bumblebee's unconscious body in a vent, but time began to run out when Starscream, Knock Out and Soundwave entered the room and discussed pulling the plug on their commander.

After Soundwave noticed the cortical link and Starscream began following it to the vent, Arcee sent a parting gift by shooting at Megatron, and the Decepticons found Megatron's mind was blank as she and Bumblebee were Groundbridging back to the base.

Arcee was unsure if she'd successfully offlined Megatron. She was unenthusiastic when it turned out they had to return to the Arctic after the Decepticons stole a telescope lens. There, she and Bulkhead fought Breakdown as a diversion while Optimus snuck on board the Decepticon ship to destroy the heat ray they'd built the lens into.

Her success in fighting Breakdown was limited, but they kept him busy for long enough, and were knocked flying by the shockwave from the heat ray exploding. They were surprised when Megatron subsequently turned up alive and well to stop Starscream from finishing off Optimus.

Kids in the Bridge

When a Dark Energon signature was detected, Arcee was left at base on GroundBridge duty because Optimus wanted Ratchet's Dark Energon knowledge handy. She failed to notice the three kids sneaking after Optimus's team, and only later spotted that they were gone. She attempted to GroundBridge them back, but interference resulted in an explosion and the kids vanished en route.

After Bulkhead's attempt to phone Miko failed, Arcee tried to ring Jack, but there was too much interference for them to talk. They eventually discovered the kids were trapped in an alternate dimension, and when Ratchet used the GroundBridge to rescue them, Optimus, Arcee and Bulkhead went to make sure they were safe from Starscream.

Rescuing a Decepticon

When Breakdown was captured by MECH, Arcee and the others were surprised when Optimus insisted that they rescue the Decepticon, though it turned out he was concerned that Cybertronian technology would fall into MECH hands. The team arrived in Kamchatka Peninsula and followed an energon signal Ratchet had detected. The trace led them to find Breakdown's eye and a MECH bomb. After they avoided being blown up the bomb, Arcee and the team tracked down Bulkhead in time to chase off Starscream and some Vehicons.

Rescuing Jack's Mom

When Jack's after-school activities resulted in his mom forbidding him from using his motorcycle, Arcee was pointed out to by Jack that this would mean she would have to stay in the garage for several weeks, but she instead promised that she would try to be back before Jack's mom got home at night. The next day Arcee and Bumblebee were fighting some Vehicons when Jack called her to warn her that June was on her way home early. Arcee failed to get back in time, and had to sneak in via GroundBridge.

Later on that evening, she managed to get back before June Darby did, but it turned out that was because June had been abducted by MECH. Arcee and Jack followed Silas' instructions, proceeding to a deserted factory, and were shocked to find that Airachnid was involved. Arcee was webbed and rendered unconscious, but while MECH was preparing her for "surgery", she recovered and escaped.

She managed to catch up with Airachnid before the 'Con could do anything to Jack or his mother, and the pair fought at length around the building. She eventually succeeded in knocking Airachnid into a container and pouring concrete on top, but as she was moving to rescue June, was webbed to the ground by the still active Decepticon. Relief came in the form of Agent Fowler and three helicopters, which forced Airachnid to retreat. Arcee and Jack subsequently took June to the Autobot base to meet the team.

Coming to Terms with the Parental factor

Arcee was scheduled to do some routine maintenance with Jack, but June's well-meaning questions drove Arcee batty, and she instead opted to accompany Bulkhead on a mission to find a magnetic anomaly.

After Miko managed to sneak along on the mission, and Arcee again found herself as the third wheel.

But i always take point by skyline19-d3lmtpd

When they reached the source of the magnetic disturbance, it turned out to be Airachnid and Breakdown fighting over a magnetic weapon. During the ensuing fight, Breakdown used the weapon, a polarity gauntlet, to magnetize the two Autobots, and Arcee became stuck to Bulkhead's back. With the only choice to retrieve the gauntlet, Arcee ordered Miko to return to base, and she and Bulkhead tracked the 'Cons to an old gas station.

After some more fighting, Arcee managed to become unstuck from Bulkhead, and briefly used the gauntlet to polarize everyone.

Metal-Attraction-Arcee 1310124456

In the end, the Autobots triumphed and returned to base with the gauntlet, where Arcee received an apology from June for the earlier questioning.

Into the Rocks

Arcee was assigned to check out an old energon mine with Bulkhead. When Miko ran into the mine, Arcee was persuaded by Jack to let him take a look inside too. She and Jack stumbled on Megatron and Starscream, and during the firefight that ensued, she shot Megatron's arm, causing him to blast the ceiling and causing a cave in.

After the floor fell away, she lost track of the others, but eventually found the kids, and was able to rescue Bulkhead from Starscream. The two Autobots and the kids escaped the mine and briefly considered ending the Decepticons then and there before deciding it wasn't what Optimus would have done. Though Arcee still looked tempted.

The Traitor Marches On

Standing at Cliffjumper's graveside, Arcee pledged she would find the 'Con who killed him. When the Autobots were on their next mission to check out a signal from a buried Decepticon wreck, they ran into Airachnid, and Arcee attempted to take the opportunity to settle the score for Tailgate, only for Airachnid to get the better of her. After coming to her rescue, Optimus reminded her that revenge was never profitable.

When their captive, Starscream, claimed to want to switch sides, Arcee spoke out to say they should take him with them. Arcee was left guarding the prisoner, however when he inadvertently revealed that it was he who had killed Cliffjumper, she became enraged and attacked him.

Though she eventually got the upper hand and was about to finish him off, she realized that Bumblebee was watching the fight, and reluctantly let Starscream limp away. Later at base, her injuries were healed, but she blamed herself for ruining their chance to gain access to Starscream's knowledge. She listened to Optimus's words to her as well.

Bulkhead's sudden IQ boost

Arcee accompanied Prime and Bumblebee as they tried to retrieve a Cybertronian data cylinder before the Decepticons did. During the fight she was tackled by Knock Out. Ultimately the Decepticons made off with the cylinder, and later Arcee listened as Ratchet told them the cylinder's contents had ended up in Bulkhead's brain, and wondered aloud what the formula Bulkhead was writing was—the Autobots were excited to find it was a set of equations for synthetic energon.

Arcee found it weird when Bulkhead was in "brainiac mode", and as it turned out the data was eating Bulkhead's mind. Bumblebee and Arcee accompanied Optimus on an unsuccessful attempt to get the cylinder back from Megatron, and they ended up fighting a bunch of Vehicons. Later they came to Miko and Bulkhead's aid to save the pair from Knock Out and Breakdown, and Arcee was present when Miko managed to rouse the comatose Bulkhead.

A Sudden Strength in Ratchet

During a mission to intercept Knock Out and Breakdown, Arcee sped over a road block caused by Vehicons, separating herself from the other Autobots despite Prime's orders. She soon found herself surrounded by Vehicons, but was surprised when Ratchet came through the GroundBridge and single-handedly bashed the lot of them. Ratchet later revealed that he had injected himself with the Synthetic Energon he'd been working on, and Arcee was keen for them all to try it, however Ratchet began exhibiting personality changes that disturbed her. During one of Ratchet's training sessions with Bulkhead, Ratchet tried flirting with her, much to her surprise.

