An Alternate Mode is a Cybertronian's other transformation besides their Robot Modes whether it is a vehicle, an animal, and other specific things.

Transformers use these modes as disguises in order to conceal themselves from the human population. Most of the popular vehicle modes are cars, trucks, jets, tanks, etc. The part that allows them to transform into their alt modes is the T-Cog. While most take the form of popular vehicle modes, the only one to transform into a tractor is Thunderhoof the Transformers Robots In disguise features much more of a variety such as tractors,off-road vehicles,cybertronian vehicle modes, and beast modes.


Back on Cybertron during the Great War, all Autobots and Decepticons, including Neutrals have heavily armed and armored Cybertronian vehicle modes.

When they first arrived on Earth, they seem to lost the ability to transform into nor retain their original alt modes for unknown reasons and have to scan Earth vehicles they could find around in order to blend in among the humans, usually from others. Megatron however, retained his Cybertronian vehicle mode.

They also seem to possess elements of their Earth alternate mode, before even coming to Earth (such as wheels or windows). For unknown reason, Cybertronian robot form doesn't change upon scanning and so mainly Autobots appear in the show with robot form based on their future vehicle. 

Airachnid, unlike others, has four modes: Robot mode, Vehicle mode, Beast mode, and Drill mode.

Known Alt ModesEdit


Transfomers PrimeEdit

Robots in DisguiseEdit

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