This is Airachnid's relationships.



Megatron (formerly)

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Hey baby...How's it humming?

Airachnid use to follow under Megatron's command before going rouge. She is seen in Partners to talk with Megatron about Starscream. Megatron scolded her for leaving Starscream in Autobot custody, though he didn't know that Starscream had temporarily left the Decepticons. Megatron made Airachnid his second in command in Starscream's absense until Soundwave revealed to Megatron on Airachnid's true nature. Even though she left the warship, his command, and tried to use an Insecticon to kill him, Airachnid was the third most loyal asset to Megatron. 

One could say, Megatron and Airachnid are evil versions of Optimus Prime and Arcee.

Breakdown (formerly)

Airachnid is not known to be all that fond of Breakdown, although she does, flirt teasingly with him once or twice. In Metal Attraction, Airachnid teamed up with Breakdown to fight Bulkhead and Arcee. Breakdown revealed that he does have an attraction for Airachnid in Stronger, Faster. However, his feeling went unnoticed when Airachnid killed Breakdown in Crossfire.

Knock Out

Knock Out use to hang out with Airachnid before she left the warship. It is unknown if Knock Out knows Airachnid was the one who terminated his partner, Breakdown.

Dreadwing (formerly)

Dreadwing and Airachnid seemed to get along well until Dreadwing was tasked by Megatron to terminate Airachnid. During Dreadwing and Breakdown's task, Airachnid referred herself and Dreadwing as Megatron's proficient warriors, which made Breakdown have a temper towards Airachnid and eventually led to his demise and Dreadwing being webbed to a tree.



Next to Arcee, Soundwave is one of Airachnid's enemies. Before she left the warship, Airachnid and Soundwave fought over command when Megatron was temporarily out. Soundwave won automatically and Airachnid yielded to him. In Thirst, Airachnid was close to attacking Soundwave but failed as Soundwave turned the tables on her by opening a Groundbridge that sends Airachnid and her army to Cybertron's moons.


Starscream and Airachnid both hate each other in different ways. In Partners, Airachnid used Starscream as her guide and swiftly tied him up in her web for the Autobots. In Crossfire, Airachnid turned the tables on Starscream by making her Insecticon attack Starscream. Starscream saved Arcee when he blasted Airachnid from making a blow to Arcee. Starscream stated to Airachnid that she was right when she said payback is sweet.


Predatory screenshot Airachnid with Arcee
Armada screenshot Arcee vs Airachnid 2

Arcee fights Airachnid one last time in Armada.

"Arcee! Small universe."
― Airachnid to Arcee upon their meeting in Predatory.
"I'm not like you!"
― Arcee's last words to Airachnid before trapping her in an Insecticon stasis pod.

Arcee and Airachnid have a deep history during the war. Airachnid had captured Arcee and interrogated her on the Autobot attack plans. Before this, Airachnid had webbed Arcee up in a small room where she scrapped her face with her finger. When Arcee refused to give any information, Airachnid used Tailgate as a hostage and killed him right in front of Arcee. This made Arcee have a deep hatred towards Airachnid. Airachnid even taunted on Arcee about Tailgate and losing Cliffjumper in Predatory. However, Arcee stands strong when she faces against Airachnid. Arcee would even go to extreme measures to protect her friends, even Jack, from Airachnid.

In Crossfire, Airachnid came close to killing Arcee but failed when Starscream saved Arcee from getting killed. In Armada, Airachnid and Arcee faced off in their final showdown. Arcee had no intentions of killing Airachnid, as she stated to her "I'm not like you". This shows that Arcee is not a cold blooded killer like Airachnid is. Arcee was able to trap Airacnhid in an Insecticon stasis pod. Despite not killing her, Optimus Prime commended on Arcee for doing so.

Optimus Prime

In Partners, Optimus Prime stopped Airachnid from harming Arcee any further. Later on, she freeze Prime with the Immobilizer and stated he was the true prize for Megatron.


In Partners, Bumblebee stopped Airachnid by punching her and destroyed the Immobilizer.


In Metal Attraction, Airachnid and Bulkhead fought. Bulkhead grabbed onto Airachnid when she was about to escape with the Polarity Gauntlet and managed to get the device out of her hands. In Partners, Bulkhead was zapped by Airachnid who was using the Immobilizer and was brought down by her.