During their next mission, Ratchet accused Optimus of not being pro-active enough, bringing up Cliffjumper's death which angered Arcee to the point of threatening violence. She was held down by Bulkhead and watched as Ratchet continued his argument. As Optimus had Ratchet go through the GroundBridge, Arcee helped Bulkhead back up after he was pushed down by Ratchet, whom was trying to depart on his own. When Ratchet took off to tackle Megatron on his own, Arcee and the other Autobots were forced to come to his aid.


When an ancient prophecy looked like it was imminent, Arcee and Bulkhead wondered how seriously they should take it. They accompanied Optimus to a military base to stop the Decepticons attacking it, but when they were faced with Raf being gravely injured, Optimus ordered Arcee to accompany him and Bumblebee back to base. While Ratchet fought to save the boy's life, Arcee had to keep Bumblebee calm.

Arcee accompanied Bulkhead and Ratchet on a mission to rescue Optimus from an area rich in Dark Energon, though at one point she appeared to become mesmerized by the sight of a volcano spewing Dark Energon. Once they got Optimus back to base, they set about investigating the cause of the natural disasters that had begun plaguing the planet, and realized that Unicron lay at the center of the Earth.

1317346148 movieweb

Optimus, Bulkhead and Arcee reaction to Miko's "Unicorn" joke

Arcee and the other Autobots began checking out the sites of the tremors.

Arcee rage

Though Optimus ordered the other Autobots to remain at base, Arcee, Bulkhead and Bumblebee joined him anyway. They fought increasingly larger stone Unicrons, until they encountered a colossal one that knocked Bulkhead and Bumblebee aside, then sent Arcee likewise tumbling along the ground. As it moved to crush Optimus underfoot, help came in the unlikely form of Megatron, who offered to help them fight Unicron.

After they returned to base, Optimus gave the trio the choice of whether to accompany him and Megatron to Earth's core, and Arcee opted to go for Jack's sake. She, Bumblebee and Bulkhead greeted Megatron to the Autobot base by aiming their guns at him, and when they were ready to GroundBridge to their new destination, she insisted Megatron go first. Before long, they were standing within Earth's core.

As the Autobots battled Unicron's anti-bodies, Arcee was briefly separated from the others, and had to ride one of the antibodies to catch up with them again. She, Bulkhead and Bumblebee remained outside Unicron's spark chamber to fight off the antibodies. After Unicron's defeat, they entered the chamber only to discover that Optimus had lost his memory and was leaving with Megatron. They subsequently had to GroundBridge back to base minus their leader and explain what had happened to the others.

Season 2

Entry aboard the Nemesis

Arcee and the other Autobots returned to the Autobot base after their successful mission to stop Unicron and the loss of their leader, Optimus Prime. After Ratchet answered the questions of their human allies, he filled Arcee and the others in on Optimus's past as Orion Pax, as well as revealing more of his early relationship with Megatron. However, Arcee did not believe Ratchet to be making any logical statements. Shortly afterwards, she and the rest of the Autobots Ratchet dispatched to stop Decepticons, Knock Out and Breakdown when they were stealing a power source for the new spacebridge.

Following Knock Out's comment regarding Orion Pax's joining of the Decepticons, Arcee and the others pointed their guns at the Decepticons. As they prepared to depart, Arcee transformed into vehicle mode and managed to get through their Groundbridge, sending her to the Nemesis. Despite being able to the Vehicons, Arcee was unable to get past Soundwave. Preparing to take him head on, she launched at him and was Groundbridged off of the ship and into the arctic, where she vented her frustration.

After returning to the Autobot base, Arcee felt ashamed of not being able to save her leader. Though Jack insisted it was not her fault, Arcee expressed her belief that Optimus would have been able to save any one of the Autobots. After Bulkhead began to vent his own frustrations over the absence of their leader, Arcee claimed that Bulkhead was pretty good at stating the obvious and rhetorically asked him if he was going to tell them anything they already knew. After Jack brought up the Decepticons' then-current construction of a space bridge, Arcee questioned what it had to do with anything before Jack revealed that the Autobots could use it to take him to Cybertron to use the Key to Vector Sigma.

Getting Optimus back and visit to Cybertron

Following Jack's suggestion, Arcee and the other Autobots allowed construction of the Decepticon Space Bridge to be completed, in hopes of restoring Optimus Prime with its involvement. She returned to the Autobot base and was told of the Space Bridge's location by Ratchet and Bulkhead, whom claimed it to have come from an anonymous and reliable source. She departed with the other Autobots to the Space Bridge's location, where she silently thanked Starscream for his help before Bulkhead looked at her in a questioning expression and she revealed that she had used deductive reasoning to conclude it was him. She left with Jack to Cybertron. Upon reaching the planet, Arcee became saddened, revealing to Jack that she did not want her human ally to see her planet in such a grim state.

After a short amount of time was spent on Cybertron, Arcee and Jack were attacked by an Insecticon. Arcee remained behind to battle the parasite while Jack went on ahead, in the hopes of reaching Vector Sigma. During the battle, Arcee was rendered unconscious, waking up to a Scraplet biting on her foot. After blasting the vermin off, she retrieved Jack from the Vector Sigma chamber. Despite being victorious on their end, the other Autobots were not and instead were all defeated by Megatron. Despite Jack's eagerness to return to Earth, Arcee did not feel it would be a wise decision and remained on Cybertron until going ahead of Jack through the Space Bridge. Slamming Megatron to the ground, Arcee held off the Decepticon leader while Jack gave Orion the key to Vector Sigma until Megatron overpowered her and slammed against a wall. She was let go by Megatron after he realized what the two were doing and joined the other Autobots in attacking him after Optimus had his memories restored until departing with the other Autobots through a GroundBridge.

Bumblebee's T-Cog

Bumblebee succeeded in retrieving the Spark Extractor from Megatron and the rest of the Decepticons. Upon his return to the base, Arcee and Bulkhead were impressed by his skills. However, Bumblebee had his T-Cog stolen by MECH. Following his return to the Autobot base, Bulkhead suggested that none of the Autobots transform until Bumblebee got it back before Arcee stated that while Bulkhead's spark was in the right place, their current disadvantage did not call for the Autobots to start limiting themselves. Ratchet volunteered to be a doner for Bumblebee's missing bio mechanism. Bulkhead and Arcee lined up so Ratchet can choose one of them to perform the surgery. Ratchet said Bulkhead was better at breaking things, which caused him to become relieved, while Arcee was picked. Arcee argued that Optimus has steadier hands, though Ratchet said Optimus' hands were too large to be fiting in his hood. As she enduced stasis, the operation was put to a hault when another relic location appeared. Arcee was relieved about this and Optimus said it would be better to not interrupt stasis.

She went with Optimus and Bulkhead to retrieve the Forge of Solus Prime, where she and Optimus were held off from retrieving it by Knock Out. However, Megatron arrived to secure it and though Arcee and Optimus were more than willing to combat him, they were forced to let him leave with it after he threatened the life of the already-injured Bulkhead. She returned to the Autobot base with the two, empty-handed and was happy to see Bumblebee able to transform again after getting his T-Cog back from MECH and Starscream, whom had allied himself with the cannibalistic humans.

Airachnid and the Insecticon

Arcee returned to the Autobot base, where she discovered that Bulkhead and Ratchet had been in contact with Starscream again. Arcee reminded the two that Airachnid was not the only one to have killed a partner of her's, alluding to her urge to usher vengeance on the Decepticon as well. After Ratchet stated that Starscream's information had proved credible in the past, she stated that it had when he was not busy stabbing the Autobots in the back. She and the other Autobots went to Airachnid's location and found Megatron in combat with an Insecticon. During the battle, Arcee spotted Airachnid and went after her, against Optimus Prime's wishes. She chased her and found herself caught in webbing. Though she could not get out, she managed to not killed by Airachnid when Starscream arrived in time to save her.

After Airachnid left, Arcee expected Starscream to kill her, telling him to finish her. Starscream reminded them of their last encounter, where she had spared his life under similar predicaments. Starscream did just the same and merely cut her down from her hanging place, telling the Autobot to consider them even before walking off. She was contacted immediately afterward by Optimus Prime, whom she revealed her current status and explained that she had failed to kill Airachnid.

The Optimus Prime impostor

Arcee examination

"Follow the light?" Really Ratchet?

Special agent William Fowler was attacked by a vehicle with an uncanny resemblance to Optimus Prime. Arcee dispatched with the other Autobots to save him, with Arcee going after the Optimus Prime lookalike by herself. As she looked for it, she was struck by the vehicle and remained unconscious until being treated by Ratchet at the Autobot base. As Ratchet ordered that she follow his flash light with her eyes, Arcee expressed her confusion before exclaiming to the doctor that he had not made the best choice of words.

After Jack asked her if she was alright, she stated that she was, aside from being blindsided by Optimus Prime. Following Fowler and Ratchet's comments, she stated that she was merely saying what she saw. However, Ratchet still did not believe Optimus had been involved in Fowler's incident and reported that Optimus was coming in. As her leader transformed into robot mode and walked, Arcee and the others could not help themselves in staring at him in suspicion of him. As Optimus was pulling something out, Arcee and the others quickly prepared their weapons to fire at him. Following their realization that Optimus had indeed been innocent, Arcee and the others recalled their weapons. Arcee chose to apologize for the group's actions. Following Fowler's revelation that the military base was being attacked by Optimus Prime, Arcee and the others stared at him in both shock and confusion.

Soon after, she dispatched with Optimus and the other Autobots to defend the humans from the impostor. However, they were met with a harsh response from the military and forced to retreat. As the Autobots realized that Nemesis Prime relied mostly on it's vehicle mode, Arcee suggested that the MECH base was in driving proximity of both attacks. Arcee and the other Autobots went off to the MECH base to confront Nemesis Prime. Following the group's separation from each other, Arcee and the other Autobots sans Optimus Prime himself were defeated. After being asked by Miko what it was like to be defeated by someone with the appearance of their leader, she stated that it was a sight she would not soon forget.


Bulkhead accidentally got teleported aboard the Nemesis after responding to a faint Energon signal. In the meantime, Arcee dispatched with Bumblebee and Optimus to Airachnid's location and witnessed her unleash the Insecticons. After Optimus stated that the Autobots were witnessing an attack on Megatron's life, Arcee told him that she could not think of virtually any real reason to stop it. Though the Autobots prepared to attack Airachnid while she was commanding, they were forced to fight the lower fleet of Insecticons after Airachnid sent the squad to hold them off.

Leaving Bumblebee and Optimus behind, Arcee attacked the lone Decepticon after making her way down the cliff that divided them. However, Arcee was once again forced to give chase to Airachnid after she tried to get away. As the two continued to duel, they made their way to the Insecticons' pod room. There, Airachnid stepped on a pod and was cryogenically frozen while Arcee watched. Arcee chose to bring the neutralized Decepticon back to the Autobot base instead of killing her and was commended by Optimus for having done so, lastly watching Bulkhead return to the base.

Arcee and the other Autobots decided to attempt to use the Spark Extractor against the Decepticons. However, she and the others were put in stasis themselves by the then-sentient Nemesis. She was brought back online after Ratchet and the Autobots' human allies managed to get the coordinates for the relics aboard the Decepticon ship.

Into the Tunnels

Arcee was sent with Bumblebee, Jack and Miko to retrieve a relic located in the Manhattan subways. The two Autobots found Knock Out with the artifact, but as Arcee tried to seize it, the Decepticon stunned her with his prod. After the party was interrupted by a sweeper train carrying Miko and Jack, Arcee pursued the train while being chased by Knock Out's Insecticon. She managed to both save the train from crashing and get rid of the Insecticon by getting it to touch a third rail. After Bumblebee got hold of the relic, he and Arcee were introduced to Vogel, who'd helped Jack and Miko.

Smokescreen's arrival

During a Internet search to delete images of Bumblebee, Raf uncovered a picture of a Cybertronian escape pod. Arcee asked if it was Autobot or Decepticon before Ratchet stated the image resolution made it impossible to tell and Optimus claimed that the pod's landing ordered investigation. Arcee claimed that it could be a trap, reminding Ratchet that the two were down an Autobot and asked if they should try to contact Wheeljack before Ratchet reminded her of Wheeljack's previous revenge stunt. After arriving at the crash site, Arcee dusted the pod off and discovered the pod was of Decepticon origin before being shot at by a multitude of Insecticons, While exchanging fire, Arcee questioned if all the Insecticons came out of the escape pod before being explained to by Ratchet that humans referred to the phenomenen as a clown car.

Arcee scolds Smokescreen

Arcee scolds Smokescreen.

After Ratchet as grabbed by a Insecticon, Arcee attacked it, causing it to lose it's grip on him and latch itself onto her. However, Arcee kicked the Insecticon in the face and was able to get away. Following a new Autobot's arrival on the scene, Arcee and the others watched him as he took out a multitude of Vehicons. After Smokescreen asked if he had made a good plan, Arcee denied it to be one, citing it as a random shot that nearly got the group killed.

After Optimus began to allow Smokescreen into the Autobot base, Arcee immediately began to question him, asking if all he just heard from Smokescreen was enough before inviting him to the base. After Ratchet revealed interest in discovering how he arrived on Earth, Arcee continued her suspicion by asking how he did so in a Decepticon escape pod. While Smokescreen viewed the base, she and the others conversed with Bulkhead over the both new and young Autobot, whom he believed to have been taking his place. Arcee objected to this, stating that Smokescreen was too green. Following Smokescreen's return and eagerness to go with the other Autobots to secure Red Energon, Optimus told him he would need to get a vehicle mode, with Arcee continuing his statement by telling him that it would be a necessity in order to keep a low profile before insultingly stating if it was possible for him.

She went with Optimus and Bumblebee to the Red Energon's location. Upon her arrival, she questioned if Fowler could not simply have the humans lower the crane, of which the Red Energon was on before Starscream arrived and donned the Apex Armor. While Optimus fought the Decepticon, Arcee and Bumblebee tried to secure the Red Energon before Smokescreen arrived to aid them, defeating him by removing him from the armor via the Phase Shifter.

Silas's last stand and continued Smokescreen scolding

Arcee was stationed at the Autobot base with the other Autobots when Willaim Fowler arrived and briefed the group on Silas's current activities. After briefly expressing similar concerns with Bumblebee, she expressed her previous thoughts to Fowler, of which were beliefs that Silas had died. Following Jack's expressing that the human and Cybertronian alliance worked for the Autobots and their allies, Arcee claimed that it only did most of the time. Arcee departed to Colorado with Optimus and the other Autobots to secure the command center. However, the group was met with heavy firepower from a multitude of Vehicons. After taking cover near Bumblebee, she and the others made their way closer to the command center after Optimus stated the importance of reaching it.

After doing so, Arcee and the others were attacked by a large ray beam, of which was commanded by Soundwave. After Optimus told the Autobots to keep the beam preoccupied from their human allies, Arcee expressed her belief that doing so would not be of much difficulty before driving off with the other Autobots, in order to avoid being hit by the beam.

Following Jack being chosen by Optimus Prime to assist Smokescreen in becoming used to Earth customs, Arcee expressed her concern to her leader, being that Smokescreen chose an alternate mode that warranted great interest from others and thus, would endanger Jack in the process. After Jack and Smokescreen returned from their initial drive together, Jack showed Arcee a picture of Vince's car, whom she identified as the bully. After being unimpressed by their exploits together, Arcee went with the other Autobots to the first supposed signal of the Star Saber. As the group continued their search for the relic, they realized they had been lead by a trick of Soundwave's and quickly went to the real location of the relic, where Smokescreen and Jack had gone.

There, she saved Jack from an Insecticon and fought off several Vehicons. After doing so, she and the other Autobots yelled to Optimus to get out of the way before a boulder was set to crush him and was impressed when Optimus split the boulder with the newly-acquired Star Saber in-hand. After returning to the Autobot base, Arcee wasted no time in beginning to talk to Smokescreen. After Jack tried to interfere, Arcee told her human ally that the two would talk later and ordered Ratchet to send the boy home. After Jack left, Arcee claimed to Smokescreen that the Autobots had been in need of another warrior, as opposed to another child.

When Optimus learned about the Omega Keys, from Alpha Trion's message in the Star Saber, the Autobots were excited to hear about going home. Arcee made a reference on how they use to soak in "oil baths." She was looking foward to that the most.

Arcee oil bath by tigresskungfu1995-d5gaj2k (1)

"First thing I'm going to do is soak for an entire solar cycle."

Though they realized that returning to their home means leaving their friends behind. Ratchet told them that they could always "text" them. Arcee went with Smokescreen to get one of the Omega Keys, but they were attacked by Megatron. Megatron told Arcee to send a message to Optimus about dueling him with his saber. Arcee returns to base telling the others of Smokescreen's "supposed" demise. Enraged by this, Bulkhead and Bumblebee wanted to go after Megatron, but Optimus didn't want to risk any more lives. Optimus bravely went to face Megatron head on. They battled and Optimus' sword broke in the process. Smokescreen makes a surprise appearance with the Omega Key in his hand. Smokescreen saves Optimus and they retreat back to base. Smokescreen explained that he survived the blast, via the Phase Shifter. Ratchet told them that even though Optimus wielded the power of the ancients for one day, he does not require it to be the strongest of warriors. 

Failure to retrieve Omega Key

Smokescreen began to become enthralled by what he believed was his destiny. Arcee however, was irritated by his constant claims to be having his destiny aligning and rubbed in her and Bumblebee being chosen to retrieve the next Omega Key, sarcastically claiming to Smokescreen that their destines awaited them. After arriving at their destination, Arcee and Bumblebee were met by Knock Out, whom attacked the two with his Resonance Blaster. Despite her own injuries, Arcee alerted Bumblebee to go after the key while Knock Out attacked her. However, Bumblebee was also attacked and when the two tried to go at the same time, Knock Out managed to defeat them both by both pointing and using the Resonance Blaster at the ground.

After her and Bumblebee's return to the Autobot base, Smokescreen and Bulkhead were both scheduled to depart. Before they did so, Arcee claimed to Bulkhead that he had left his tracker behind and while giving to him and at the same time referring to Smokescreen as destiny's child, asked her longtime ally to keep an eye on their new recruit before Bulkhead exclaimed that compared to Miko, Smokescreen would be of little difficulty.

However, Bulkhead and Smokescreen failed to retrieve the relic and returned to the Autobot base, where Smokescreen exclaimed his failure to get the Omega Key. After his statement, Arcee grew over-whelming irritation for the young Autobot and reminded him that not a single Autobot had came back with every mission a success, using herself, Bumblebee and Optimus as examples. Though Optimus told her to stop, Arcee continued on. She then told Smokescreen to stop trying to be a hero and to start being an Autobot, causing the young soldier to retreat from the base. Staying at the base, she and the others watched as the final relic was decoded, in the form of an image of Smokescreen himself. Initially believing to be a joke by him, Arcee and the others raced to save him, knowing the Decepticons would come after him. However, she and the other Autobots were only successful in seeing Soundwave drag him off.

Loss of Omega Keys

Following Smokescreen's capture, he succeeded in freeing himself and escaping from the Nemesis, contacting the Autobot base while hoping to be given a GroundBridge for his then-current free-fall from the ship. After Smokescreen's life signal went out, Arcee and the others briefly mourned his loss before being overjoyed to hear his voice again. After Smokescreen returned to the Autobot base and told them of his success in retrieving the Omega Keys, Arcee reluctantly congratulated him. After the Autobots received yet another message from Starscream, Arcee, Bumblebee and Smokescreen stayed at the base while Bulkhead, Ratchet and Optimus went to see him. The message turned out to be a mere distraction for Starscream to get into the Autobot base and steal the Omega Keys with the usage of Red Energon, making him able to rapidly complete his mission. Arcee and the other Autobots were unable to stop him and he got away with the recently-acquired Omega Keys.

Battle for the Omega Lock

Following Starscream's success in getting the Omega Keys , Arcee and the other Autobots began to wonder what he would do with them, concluding that using them to bid his way back into the Decepticons would be most conclusive. However, the group received a message from Dreadwing and responded to it, with Dreadwing offering Arcee and the others the Forge of Solus Prime . After Optimus succeeded in getting the Space Bridge operational, Arcee concluded that their GroundBridge was now a Space Bridge and before departing to Cybertron, chose to take the Apex Armor with her. She made good usage of it, as she smashed through the Vehicons. After reaching the Omega Lock, Megatron revealed to her and the others their captive human allies.

"Does this armor make me look fat?"

Destruction of the Autobot base

After Megatron revealed the Decepticons to have the Autobots' human allies, Arcee and the other Autobots were forced to give the Decepticons their relics first, with Arcee handing over the Apex Armor. After doing so, she handed over one of the Omega Keys to Starscream in exchange for Jack Darby. Following all of the humans being retrieved and the Omega Keys being given to the Decepticons, Arcee and the other Autobots were surrounded by a group of Vehicons. She retreated to Earth after Optimus destroyed the Omega Lock and participated in fighting off several Insecticons with the other Autobots after leaving the humans with Ratchet. However, the Decepticons had discovered the location of the Autobot base and were planning to launch a missile at the Autobots inside while Optimus made the decision for the Autobots to depart from the base separately, with Arcee being accompanied by Jack.

Beast Hunters

On the run

As she and Jack rode, Jack began to ask her rather panically questions regarding the current state of his mother. Arcee told Jack to calm down, citing that the two would get back to Jasper, find a means of reaching his mother and meet with the rest of the group. As Arcee spotted a helicopter, she ordered Jack to stay put, under the condition that it may have been a Decepticon. As she ducked for cover and examined the plane, she realized it was a civilian before discovering Jack to be in peril after hearing and seeing several shots being fired where she had previously told him to stay.

Arcee raced back and managed to get to Jack before the Vehicons did. As Jack concluded the two had not taken the best cover, she revealed to him the details of her assault. Using Jack as the catalyst, he poured several pounds of oil on the ground, with Arcee providing him cover as she shot at the Vehicons and thus, enabled the gas to go off and explode. During the explosion, she protected Jack.[2] Arcee and Jack continued their drive, with Arcee asking Jack if he wanted to stop for food before pulling over anyway to stretch her legs. Arcee comforted Jack after he began to questioned if he and Arcee were the only ones left. Arcee told him that she did not believe that and insisted that he did not either. After Jack asked if there were any other Autobots, Arcee related to him that the war for Cybertron took a heavy toll and caused many casualties before assuring him that there were others who escaped in the Ark. After Jack asked what happened to them, Arcee told him that they scattered to the winds. She and Jack continued to drive and made their way in front of a ship, with Arcee preparing to battle it's inhabitants before stopping after realizing who was inside and telling Jack to greet Ultra Magnus.[3]

After she and Jack began to talk to their new strict ally, Arcee explained to Jack that Ultra Magnus was by-the-book and insisted that he just go along with what he told the two to do. Arcee asked Ultra Magnus how he managed to locate the two and after he revealed he only detected five Autobot life signals, Arcee stated to Jack that the other two may be below ground and not dead after the boy began to worry. She accompanied Magnus aboard his ship and met up with Wheeljack, Bulkhead, Miko Nakadai, Ratchet, Bumblebee and Raf Esquivel while in attendance with Magnus. After reuniting with Bumblebee, she complimented the Autobot on his new color scheme and told her that if she had reversed hers, she would be pink.[4] 
Bumblebee and Arcee

"If I reversed my colours I'd be PINK!"

Assault on Darkmount/Optimus's return

Arcee and the rest of the Autobots attacked Darkmount, Arcee going with Bumblebee. She and the other Autobots were successful at first, but ultimately fell when she and Bumblebee were surrounded by Vehicons and the others were captured as well. Though she had been scheduled to be executed, Optimus Prime arrived and with his presence, both the Decepticons and Vehicons stood and watched his debut. However, Arcee and the other Autobots stopped their own gazing to attack and defeat the Vehicons. After successfully defeating the Vehicons, she, Bumblebee, Wheeljack and Bulkhead participated in fighting Shockwave. However, the Autobots were forced to retreat after Darkmount started to explode. Arriving at the military base, she and the other Autobots were thanked for their involvement in defeating the Decepticons and destroying their base.[5]

Arcee talks to Ratchet about Smokescreen

Arcee talks to Ratchet about the near death of Optimus.

Later, she was present at the new base when Ultra Magnus and Wheeljack returned from savaging through their former base and stared at Ultra Magnus awkwardly after he and Wheeljack got into an argument. Soon enough, Smokescreen arrived in a new blue and yellow paint job. Arcee instantly recognized him, much to his disappointment. When Smokescreen became irritated by the fact that he was nearly a Prime and still being treated like a rookie, Arcee related that Smokescreen was the only member of the group to go back for Optimus while the others left him behind. She even stated that if wasn't for Smokescreen, Optimus wouldn't be with them. Later, Optimus returned with a Predacon remain and sure enough, Arcee and the other Autobots were surprised to see it on Earth.[6] Arcee was not chosen to go to Texas or Scotland and remained at base with Ratchet and the kids.

Helping Wheeljack

Wheeljack later returned alone, through a Ground Bridge angry and ready to drive off. When a third mining operation was discovered, Arcee ordered Wheeljack to go wih her, despite his desire to rest. She and Wheeljack easily dispatched every Vehicon sent to collect the bone. She talked with Wheeljack on the mission about his experience in Scotland and she told him he couldn't live in the past and try to be alone, remembering what happened after she lost Tailgate and Cliffjumper.  The two hauled away the only Predacon bone, the Autobots acquired. They later saved Fowler and June from Knock Out and killed four Insecticons in the process. 

Arcee led her team to secure what they thought was an Energon mine. This investigation turned out to be a setup when Wheeljack and Ultra Magnus discovered Shockwave's unguarded lab. Despite Shockwave leaving the Predacon clones alone, Wheeljack asked Ultra Magnus' premission to use his grenade. In the end, Optimus saved them both from being killed by Predaking, the Predacon that hunted the Autobots earlier. 

Ratchet's capture

When the new Omega Lock was being built Arcee was part of the teams that failed to both objectives. In Antarctica she and Bumblebee killed the Vehicons before Predaking came and swatted them away taking the Particle Collider Synchotron. Arcee later examined the piece that Smokescreen shot off Laserbeak when the latter rebooted Soundwave and captured Ratchet. When Ratchet sent coordinates from the Nemesis, the team geared up and prepared to mobilize.

Final Battle

Arcee led her team to the Omega Lock's control station only for Smokescreen to abandon them, claiming he had to get something. In the last hallway, she and Bumblebee were confronted by Starscream and his armada. Smokescreen later returned with the Star Saber and phased through Starscream. When Smokescreen was shot by Shockwave the sword fell. Bumblebee got it and jumped down to reach Optimus, only to be killed and fall into the Cyber Matter. He was reborn by the Cyber Matter and killed Megatron with the Star Saber. After the Autobots claimed the ship and restored Cybertron, she shared a goodbye with Jack and told him to keep in touch.

Predacons Rising

In the aftermath of Cybertron's rebirth, Arcee patrolled in an attempt to find Starscream and Shockwave. With the discovery that there were two new Predacons on the loose, she and the other Autobots attempted to persuade Predaking to help them, but were unsuccessful. After encountering Unicron, in possession of Megatron's rebuilt form, the Autobots realized that the dark god intended to destroy their world. After foiling an attempt by Starscream to retake the warship, the Autobots attempted to defend the Well of All Sparks from Unicron's onslaught. It was only when Optimus returned that Unicron was defeated, and Arcee was later present when Optimus sacrificed himself to restore the AllSpark to Cybertron.




Arcee and Cliffjumper escaped from Decepticon captivity on Cybertron together, sabotaging a prototype spacebridge and injuring Shockwave in the process .


Arcee and Cliffjumper having a conversation.

Shortly after arriving on Earth, Arcee accepted Cliffjumper as her partner and rejoined the Autobots with him. The two would remain partners and gradually became close friends. Given this friendship, Arcee was more affected by his death at the hands of Starscream than the rest of Team Prime. In Predacons rising, Optimus mentioned Cliffjumper's noble sacrifice. 

Optimus Prime

Arcee is one of Optimus' right hand soldiers. Even though Optimus is taller than Arcee, she's his best fighter, his go to gal whenever he needs someone to talk with. Arcee sees Optimus Prime as a great leader and friend, even stating to Ratchet once that she would give her life for him. She informally serves as his second in command, although it is worth noting that she has been known to occassionaly disregard his orders - due to her overwhelming desire to seek vengeance upon her enemies, like Airachnid. Despite this, Arcee appears much closer to Optimus than the other Autobots. The two were together when they discovered Cliffjumper had been killed. Later Arcee accompanied Optimus to find Cliffjumper's body after it's life signal appeared online, where Optimus gave her cover fire as he shot through several Decepticons. She and Optimus went alongside each other to the Arctic.

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Optimus and Arcee

After failing to retrieve what they wanted, the two were stranded there together as Ratchet, Bulkhead and Bumblebee tried to fix the base after it was attacked by Scraplets. She related to Optimus her surprise to die in an Arctic, rather than by the hands of the Decepticons.

As the two froze together, they talked and held hands. When the Scraplets came at them, Optimus immediately places himself in front of Arcee without any hesitation to protect her.


Arcee holds on Optimus' hand

Arcee went with Optimus and Bulkhead to the Arctic to fight off Decepticons during their use of a laser there. After being injured by Starscream and letting go of their prisoner, Arcee blamed herself for the teams' chance of winning the war. Optimus tells her that it is the external wounds that heal the quickest and that wisdom cannot be granted but earned. She listened to him. Arcee went with Optimus and the others during a Decepticon mining project and went to save Ratchet after he while taking Synthetic Energon, attacked Megatron in an attempt to prove himself. She and the other Autobots came to his aid after he began to lose in his battle against Unicron after he told them to remain at base and fought by his side until he was tricked by Megatron into joining the Decepticons after reverting back to Orion Pax.

Though she managed to get aboard the Nemesis in an attempt to save him, she failed to locate him before being GroundBridged off by Soundwave. Arcee went with Jack on a mission to Cybertron to restore Optimus's memories. After they got the matrix's energy download onto the key, they went back to Earth, where Megatron was waiting on the other side of the space bridge. Orion Pax appeared and figured out that Megatron was deceiving him from his true identity as an Autobot. In the process of fighting, Orion was overpowered by Megatron and was about to be killed if it wasn't for Arcee jumping at Megatron head on. While she delayed him, Jack used the key to Orion's chest where the Matrix of Leadership was revealed. After it was done, Optimus was back and he states to Megatron "Megatron! Begone!!" The team went back to base to celebrate the return of their beloved leader. Arcee went with Optimus and Bumblebee to Airachnid's location and after being told by Optimus that the Autobots were witnessing an attack on Megatron's life, she questioned why the group should even try to stop it. Optimus was proud of her for sparing Airachnid's life after the Decepticon found herself helpless from being cryogenically frozen. She went with Optimus and the other Autobots to Cybertron in an attempt to retrieve the Omega Keys from the Decepticons and departed after saving their human allies together. She, Optimus and the other Autobots fought off a few Decepticons before leaving Jasper, Nevada altogether. She and Optimus reunited when the latter came to her and the other Autobots aid during an attack on the Decepticons' fortress of Darkmount.

In Evolution, Arcee tagged along with the team to investigate and retrieve some energon cargo back to base. Wheeljack and Ultra Magnus discovered and destroyed Shockwave's laboratory, which seemed to exterminated the Predacon clones inside aswell. Optimus was able to rescue both Wreckers from being killed by Predaking. During a mission to stop the Decepticons from getting the solaris particle collider in the South Pole. Despite Ultra Magnus' orders from Optimus about going ahead while he takes on Predaking, Arcee seemed to be worried about Optimus. In the ending of the series finale, Arcee said her last farewell to Jack and went with Optimus and the rest of the team, while Ratchet stayed on Earth, back to the newly restored Cybertron.

In Predacons Rising, Optimus held a little ceremony to promote Bumblebee from scout to warrior. Optimus, not interrupting the celebration, informs his team that he must retrieve the Allspark from outer space in order to fully restore Cybertron's core, Primus. When the arrival of a resurrected Megatron came about, Bumblebee tries to contact Optimus and Wheeljack, but couldn't get a response from them. Arcee sends a message to Optimus about Unicron being on their home. In the final battle, Optimus arrives in time to fight against Unicron (in Megatron's body). He was able to trap the Chaos Bringer inside the container that once held the Allspark. In order to secure Unicron's defeat, Optimus dumped the vessel's contents into the Matrix of Leadership. He informs the group that he must return the Allspark to the well for future generations to exist on Cybertron, that his quest must be completed. Ratchet tells Optimus that he cares the most about him, Bulkhead states that Ratchet can find a way to save Optimus and Arcee states that they could turn to Vector Sigma just like they did before. However, Optimus said that the Matrix cannot be restored or passed down to another. It may mark the end of the age of Primes, though Optimus said that his team are true Primes. Every sentient being, even Megatron, has the capacity for change. In Optimus's memory, Bumblebee promised to Optimus that they will keep the peace on Cybertron. Optimus gave a last look to his team and flew into the well. He opened his chest, revealing the Matrix of Leadership and flew into Primus. Suddenly, Sparks flew from the well. The Autobots, including Knock Out, saw as the sparks flew out into the sky. One red spark, possible Opitmus' spark, shined out. 

Arcee seems to know a lot about being a Prime. She indicates Optimus not being the party type of bot and that he never runs from a fight. Optimus and Arcee have a father to daughter, older brother to sister, friendship. 


Arcee may be looked up to by Bumblebee, possibly due to her skills and overall personality. She has previously addressed Bumblebee as 'family' rather than 'friend,' and appears to regard him as something of a younger brother. 

Cee with Bee

Bumblebee and Arcee

The two were together during Jack's initial meeting with the Autobots and fought Vehicons together before Bulkhead arrived. She, Bumblebee and the other Autobots fought against Knock Out and Breakdown during their attempt to steal the Energon Harvester, which proved successful as the Autobots were defeated. She and Bumblebee went to retrieve two relics together, only coming back successful for the first and failing to secure the second. She met back up with Bumblebee and Ratchet when Ultra Magnus found the two. She complimented Bumblebee on his then-new paint job, citing that if she had also reversed her colors, she would be pink. She later teamed up with on the assualt at Darkmount and was made his commander in the "Stealth Team". She was shocked when Bumblebee died and even more surprised when he was revived, and later told him that his voice had returned.


Arcee and Bulkhead's personalities often clashed. Arcee being more of the serious and cooperative while Bulkhead had always been more laid back and tried to be nice and sincere to all of the Autobots and humans. While being trapped in the Arctic with Optimus, she quickly blamed Bulkhead for her and Optimus being left with no way of getting home. Arcee generally thinks of Bulkhead as the "Autobot to leave at the base" as she often prefers Bumblebee's company and goes off with him. During her freezing with Optimus, she found Bulkhead to be the most logical to blame for the malfunction at the Autobot base. After failing to retrieve Optimus from the Decepticon warship Nemesis, Arcee and Bulkhead started to argue after Arcee sarcastically claimed that he was good at stating the obvious and asked if he wanted to point out anything the Autobots already knew. Bulkhead continued the argument by stating that he could not point out anything else due to their human allies still being present. She, Bulkhead and the other Autobots went to the Space Bridge Starscream told Bulkhead and Ratchet about, with Arcee thanking Starscream and being stared at by Bulkhead before revealing to her ally that she had done deductive reasoning to conclude that he told the Autobots on the Space Bridge's location.


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Ratchet scans Arcee's arm.

Arcee interacts the least with Ratchet, mainly due to Ratchet spending most of his time monitoring the base and Arcee spending a good deal of time outside of the base on missions. She seems to have no problems with Ratchet and very rarely do the two argue or mouth of to each other. Arcee once tried to get out of taking Jack home by pretending to be sick, only for Ratchet to tell her she was fine and reminding her that he was the doctor. When Ratchet first used Synthetic Energon, Arcee was the first life he saved, defeating the multiple Vehicons that surrounded her.

They soon found themselves adversaries when Ratchet scolded Optimus under the influence of Synthetic Energon for not having ended Megatron when he had the chance, bringing up the death of Cliffjumper when making his point known that he believed he cared little for the team. This caused Arcee to try and attack him before she was held back by Bulkhead. When Ratchet fell in battle after straying away from the other Autobots, Arcee and the others came to save him.[7] While When Ratchet required someone to operate on him and Bumblebee for the transfer of his T-Cog to the latter, Arcee was chosen by him. Though Arcee argued that Optimus had steadier hands, Ratchet told her that his hands were too big to be under his roof and that Arcee had the perfect size to perform the operation. After the Autobots were called away on a mission to retrieve the recently-decoded Forge of Solus Prime, Arcee openly expressed happiness in no longer having to do the operation.[8] Ratchet worked and Smokescreen began to pile cubes under the orders of Ultra Magnus, Arcee talked to Ratchet about him.[9]


Arcee suspected Smokescreen as a Decepticon spy when he first arrived, but she later worried for him as he was not caring for contact with humans. After many attempts on his part to be a hero she scolded him like a mother. When Smokescreen was seemingly killed by the Dark Star Saber, Arcee mourned losing another partner. She was surprised and relieved when he used Phase Shifter and it had saved his life. When Smokescreen seemed to care more about his ego than restoring Cybertron she lashed out at him, despite Optimus telling her to stop. This caused Smokescreen to drive away in a huff, which led to him being captued by Soundwave. After Smokescreen returned uninjured from the Nemesis with two Omega Keys, she finally gave him the respect he had rightfully earned. She came to have more respect for him after it was implied he played a vital role in saving Optimus Prime's and all the other Autobots' lives.

Ultra Magnus

Ultra Magnus arrived on Earth when his ship picked up a signal originating from Cybertron to Earth. Arcee and Jack encountered him during their search for the other members of team Prime. Arcee refers Ultra Magnus by the book and tells Jack that he is Optimus' key lieutenant during the war back on Cybertron. Arcee talks to Ultra Magnus and calls him "sir". When they picked up Miko, Bulkhead and Wheeljack, they were trying to escape from a strange dragon like beast. Ultra Magnus managed to lose the beast and the team reunited with Rafael, Bumblebee and Ratchet at the harbinger. Despite Smokescreen and Optimus being unaccounted for, Ultra Magnus divised an attack on Darkmount, stating to the team that they must stop Megatron with or without Optimus Prime. He geared them up with new weapons and began the attack. Ultra Magnus was able to groundbridge the Predacon away and took on Megatron head on. Though the attack resulted badly as the team were captured and Megatron overpowered Magnus. Before Megatron could kill Ultra Magnus, Optimus Prime flew in his new armor and saved Magnus. The team escaped as the citadel was destroyed. 

During the hunt for Predacon bones, Ultra Magnus tried to use his command style from the Elite Guard, but Team Prime had a hard time with his command. Though Optimus counseled Magnus by stating that team Prime has grown into something greater than an army, a family. Ultra Magnus soon became adapted to their family ways. Though they barely interact, Ultra Magnus and Arcee remain good friends. 

Jackson Darby

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Miko Nakadai

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Rafael Esquivel

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June Darby

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Arcee despises Megatron while the latter does so as well. When Arcee and Bumblebee snuck aboard the Nemesis to retrieve a cure for Optimus, Arcee saw Megatron's unconscious body. After Bumblebee succeeded in getting the formula from Megatron, Arcee shot the latter's life support cord out of his body. During the Autobots attempt to get Optimus Prime back, Megatron attacked and defeated Bumblebee, Ratchet, Bulkhead and Orion Pax before Arcee came through the Space Bridge and knocked him in the back. She briefly fought the Decepticon, being able to dodge several of his blasts before being grabbed and put against a wall by the Decepticon leader. After Optimus was revived with the Key to Vector Sigma, Arcee and the other Autobots participated in shooting at the Decepticon before retreating through a GroundBridge.


Initially, Arcee held no anger towards Starscream significantly, as he was of no more significance to her than any other Decepticon. She, Bulkhead and Bumblebee stopped him from torturing William Fowler after he had Soundwave capture the latter for interrogation for discovery of the location of the Autobot base. Soon enough, she stopped him from causing any harm to Bulkhead, whom was preoccupied stopping a tunnel from falling, instead having Starscream do so.

Shortly afterwards, she was shocked to see Starscream willing to join the Autobots. The group discussed his motives and ultimately agreed that they would give him a chance. Arcee was left alone with him, this proving fatal as she discovered he had murdered Cliffjumper. Angered, she chose to attack him. However, not before giving him the keys to his cuffs. As she came closer, Starscream cowered and begged for mercy. As she reached to grab the keys, he jabbed her in the stomach with his sharp fingers and attacked her. During the ensuring battle, she gained the upper hand on the Decepticon and came close to finishing him off before Bumblebee arrived on the scene. The two would next met after the Autobots went to the location Starscream had told Ratchet and Bulkhead of.

Starscream saved Arcee's life by shooting at Airachnid and thereby, driving his fellow rogue Decepticon off before she could finish Arcee off. Though Arcee expected Starscream to finish her off, Starscream remembered their last encounter and how she had allowed him to live. As such, he did the same for her, cutting her down from her hanging place and walking off after doing so.


Arcee was trapped by Airachnid during the Great War on Cybertron, alongside her partner Tailgate. However, she was the only one of the two to survive as Airachnid killed Tailgate after Arcee claimed to have not known anything. Soon enough, Arcee was saved by Bumblebee and Cliffjumper, dragged off with the guilt of not being able to save her partner from his death. The two would met again on Earth, Arcee instantly recognizing her ship while scouting with her new ally, human Jack Darby. Despite Arcee's initial inability to defeat the Decepticon, she summed up the strength and saved Jack from Airachnid.

The two crossed paths again when Airachnid allied with MECH and kidnapped June Darby. Arcee's next confrontation with Airachnid would be during a mission with the other Autobots when Airachnid left Starscream alone. Upon seeing her, she chased after Airachnid and fought her before being placed in a headlock. She was saved by Optimus and forced to remain behind when Optimus realized that Arcee's longing to avenge Tailgate would only continue to cloud her judgment. Arcee and Airachnid met up again when Airachnid had her new Insecticon attack Megatron. Arcee ran off on her own again and managed to nearly get killed before being saved by Starscream, whom also held a vendetta against the Decepticon.

250px-Crossfire Airachnid captures Arcee

Arcee trapped in Airachnids' web

Their next and final encounter would be when Airachnid launched her Insecticon army to destroy Megatron. After aiming at Airachnid, she had the lower fleet of her Insecticons attack Arcee and the other Autobots. After coming down to face her, Arcee attacked and pursued her until Airachnid accidentally landed in a Insecticon pod, cryogenically freezing her and causing the entirety of the Insecticons to join Megatron. Optimus was proud of Arcee and told her that she was stronger for the choice she made of not killing Airachnid. 


Arcee is one of Optimus' right hand soldiers. She may be short than her fellow Autobots, but she is very skilled in combat. When Arcee was trapped in the Arctic with Optimus, she suggested that they play a game called "who screwed things up back at base." This indicates that she knows how to make the most out of situations. When they were close to dying, Arcee placed her hand on Optimus' hand. This also shows that she can be very warm hearted and sweet at times. In Metal Attraction, Arcee indicates to always take point, even though she seems to be the third wheel at times. 

But i always take point by skyline19-d3lmtpd

I always take point.

Besides her sweet side, Arcee can go head on in combat. When Starscream was about to terminate her, Arcee swung her blade on her arm at him so many times. In Orion Pax Part 1, Arcee came aboard the Nemesis and attacked the Vehicons. She kicked, punched and killed them without hesitation. This shows that Arcee is a true warrior inside and out. 

Psychical Appearance


Arcee in robot mode

Arcee's robot and motorcyle color is blue. In her vehicle mode, Arcee has a hologram named Sadie, who she rarely uses. In her robot mode, Arcee has small wings and a tire in her back . She has a built in skirt, where her midriff is exposed in the middle of her body. She has two gold color ridges along her face and hands.  She has a small red colored circle on her head's helmet, which is there at most times. 


  • Arcee is the only character to appear every episode in the series's first season.
  • Arcee holds the record for appearing in the most episodes of the series, only missing four episodes out of sixty-five and the finale movie.
  • Arcee is the shortest Autobot and Cybertronian. Megatron's hand can hold her body against a wall.
  • During production, Arcee was originally supposed to be pink, as a homage to her original counterpart. However, Arcee's color scheme was changed to blue with tiny pieces of pink due to the thought of her human partner Jack Darby driving around with a pink motorcycle not being realistic to the production staff. The concept was visited again, in the form of an exclusive New York Comic Con set with Bumblebee. (Arcee also references being pink in season 3, after Bumblebee inverts his color scheme.)
  • In her live action counterpart, Arcee is pink.
  • Arcee is currently the only female Autobot on the team. 
  • She is the only one of the original five Autobots of the show to not be a part of the main cast in Transformers Animated. But her V mode resembled one.
  • Arcee's vehicle mode is based on an Aprilia RSV 1000 R.
  • Arcee and Bumblebee are the only pair of Autobots to have gone on two relic hunts together.
  • Arcee had two partners: Tailgate and Cliffjumper.
  • This is the first female Autobot to be a main character of a series from the beginning.
  • Miko seems to think of Arcee as a female version of Wheeljack, as she refers them to be "lone wolves."
  • Arcee currently works with her team and family
  • In Thirst, Knock Out used the same line as Arcee in Scrapheap, when he and Starscream was about to be drained of their energon by Terrorcons: " I find it rather ironic that after battling Autobots all these years, getting smacked down, shot at, blown up, this is how our lights go out? (bold= same line as Arcee)
  • Like Optimus, Arcee shows less emotion. She would smile and laugh sometimes. 


  • "Haven't you heard? Humans multiply."
  • "You're a human Jack. Can you built me a small intestine?"
  • "Remember when we came to Earth and Bulkhead walked into those power lines. Who knew he could dance like that." 
  • "Primes don't party." 
  • "Scrap." 
  • "Where's Optimus?"
  • "Not a word to anyone."
  • "You're right Jack I am afraid. Of losing you."
  • "Junior partner. I can still pull rank."
  • "Don't tell me how to research. You think your the only who cares about Optimus."
  • "Great another chance to freeze our sparkplugs off."
  • "I'm sure Miko would be proud."
  • "A scout should be silent but deadly."
  • "I always take point."
  • "She's overprotective. I'm just.....protective."
  • "Bulkhead do you read? Scrap. The mineral composition down here is causing an interference."
  • "We could finish them here and now."
  • "He probably wouldn't. Not like this."
  • "Optimus please. For Tailgate."
  • "This is for Cliffjumper!!!"
  • "We got the goods and all Megatron got was an empty bucket."
  • "If anyone were to back the's bulkhead."
  • "We should all try this stuff."
  • "Did he just..." Arcee response to Ratchet (on Synthetic energon): "How's it hummin?"
  • "Maybe Optimus believes there's more to Jack than meets the eye." - Arcee pulling an Optimus move
  • "Where's Optimus? *Pulls out blade* Answer me!!!"
  • "Space bridging is just like Groundbridging. *Space bridge opens up* Just a little more intense!"
  • "Kaon didn't always belong to the Decepticons. Megatron took it as a capital. Apparently without ever realizing what laid beneath their feet."
  • "Do you think this is the only intel you supplied to Megatron?"
  • "Optimus has steadier hands."
  • "Not that I wouldn't jump at any chance to put Airachnid down, but she isn't the only one who's robbed me of a partner ."
  • "Prime's don't run."
  • "It's a side I won't soon forget."
  • "I'm not like you."
  • "I intended worse. More times than you know."
  • "Dodge and kick."
  • "Come to mama."
  • "Shock and drop." (Arcee repeats Knock Out's quote)
  • "Hold on. Tox-en?"
  • "Wheeljack is on his way."
  • "All I meant was that Bulkhead and Wheeljack are close. I thought he would want to be here."
  • "Funny, at first I thought I didn't get use to Cliff's constant chatter. Now there's nothing louder to me than the silence."
  • "That's it? That's all you need to hear before inviting him to the party?"
  • "What could you have possibly been thinking?"
  • "Optimus retreat!"
  • "Remember oil baths? First thing I'm going to do is soke for an entire solar cycle."
  • "But how? I mean I saw you ..."
  • "Nice work kid."
  • "Wait. Now you lost me."
  • "Right decision or wrong what's done is done. But we have another problem here on this world. The cons just changed the rules when they put Jack, Miko and Raf into play."
  • "We're not here to hide." 
  • "Jack, I don't think were gonna need that keycard. Meet Ultra Magnus."
  • "Ultra Magnus was Optimus' key lieutenant during the war back on Cybertron. Very by the book. Just go with it."
  • "Ultra Magnus already had a beat on your signals and ours. Care to tell us what exactly is nipping at our tailpipes."
  • "Security is tighter than anticipated sir."
  • "Smokescreen?"
  • "Don't push Bulkhead away. If something happened to him you would never forgive yourself. Trust me. I know..."
  • "Commander. Objective secured."
  • "You're not such a bad shot after all."
  • "Be safe."
  • "Optimus. If we failed to secure the lock before it's ready to deploy, do we destroy it?"
  • "...Your voice."
  • "Labor issues?"
  • "What'd you do? Buff his finish?"
  • "It isn't fair. How many more times do we have to save a world? Have to fight for the survival of our home?"
  • "Unicron is raising an undead army."
  • "Bee, in case I never get another chance to say this, you've really proven your metal."
  • "We can turn to Vector Sigma just like we did before." - Last words of the series/movie


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  9. Project Predacon (episode)

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